Rejecting the Omega

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Mason’s POV

“Yeah, uhm, I was wondering, how would you feel if I asked our council about you having 2 mates?”

“Sure, go ahead and ask, I don’t care.”

“Well then let’s go see the council.”

Every eye was on us when we walked in the pack-house, it was kinda creepy. I rushed Clare pass them because it was obvious she was freaking out. “Come on little mate.”


Wow there is a lot of people in this pack, a lot more than my old one. How does he expect me to be the Luna of this many people? Mason said that 143 people live here but it seems like 300 is staring at us.

“Come on little mate,” Mason says to me.

I held his hand all the way to a big wide oak door, when he opened it there was 15 adults sitting in oak chairs around a long oak table.

All of them were previous Alphas, Lunas, and pack elders. The oldest of them looked to be around their 60s and the youngest their 30s. The council leaders were in the middle and were always the previous pack alpha and Luna, Mason’s parents.

They were gonna here about how their sons mate has two mates. This was not how I wanted to meet my mates parents.

“Hello you must be Clare,” Mason’s mother stated, “our sons mate.”

She had perfect strawberry blonde hair that stopped about mid back and green eyes. Must be where Mase gets the eyes from.

His father has jet black hair and deep sea blue eyes. His eyes seem as if they are searching the very deepest depths of my soul. It was very intense without looking at him, even more intense when you’re looking into his eyes.

“Yes, ma’am it’s nice to meet you.”

“Sweetheart, you can call me Tamella. It’s wonderful to meet you,” she spoke to me in a kind voice, “and my mate Jaymes.”

“Now that our introductions are out of the way, it’s time to get to work.”

It was as if the entire mood of the room changed. The elders sat up straighter and became more professional, their faces hardened.

Tamella walked over to the wall and pulled out a book. It was old and leathery, worn out.

“You have two mates, correct?” Tamella asked me, but it came out as more of a statement than a question; either way I still nodded. “Your first mate rejected you, correct?”

It still came out as a statement but I nodded again.

“From here I quote ’The rarest wolf, the blue diamond wolf, shall be given three mates. A life of sadness and fear and pain, will come to be with the wolf. Rejected by one but found and loved by two. A girl with the heart of gold to fight the dark. Find her mates to find her powers, powers awarded by the goddess and the gods of the world. Together the three must unite to fight the dangers that come.

Tamella looked at me, I looked at her, then looked to Mason. Soon all of us were looking to Jaymes, looking to the ex alpha for help.

“So what does this all mean, that I’m supposed to have three mates. One that rejected me, then what two that I’m supposed to be with!”

“This is as the prophecy says, this is as it will go.” Jaymes told me, “Mason it seems as though you will be sharing your mate with another male.”

“I don’t wanna.”

“You have to, it is as the prophecy says.”


I can’t believe I have to share my mate, my Clare. I just found her and now I have to share her. Wow.

“So, since you already fulfilled the first part of the prophecy; now, you and Clare must go and search for her other mate,” my dad said.

“What, like right now?! What about the pack? Can’t I at least have a couple days alone with my mate?”

“No Mason, this has to be done right away,” dad said, “you have tonight to pack up and you leave tomorrow morning.”

“Then who’ll take care of the pack.”

“You forget Mason, we once ruled this pack. I may have only ruled it for a short term but your father once ruled this pack for 24 years to be exact, we have much more experience than you and if we need to, we can run the pack again.”

Shit! I really am scared when she gets like this, I may be an alpha, but she’s an ex Luna and a powerful one, plus she’s my mother. She stands taller, her voice get all hard; perfect composure to be a great and scary Luna.

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