Rejecting the Omega

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I never saw her at school again and her car was gone. Must be out for a drive.

When I heard loud wailing from coming up stairs, I took off to where it was loudest. Some pack members were their around the doorway looking guilty. When I got into the room I smelled my mates scent.

I walked into the room to see my entire beta family crying, but Clayton, Clare’s twin, was the one wailing.

“Need to find her, need to find her. I Need To Find Her. Find Her. Find Her. Gotta find my sister, gotta find my twin. Need to find her.” Clayton was mumbling as he started to calm down; next he jumped out of the window, shifting halfway down from the ground and ran. The entire pack could still hear him whimpering in his mind ‘Gotta Find Her, Find Her. Find My Twin’

“You were her mate you asshole, you drove her away!” my beta, Trey said. Then he attacked me.

I saw that look in his eyes. The look that I hadn’t seen since his parents death; pain, anger, and sadness. No matter his pain, I would not allow no pack member to disrespect me;not even my beta.

Pushing him off me, only to have him try to attack me again.

I was ready this time though. I grabbed him by his neck and pushed him up the wall. There he dangled by his neck, he wasn’t even able to reach the floor.

“We have been friends for a long time, but make no mistake I am still your alpha. Never make that that mistake again or your title as beta will be stripped from you.” I told him, “now let me see this letter or whatever that has all of you sad and angry.”

I read over the letter quickly, then again, and again, and again.

“Pack meeting 10 minutes. Anyone late will be punished. And I mean anyone.” With that I walked out stunned, my mate left.

“Well you did reject her, and treat her like shit. What else did you expect you Bastard.′ Jay said into my mind.

Everyone was in the meeting room when I got there, except for Clayton. I lowered my mind blocks to here him still whimpering about finding Clare; I let it go since that was what he was doing.

“Some of you know why I’m calling this meeting, others who don’t Clare has left the pack. This is a painful time for my --”

“Seriously, who cares about that bitch. She’s nothing important, all it is is apathetic ugly fat Omega. My nail polish appointment was interrupted just to here about that.” Natalie screeched interrupting me.

Trey moved so fast not even I saw him, but in a matter of seconds Natalie was hanging by her throat on the wall. “No one cares about your fucking nails appointment, my baby sister is gone and your not gonna be a bitch talking about her.” With that he just released her and came back to my side where the beta always stands.

“Lucas can you please read the pack the letter l left by Clare. The entire letter.”

“Yes, alpha,” with those words he started reading her letter aloud to the whole pack.

Hearing the words out loud made me feel worst. More pain than ever. The pack was in shock after Lucas was done reading the letter.

After a second the whispers broke out.

He rejected our true Luna’ ‘How could someone just reject their mate’ ‘What kind of monsters are we to be treating one of our own like shit’ ‘It took her this long to finally work up the guts to leave the pack’ ‘That little bitch doesn’t deserve to be his mate, I do’ We all knew who that last one came from.

“Quite!! I’m sending out search parties and calling all surrounding packs. She couldn’t have gotten that far away.” Lucas asked.

“When was the last time you saw Clare around 2nd Block. Why?”

“That was over 9 hours ago, with her car she could be out of the entire state. Plus Clare’s filthy fucking rich.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Before our parents died they had set up bank accounts for each of us with 2 million dollars. Those accounts we couldn’t even touch until we turned 18. Now she has more than 2 million in the account she got today.”

“And then there’s our parents wills. Both of their wills assigned us 2 million dollars from each of our parents. 2 million from our mom and 2 million from our dad. Clare put all her money in the bank. My sister’s filthy fucking rich.” Trey concluded from Lucas’ beginning.

Shit what if I never find her.

“So can I go back to my nail appointment. I’m tired of this and bored.” I don’t know how I never heard how much Natalie’s voice sounded like nails scraping across chalk board.

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