Royal Meets Rogue

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Chapter 2: Birthday From Hell


I growled as my alarm clock went off. It was the same damn routine every day and I was growing tired of it.

‘Maybe today will be different?’ I thought to myself as I started to get dressed.

‘Happy birthday!’ Artemis howled.

‘Thank you!’ I smiled. I’m so thankful for Artemis, she’s the only one who wishes me a happy birthday. Well, the other members do too, but it’s usually after they punch me in the face. It’s always a fun way to start off the day if you can’t tell.

‘Hurry up Athena! We have to look cute today!’

I chuckled at her enthusiasm. ‘Aren’t you the one who told me not to get too excited because finding your mate on the day of your birthday was very rare?’

She was quiet for a minute before she let out a low growl. ‘Shut up and get dressed.’

I laughed harder as she continued to rant and growl. I love her so much.

“Athena!” Megan yelled through the intercom.

“Coming!” I responded as I threw my door open and ran down the stairs.

After nearly falling down the stairs and tripping on my face, I made it to the kitchen where Megan stood with her arms crossed.

“I understand it’s your birthday and all, but that doesn’t give you the right to slack off.”

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled.

“Seriously? Speak up, you dumb bitch. And I told you yesterday, it’s Luna to you.”

“I’m sorry…Luna.” I said speaking louder.

‘One of these days I’m going to tear her to shreds.’ Artemis growled.

Megan smirked. “Good job following the rules.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but an amazing scent caught my attention instead.

What the?

‘Mate!’ Artemis howled in excitement. ‘Oh my gosh!’

I almost matched her excitement. But then a thought hit me. My mate is from my pack. The pack that has beaten me for as long as I can remember. He was one of them.

“Are you even listening to me?” Megan asked as she shoved me back.

“Ow.” I cringed as I landed on my back.

“What are you guys cooking in the kitchen?” Alpha Rick moaned as he walked down the stairs. “It smells amazing!”

I gasped as Alpha Rick and I locked eyes.

No, no, no. Please Moon Goddess, let this be some stupid trick.

“W-what?” Alpha Rick asked in disgust as he looked at me.

“No.” I whispered.

“What is going on?” Megan asked as she looked between us. It took a moment or two but she finally realized what was going on. “Oh, you got to be joking.”

“This has to be some sick joke that the Moon Goddess is playing on me.” Alpha Rick growled.

‘I’m just going to pretend that didn’t hurt.’ Artemis retorted, hurt evident in her voice.

Megan laughed as she crouched down to my level. “You honestly think that Rick was going to be mates with you? That you were going to become the Luna of this pack? You have another thing coming sweetie. You are nothing but a low life wolf with no family or friends. You weren’t made to be a Luna or even a maid, to be honest. You’re lower than dirt and you need to get that through your thick skull.”

Alpha Rick stood there for a minute before he started laughing. “Did you really think that this would work out? Like Megan said, you are nothing. And you will always be nothing. I, Rick North, reject you, Athena Polias, as my mate.”

I closed my eyes as I felt the pain of betrayal.

‘That bastard is going to pay for what he is doing to you.’ Artemis growled threateningly.

I let out a cry as I pushed myself off the kitchen floor and ran for the stairs.

My footsteps echoed as I sprinted up to my room. The door barely held onto the hinges as I slammed it shut.

“This is can’t be happening.” I spoke to myself as I paced around my room. “Why would she do this? Pairing me up with Alpha Rick.”

‘We need to get out of here Athena.’ Artemis said quickly. ‘We have to leave. This is going to cause a huge uproar through this pack. You know just as well as I do that Megan isn’t going to keep her big mouth shut. Word is going to spread and it’s going to be hell for both of us.’

‘Where am I supposed to go?’ I cried as I sunk down on my bed. ‘I don’t have anyone Artemis. I’m alone in this world and no one is going to help.’

‘Let’s start over fresh. Get out of this town and maybe even this state.’

“Athena.” Alpha Ricked called as he opened my bedroom door.

I screamed and placed my hand over my racing heart.

“Alpha. You could have knocked.” I said quietly as I tried to calm myself down.

He rolled his eyes and closed my door. “I came here to talk to you.

“About what?” I asked confused. Why did he voluntarily come here?

“Listen.” Alpha Rick started as he sat on my bed. I stayed in my spot and continued to watch him like a hawk. “I know that I rejected you and stuff, but like, what if we tried?”

“What do you mean?” I asked carefully. “You rejected me, remember?”

What is he getting at?

“Yeah, I know. But I heard the sex is pretty great.” He laughed. “And to be honest, Megan kind of sucks at it.”

“Are you fucking serious?” I yelled.

Alpha Rick gave me a warning growl as he shot off my bed and wrapped his hand around my throat. “You do not speak to me like that. I am your alpha and I don’t give a shit if you are my mate. I will not be disrespected like that.”

My hands scratched as his fingers hoping he would let go.

With one last growl, he let go and I dropped to the floor.

Confusion took over as I realized there were no sparks when he touched me. I understand that even if a wolf rejects their mate, there are still sparks but they will just eventually die off. But there were no sparks at all. There should have been some.

I looked up as he turned around and sighed.

I could feel my anger start to build up and it finally got the best of me.

“This is going to be difficult, but I think we can make it w-” He started to speak, but I cut him off as I let out a growl while picking up my lamp and hitting him over the head with it.

Alpha Rick dropped like a rock.

“I’m done with this pack.” I spat as I stared at his motionless body. “I, Athena Polias, leave the North Forest Pack.”

‘Y-you did it.’ Artemis laughed. ‘You finally did it! I’m so proud of you. I was about to shift and do something, but this was totally better!’

But the happiness was cut short as the realization of my actions hit. Oh no. I just knocked out the alpha.

‘I-I didn’t mean to knock him out!’ I yelled to her. ‘They are going to kill me. This is treason!’

‘Well, I mean not technically. You didn’t kill him, you just smashed his head in with a lamp.’

‘Artemis!’ I yelled as panic started to set in. ‘You aren’t helping!’

‘I’m sorry! I don’t know what to do!’ She clapped back.

‘And you think that I do?’ I groaned as I ran to my door and locked it. ‘We need to leave!’ I yelled at her as I grabbed my small bag.

I began to pack as many clothes as I could fit into the small bag and grabbed my water bottle.

As I descended the stairs, I made sure to look if anyone was around. Thankfully no one was there and I made my way to the front door.

After carefully closing the door and trying not to make a sound, I was outside.

“Where are you going?” I heard a high pitched voice behind me.

I jumped and turned around to see Megan.

“Um, A-Alpha Rick gave me a grocery list.” I lied smoothly.

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Just hurry up.”

I nodded quickly. “I will.”

“Wait!” She yelled as she walked up to me.

I gulped and turned around to face her. “Y-yes?”

“Where did he go?” She asked confused.

“I-I don’t know Luna. After he gave me the list he walked down the hall. But I didn’t see which way he went.”

“Damn, you are so clueless.” She sneered.

I made sure she went inside and closed the door before I ran to the car garage.

“Fuck.” I sighed as I realized all the keys were inside.

‘It’s too late now.’ Artemis reminded me. ‘We need to go now. Megan is going to be looking for him and I’m pretty sure he is going to wake up any second now.’

She was right.

Screw this.

I ran out of the garage and ran towards the forest.

‘Athena!’ Alpha Rick growled ferociously through the pack link.

‘Shift now and just run!’ Artemis yelled. ‘Let me take over fully. It’ll give us a lead, at least for a little bit.’

I complied with her and felt her shift.

After feeling the normal cracks and pops, Artemis shook out her fur and picked up the bag with her teeth before sprinting through the trees.

All I heard before blacking out was Alpha Rick’s voice through the link.

‘Bring Athena to me!’



Safety. I need safety.

That was the only thing running through my mind as all the trees zoomed past me. I needed to get Athena to safety and that’s all I cared about.

She was so unbelievably brave. That girl is one of the strongest people I know and I couldn’t be more proud. Even though there is now a bounty on our heads. But let’s just try not to think about that right now.

I slowed down for a second so I could catch my breath. We have been running for over an hour and I needed a drink.

I found a small creek and tiptoed over so I wouldn’t make a sound.

Athena and I are done with that pack. We are done forever and there is no going back. That pack has been hell for my poor Athena and I’ll be damned if I let her go back to that abuse. No one deserves to go through that, no matter how much of a terrible person you are.

After getting a good drink of water, I picked my pace back up and booked it out of there. They are going to be able to find my scent so I need to get as much space between us as possible.

Athena and I are officially rouges.

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