Rejecting the Omega

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“Now that we have that settled; Clare, come with me, I’ll get you something to eat.


When we walked into the kitchen, Tamella started pulling out different food ingredients. “How’s Jambalaya sound?”


“Tell me about yourself, Clare.”

“Um, I have three brothers; Trey, the oldest, Lucas, and my twin Clayton. My parents died when I was 14, rouge attack while I was in the woods with them; everyone blames it on me. I come from a Beta family but have an Omega status.”

I didn’t even realize that I was crying until the tears hit my cheeks and hands in my lap but I had to keep going.

It’s ok baby momma I’m here for you, I got you.

“Before my parents death my brothers and I were really close; especially me and Clay, I mean your twin is supposed to be like your built-in best friend. All of it changed though, everyone turned against me, even my own family, my own twin. I was beaten a lot after that. Yeah, it hurt knowing that a pack is supposed to love and protect each other but they did the exact opposite; the worst was when Clayton took par, when he would take a knife and just start cutting into me.”

Tamella walked over and sat with me, she held my hand. I never spoken to anyone about this but it just makes all of what happened seem so much more real and painful.

“I would scream for him to stop, pleaded for my twin to stop but Clayton never took mercy on me. He just didn’t care that I was his sister, he didn’t care I was his twin. My parents they had assigned me to be the future Beta, but I lost that too, my entire world. Trey and Lucas never wanted to be Beta so Clayton took my position. They forgot I was their sister, they only saw me as the girl who killed their parents.”

“My old mate Joseph, he was the worst of all my torturers, but I used to love him no matter what he did. Joseph,, when he found out that I was his mate his first reaction was to reject me. He said so many horrible things, things that I don’t ever want to remember. As soon as he rejected me I decided to buy the motorcycle I’d been wanting. After I learned how to ride it I took off. I left my old pack and never looked back.”

Tamella was smiling at me, she looked proud. “You are a strong girl, it’s no wonder that the prophecy chose you.”


“Now come on, wipe up your tears and get ready to eat some food, sweetly.”


“That was delicious Tamella. I wish I could stay here longer to just be able to eat your food.”

Aww, thank you sweetly. Let’s take you up to Mason’s room now. You have a long day ahead of you, a long time ahead of you. Rest up.”

“Thank you for showing me the way.”

“Your welcome.” Then she walked away, I don’t even know how she makes walking flawless.

When I finally worked up enough courage to knock on the door, I heard Mase yell for me to come in.

I was in shock with his room, it was absolutely beautiful. His room was blue, black, and white. His bedroom floors were blue. On the blue floor was white outlined circles with white designs inside of it. The ceiling was white but was casted by a blue glow. The blue glow came from an extended circle coming out from the ceiling, the circle looked more like a donut hole. Extending from the outer donut circle was a black veil that would surround his bed if pulled shut. On one side of the wall was an aquarium and on the other was a full window covered by white curtains.

Then there was the bed, it was huge and beautiful. Just from looking at it I could tell that unlike my old bed, this one was lump free. It looked as though there was a dozen pillows; all blue, black, and white, some bigger than others. A white under-cloth blanket and the main blanket was black with the same blue designs as the floor. At the end of the bed was a bed bench, completely black. I knew that everything in the room had to be customized to look so perfectly together like this.

“You like? I had to get it all customized to fit just right together, it was like a need to have it look exactly like this.” Mason told me with a chuckle.

“I love it.”


I loved the look on my mates face, she looked around at my room awed. I love my room, everything in it; I made it perfect. I think I’m a little OCD but I think that comes with being an alpha.

“These are my favorite colors, I love how you put them together to make a perfect room.”

“It’s good you love my room, it’s where you’ll be living soon. I also have a small kitchen, it’s red and gray. I’ll have to show you it tomorrow morning but right now we have to go to sleep; we have a big and long day ahead.”

“Ok let’s go to sleep. I love you.”

Shit, did I just say ‘I Love You.’ I mean I know it’s true but I can’t believe I told her I loved her already.

“Don’t look so nervous, I’m not sure I love you yet, but I really care for you.”

She kissed me, holy fuck, she kissed me! I wasn’t the one to start the kiss, SHE WAS!

“Time to sleep, remember.”

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