Rejecting the Omega

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All I did was drive, over 6 hours since I’ve left the pack, 4 hours since I left South Carolina state, and 2 hours since I entered Georgia. Never had I felt so free, except for the old times back when my parents were alive and would take me into the forest.

I was surrounded by it and felt like it was calling to me. I hadn’t felt that way since the day my parents had died. Either way I pulled into the nearest rest stop and climbed out. I wanted to go in back something held me back.

Ignoring that feeling, I went into the woods. The further I went in I started to feel a change in my body. One I’d never felt before. My hands were tingling and my back was throbbing. I felt my bones cracking and realised that I was shifting. As the pain started to fade I felt myself standing; not on 2 legs but on 4.

Never thought I would get a wolf. That I would shift and yet I did.

‘Hey, Clary my names Cearse. I’m your wolf, Hun. Go check us out; I myself think we are stunning.’

“what color are we?” I asked Cearse.

‘Go check us out like I said, boo’ Cearse told me.

I walked over to a stream I saw coming down here. When I looked at my fur I was in shock.

My fur was black, grey, and white with a blue diamond on my chest and streaks running along my body. Beautiful was the only word that could come to my mind.

“We’re a rare wolf.”

‘The rarest, and sexiest wolf; baby.’ Cearse told me.

With Cearse’s help, I was able to shift back human. I was shocked to see I was fully clothed. Only true trained wolves could do it; not even my brothers or alpha could do it.

I was still in shock when I got back to my car and didn’t see the boys coming for me. Only when I was surrounded did I noticed they were all wolves from a pack that even scared my last one. The Dark Lupus Moon Pack, and I was trespassing on their territory.

When they shifted back I saw them and all I could think was damn.

3 guys in total, all were hot. 2 of the guys were twins and they screamed beta. They both had the same light brown hair cut and everything else alike except their eyes and their attitude. I could tell who was the darker of the 2, the most serious, and who was the most playful and laid back. The one with the icy blue eyes was more serious and the one with the hazel eyes was playful.

Then there was the alpha, I could tell just from his stance and the power he was emitting. Either way he was sexy, decide than any person as had ever seen; even my ex-mate. Black hair and blue eyes, they seem like they could see into your soul. I knew his nose had to have to have been broken a lot but somehow it was in perfect shape. So tall and handsome .

I didn’t know why I was thinking this way when my mate was back in an entire different state but I couldn’t help myself.

“Rogue, speak what business do you have on my land.”

“Oh um, I’m just driving through, I don’t kno--”

“And you just happened to stop, get out the car, and go into the woods.” the grayed eyes twin scoffed, interrupting me.

“The woods were calling to me just as they did me I was a little girl. I haven’t been in the a long time. Not since my parents died and my brothers themes everyone against me. Not since the abuse started and I became pack Omega. I wasn’t allowed into the forest then, only seems right to go into the forest now. Who knew that’s not would have taken was a trip into the forest to finally shift.”

I didn’t even realize talking about my life aloud to these total strangers who were part likely going to kill me.

The guys just like at me in shock. The hazel eye two had tears in his. “Why are you crying?”

" Nothing, please can we keep her Mason, please!” both twins started asking him.

“Fine, but would you keep her as?” The Alpha, Mason I guess how name was, asked.

“A sister, duh”

“Um, I don’t even know your name so what makes you think I’m going anywhere with you.

“Alpha Mason”

“Beta Lyson and --”

“Beta Jyson the sexier twin.”

Lyson has Gray eyes and Jyson has Hazel eyes.

“So are you coming-” Lyson started

“Cuz we can make you want and need to come.” and Jyson finished . I noticed that they always did that, finishing each other sentences,even in the short time I’ve met them

“Yeah,I’ll come. I need to start over somewhere why not in the strongest pack.

“Follow u-”

“We’ll take you to the packhouse.”

“I am not leaving my cars here, I refuse to,” I disagreed with them.

“All right where is it,” Mason asked. Looking around. Like he couldn’t see the car in front of him with the motorcycle attached to the back.

“Right in front of you,” I told him super sarcastically. They all looked at my car and bike in shock and adoration. “How bout’ one of you’ll drive my car to your packhouse and I’ll follow on my bike.”

“Dibs!” yelled Jyson

“But I wanna drive --”

“Should’ve said dibs fast enough.” Jyson goaded his brother

“Lyson, you get to drive next time,” I tell him, “now can we go, I’m tired.”

“Come on,” Mason says when he walks pass me, as he was walking by our arms brushed and I felt an electric charge, it was powerful and felt wonderful.

“Mate,” Mason whispered,“go ride ahead we’ll ride on her bike.” this he said louder to the guys as they were awkwardly standing around. The second Mason said they could leave the boys quickly hopped into my car and rode off.

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