Rejecting the Omega

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I don’t know how I have another mate nor do I care. I only care about one person right now and he’s in front of me holding me to him.

Mason had his head pushed into my neck, inhaling my scent. I was running my hands through his hair. I started whimpering, I don’t want to be rejected again. I can’t go through the kind of pain I went through only the day before. When Mason realized what was going on he looked at me, and before he was able to say even a word I crumbled to the ground.


Goddess, I knew she was special ever since I first saw her.

Her hair was chocolaty brown and stopped above her waist and her gorgeous green eyes that held so much sadness. Sadness I want to take away.

I couldn’t believe it, this beautiful girl was my mate

Our Mate’, my wolf, Markus, said.

I was holding her close, my head in her neck as I was inhaling her scent. She was running her hands through my hair, it felt so good when I heard her start to whimper, to cry.

I backed off just enough room me to see all of Clare, she had tears in her eyes and I didn’t know why. When I stepped back she fell to the ground crying.

“No not again, how could she be so cruel. I can’t handle another rejection,” she sobbed from the ground. I sunk to the ground and pulled her into my arms.

“I’d never reject you mate. Tell me why you would think I would”

“I have another mate.”


" I have another mate and he rejected. He said he couldn’t be seen with can an Omega as a mate.”

I was absolutely stunned, how could anyone want to reject her. How can she have another mate, is that even possible.

“I’m your mate, I don’t ever want to hear talking about that guy again,” I whispered into her ear and when she pulled back to look into my eyes, I held her gaze letting her see straight into my eyes; “Come on let’s get to the packhouse.”


“I’m your mate, I don’t ever want to hear talking about that guy again.” Mason whispered to me, I had to see his face, look into his eyes and see if he was being honest to me.

I barely heard him telling me to come on. I was still too focused on the words he told me and the honesty I saw on his eyes.

“Do you know how to drive,Mason?”

No, I’ll ride on the back and give you the directions to the packhouse. I think you’ll love it there.”

“Are you scared of going really fast,” when Mason nodded his head yes, I smirked. “Then instead of thinking about how much I gonna love this packhouse, think about holding on and not being afraid. Hope you have a good ride.”

It was my first real time driving the bike on the open wind, it was exhilarating. The air was blowing in my face and my mates arms were wrapped around my waist. It was a feeling is never forget.

After Mason shouted out a lot of directions, we finally pulled up at a huge mansion. It was completely beige with a dark brown double doorway. The windows were in every room seemed like. They were shaped both rectangular and oval. Also, all the 2nd floor windows had terrace.

“Wow, it’s beautiful and huge;” I said. “How many people live here?”

“143,” Mason told me, “we have another house also though.”


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