Rejecting the Omega

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After we changed and got into bed everything fell into place or almost everything; I still feel as though somethings missing. I think that it might be my other mate but I’m not sure, either way I still love Mason.

‘Wait, did I just think the L word.’

‘Oh, yeah boo!’

“Go to sleep baby girl.”

“Ok, good night.”

“Good night, I love you.”


“Time to get up sleepy head,” I heard Mase say in the back of my mind.

“No, leave me alone! I hate you, how could you do this to me?! How could you wake me up?!”

“Because we have to leave in a couple of hours,” Mason told me chuckling.

“Fine, fine, I’m getting up,” I told him while getting out the bed,“I’m gonna need more clothes before we leave.”

“Ok, what size?”

“9 and preferably black badass looking clothes; with 2 leather jackets one red and the other black. Shoe size is 6 1/2, preferably black and badass looking.”

“Um, Ok.”

“Also a couple of regular clothes, Ooh and some cute dresses and heels and sandals.”


I could just look at her, I have no idea what to tell my sister to get her before we leave.

“How bout this, I’ll call my sister and you two can go shopping together?”

“Ok,” she tells me with the biggest smile on her face. As soon as I heard those words I took out my phone and called my sister.

“Hey, Kenna my mate, Clare needs to get some cloth ---” I was cut off by a loud scream and quickly moved my head away from my cell.

“You found your mate? What does she look like? I bet she’s gorgeous, is she gorgeous?”

“She’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Now if you want to meet her come over to take her shopping, she needs new clothes before we leave.”

“On my way!” Damn, my sister has a squeaky scream.


Knock, Knock, Knock

“Open the door weirdo!” My sister yelled through the door.


“Who’s that,” I whispered from behind Mason’s back, I was terrified.

“It’s just my sister little mate.”

“Ok,” with that one word Mase walked over and opened the door. A girl came running through it, she was screaming like a maniac and she was coming right at me.

They said I was safe here but this girl looked like she was about to kill me, so I started crying. I was completely still, I was terrified.

“Stop your scaring my mate,” Mason yelled at his sister, “come here little mate.”

Talk about bipolar disorder, I think everyone in his family might have it or maybe he just changed his entire voice because he was talking to me.

“Clare this is my twin sister Kenna, I’m older than her by 10 minutes, that’s why I have the responsibility of being alpha.”

“And I didn’t want to be co-alphas. I rather have my freedom to do as I want.” Kenna told me with a smirk on her face.

I never got a chance to really look at her but she is gorgeous and by gorgeous I mean the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen. She looked exactly like her mother, absolutely flawless. Dark brown hair that stopped at her shoulders, it was kind of wavy but straight also. Her eyes were the same color as her mothers and brothers, a deep green color.

She was wearing a dress that stopped just above her knees that had thin straps, it was like a light beige color with flowers on it. Over her dress she was wearing a black cardigan, the sleeves stopped at her elbows and the entire cardigan was about to her waist. Everything about her is beautiful.


She was gorgeous, yeah I understood her need for new clothes but she was still beautiful. I mean look at her, she has the total package; curves and all. Who knows I could even be tempted to even switch sides for her if she had better clothes and I never met Nickoli, my mate.

“So Mason told me you needed some new clothes.”

“Um, yeah; I wasn’t given a lot of good things when I lived with my old pack. Only thing I ever got was a really good car, my baby I never let people drive her until now,” Clare told me with a chuckle.

“Ok, cool let’s go.”

“Wait, here’s my card; don’t use your money, this is my treat,” my brother said looking at her with a smile that I’ve never seen him give anybody before.


“She needs to be back in 2 hours, buy a large suitcase for her while you’re there. I need her to be back so we can pack and leave in 3 hours,” Mase told me.

“Ok, bro.”


Kenna is a really bubbling personality. She just seems so excited and happy about everything it makes you happy and excited. Just being around her makes a person smile because she’s always smiling.

She’s contagious but she’s also really badass, too. Like she told me that if I wanted to go shopping with her, I needed to find something better to wear. When I size of her closet I swear I was in shock, it was huge and her clothes did not match her personality. Everywhere I saw black and red clothes, they were sexy and badass mixed together, then she had all the clothes that actually fit her personality. It was like 47 outfits compared to the 108 badass outfits she had.

“So we’re about the same size pick anything you want to wear, except for my last two leather jackets in the back and the 3 dresses in the front.”


With those words I went straight to her leather jacket selection, she had like 10 of them. I found this one that I absolutely loved, it stopped at my waist and scrunched up at my elbows. Then I went to her shirts and saw this off-white tank top. Kenna was already looking through her shorts and pants when I walked over and pulled out this cute pair of light booty shorts.

“These look good?”


“Now let me show you where my shoes are,” she told me with a smirk that kind of scared me. She went to her jackets wall and pushed them aside, then I noticed a key pad I hadn’t when I was looking for a leather jacket.

“I love my clothes but my shoes are my pride and joy so I keep them locked up, I’m the only person who knows the password to get in and now you do too. 995124, remember it cuz one day you may need some shoes.”

When she put the code in, it was as if a whole different room opened up. There was at least 200 shoes; They were all different; there were heels, boots, biker heels, tennis shoes, pumps, flats, sandals, flip-flops. While I was admiring her collection she was looking through some biker heels for me.

"“Ok, so you can wear any of my shoes EXCEPT the last 2 rows,” she tells me, then I noticed that she was holding this pair of gorgeous biker boots. The boots had a small heel to the back of it and on the sides were flaps where shoe laces would be.

“So, cute; we made an outfit in less than 15 minutes!”

“We need to go now,” Kenna said as excited as ever.


“Here we are, the mall my favorite place in the world! You seem to have the same style as me so let’s go find you some sexy clothes.”

We ran into the mall holding hands, everyone was looking at us like we were children; then I heard the whispering.

‘She Alpha Mason’s mate’ ‘What’s she wearing, if she’s an alphas mate then she needs better clothes’ ‘She doesn’t deserve to be a Luna’

“Don’t listen, those bitches are just jealous because you won over my brothers heart. Now let’s finish shopping!”

We went to dozens of stores and I got at least 75 pairs of outfits. Most of them were just as badass as my new motorcycle and attitude. Almost all of my clothes looked like Kenna’s. I got all different types and colors of leather jackets and then I got at least 2 dozen pair of shorts, 30 shirts, 25 pairs of pants, 20 skirt, 30 dresses, 15 regular jackets, and 8 leather jackets.

My shoes were amazing, I plan to get an entire room for my shoes also, like Kenna. I’m gonna make my mates get me it, the key pad and all; I want a room for my shoes. I mean they wouldn’t be able to fit into my closet, I have 72 pairs; I actually counted them. I have boots; regular and biker; tennis shoes, flats, heels, wedges, pumps, and sandals.


I love this girl, she loves shopping and shoes and clothes. I totally approve of her, not that I would get any say in it.

“Last but not least, I need a hair change,” Clare says.

“OMG yes, we can get our hair done together, but we have to hurry; we only have 45 minutes until we have to get you back home.”

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