Royal Meets Rogue

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Chapter 33: Let's Save Ares


“Is everyone here?” I asked as I stood up from my chair.

“Yes.” Apollo nodded.

“Good. Let’s get down to business.” I said as everyone watched me. “Ares is at my old pack, probably in the cellar that Rick has. We need to get him back.”

“How are we going to do that?” Circe asked. “He’s going to have that place heavily guarded since he’s holding the King captive.”

“We are going to surprise him.” I smirked. “I want Perseus to get his snipers ready. The first wave of guards is going to be pretty close to the territory border. Theseus and his team will let us know where they are stationed. Rick will probably have some hiding, so Theseus, we are counting on you.”

“You won’t be disappointed.” Theseus smiled proudly.

“I know.” I smiled back. “Once you find out where they are stationed, Perseus’ team will take them out. Then, Circe and her team will take out the second wave of guards once Theseus locates them as well.”

“I like this.” Circe smirked. “I’m totally down to kick some ass.”

“Keep that determination.” I laughed.

Ever since we talked in the dungeon, she’s not that mean to me anymore. I wouldn’t say she fully likes me just yet, but she’s getting there.

“Won’t they know we are coming?” Atlas asked.

I shook my head. “Hecate is making enough potions for us as we speak. It’s going to be the same thing that we did at the store. We are going to hide our scent so we can sneak up on them. Theseus and his team can pretty much already go undetected, but with this potion, it’s basically a guarantee that Rick’s pack won’t know what hit them.”

“Then what?” Janus asked.

“Once the second wave is out, Theseus and his team will make another round to make sure there aren’t any more hidden guards. Rick’s pack isn’t small, but he certainly doesn’t have enough members to have too many posts. He’s got to have most of them back at the pack house with him and also guarding Ares cell. And with Ares being the Alpha King, I know it’s going to be heavily guarded.” I answered. “If there happens to be a third wave of guards, are you okay with taking them out Circe?”

“Oh hell yeah!” She exclaimed as she slammed her palms on the table.

“Good.” I nodded. “If there isn’t a third wave, we move in. Take out any guard that you see, but do it quietly. We have to try and stay quiet. We need to keep the element of surprise.”

“We have silver knives and guns with silver bullets and silencers. So that should help us.” Apollo explained. “Try to refrain from shifting and use the guns of knives. If you absolutely need to shift, then you can. But let’s try to use the quieter measures first.”

“I agree.” I nodded. “If we shift, that could bring unwanted attention and we need to at least get closer to Ares before shifting. If we make too much noise before we reach him, Rick could send a lot more wolves our way and it will be harder for us. But I also want you guys to be safe.”

“What weapon would you like to use, my Queen?” Perseus asked, but I had a feeling he already knew.

“A sword.” I said and he smiled and nodded.

“Just as I thought.” He smirked. “Be right back.”

“How are we going to get King Ares out?” Atlas asked.

“Leave that to me.” I growled. “I have a bone to pick with those guards that are in charge of the cellar.”

“Roger that.” Apollo said as he held up his hands.

“The rest of you take out as many guards as you can.” I continued. “If anyone finds Rick, be careful. He might be an idiot sometimes, but he does know how to fight. But I want you to bring him to me.”

“Dear.” Hecate started.

I shook my head and held up my hand. “Just like the cellar guards, Rick made my life a living hell. I want to know why and take him out myself.”

“You already proved to be a good leader.” Hecate said as he rubbed my arm. “We can help you.”

“He didn’t torture you your entire life.” I said quietly. “I want to be the one to confront him.”

Hecate went to open her mouth, but Janus beat her to it. “I think she’s right, Hecate.” Janus said softly as he looked at her. “I think Athena needs to do this.”

“What if something happens?” Hecate asked. “You could get hurt.”

“Nothing could be worse than what he did to me.” I said. “But I’ll be fine. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have gotten better at fighting. I will be able to hold my own against them and I will bring them down. I’m tired of running and I refuse to that. I’m facing this problem head-on. I’m ready.”

Hecate sighed but reluctantly nodded. “Okay.”

I looked up as Perseus came back into the room holding a long case. He smiled at me and put the case down on the table in front of me.

“Open it.” He said as he bowed and backed away.

I gave him a confused look but turned towards the case; pressing the two buttons and watching the flaps flip open. I then lifted the lid up and peered inside.

“This is beautiful.” I said breathlessly as I lifted a sword up.

“The blade is silver, so be careful. But the hilt is gold and it’s wrapped with leather so you’ll be okay there.” Perseus explained.

The gold was bright and neatly polished, the black leather was shiny, and the emeralds on the butt of the sword were polished as well. It’s gorgeous.

“I-I love it.” I smiled as I continued to admire it.

“I thought you would.” Perseus said happily. “I’ve noticed you have been fascinated by swords ever since you beat me when we sparred. I wanted to give you a present.”

“Thank you, Perseus.” I said as I set the sword back in the case and leaped to give Perseus a hug.

“You are quite welcome, my Queen.” Perseus laughed as he caught me with ease and returned the hug.

“This is good.” Janus smiled excitedly.

Circe started to clap and smiled at me. “Good job, my Queen.”

I’m finally acting like a true leader and it feels good. I am the Queen and I need to keep acting like it. This is also my pack and I need to keep being the leader that they want and need me to be.

“Let’s go save Ares.” I smiled as everyone hollered with agreement.

I’m coming, Ares. Hang in there.



I growled as I tried to move but couldn’t. The ropes were laced with wolfsbane and I could feel it physically draining my energy. I paused my movements as I felt the car come to a stop.

‘What’s happening?’ Zeus asked.

‘Do you really think I know the answer to that?’ I growled in annoyance. ‘I have a fucking bag over my head and my wrists and ankles are tied with ropes that are laced with wolfsbane. Which is also the reason why I haven’t been able to mind link anyone.’

‘It was just a question.’ Zeus growled back. ‘No need to get all defensive.’

I was about to retort but stopped once I heard voices.

“Open the trunk.” I heard a smug voice. “I want to see her.”

Her? And why does that voice sound so familiar?

“Uh.” Another voice spoke up but he sounded very nervous. “That’s the thing Alpha.”

I heard a deep sigh. “Please, tell me you didn’t mess this up.”

I could practically hear the first man trembling.

“W-We didn’t g-grab Athena.” The man stuttered.

“You fucking idiot!” The first man growled.

Seriously! Why did he sound so familiar?

I jumped as the trunk opened and the guy growled again.

“You know.” I started. “It would be nice to see who kidnapped me.”

“Oh shut up.” He snapped.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

“Come on Rick.” I smirked as I heard him grunt. “I just want to see your beautiful face.”

I gave a grunt as I was promptly dropped onto a stone floor, thankful though that I had managed to fall on my side instead of my head.

Rick growled as he ripped the mask off my head, causing me to blink a couple of times to get used to the sudden bright light that hit my face. We were in a large garage that had the door open. Goon one and goon two were standing behind me and Rick was before me in all his annoying glory.

“Oh. There it is.” I smiled as I looked at his angry mug. “There’s that beautiful face.”

“Ah, I knew you couldn’t resist me.” He sneered.

“Is that any way to talk to your King?” I asked smugly.

He smiled rather sarcastically. “I’m surprised you think I’d care, seeing as how you’re bound like a pig and laying in my garage. Such a pitiful sight.”

“Okay good point.” I nodded as I looked around. “Can someone at least tell me what I’m doing here?”

You weren’t supposed to the one there.” Rick said as he glared at the man standing next to him. “Zack here messed up.”

“Did your instinctual side die out from letting your human side be in control too much? Because only an idiot human could literally make this scale of a mistake. And as I recall, we’re not human.” I commented, trying to keep a straight face at the wolf in question.

Rick rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. I assumed I was in the presence of creatures with something called a brain between their ears. I guess it all leaked out when they were bashing their skulls like a bunch of muscle heads. But anyway, where are my manners? How are you doing?”

I couldn’t help but remain quiet. Nothing I could think of at that moment could help me fathom the complete idiocy of the wolves before me.

“Ah, shit.” Rick swore, standing up to glare at the wolves who brought me in. “Did your stupidity actually rub off on our King? I told you your brain-dead state was contagious. Probably bashed him around too much like a pair of mindless animals. Oh, wait a minute!”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re quite obnoxious, you know that?”

Rick jumped back as if a snake had bitten him, eyes full of shock. It was hard to tell if he was serious or not. “It’s a miracle! You can speak! And here I thought the stupidity was permanent!”

I growled at him. “I can’t tell if you’re insulting me or your comrades.”

Rick flicked his hair dramatically to the side. “Oh my, you must know I’m a man of many talents. I can do both!”

I just narrowed my eyes. He was really annoying. I had just hoped Athena didn’t find my amazing sense of humor as terribly annoying.

Rick just smirked at my annoyance. “While I was aiming for the Queen, it’s quite amusing to have you here. I suppose those wolves got lucky this time. Skinning their pelts would have left such a mess, and getting my hands dirty just isn’t my thing.”

“Just wait till I skin your pelt.” I growled. “For kidnapping me is a serious crime and I can’t wait for your dumb ass to pay.”

Rick growled. “Get him out of there and bring him to the cellar.”

Zack and a couple of other guys lifted me out and untied my ankles so I could walk. I considered running, knowing I could full well out-sprint them until I heard the click of a gun.

“Did you really think we would untie the restraints around your ankles without having a little backup?” Rick laughed as I looked behind me.

“So you are friends with a hunter? Why am I not surprised?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Just walk.” The hunter said as he dug the gun into my back.

I huffed and walked with the men to some big building which I’m guessing is the cellar.

“Very homey.” I mumbled as I nodded my head while looking around. “Dirt floor, no windows, some shackles. Looks like my living room.”

“You are really annoying.” Rick commented.

“Athena says the same thing.” I chuckled to myself as I imagine her rolling her pretty little eyes at me.

Rick growled and shoved me forward. “Stop talking.”

“Ooh.” I cooed. “Have I struck a nerve there alpha?”

“Open up the damn door!” He yelled as Zack fumbled with the keys.

“I have, haven’t I?” I smirked as I was pushed into the cell and the rope around my hands was taken off.

‘Well that was quite rude, now wasn’t it.’ Zeus said in annoyance.

Zack closed the door and I heard the lock click.

“You better keep that damn mouth of your closed.” Rick threatened as he pointed a finger at me.

“I ought to really thank you, actually.”

“For locking you up? Quite the masochist, now aren’t we?” He smirked.

It was my turn to give a wicked grin. “If you didn’t make the mistake of rejecting Athena, I wouldn’t have a mate.” I explained. “So thank you. Because of you being the idiot you are, I got the world’s most perfect mate. Beautiful, funny, sweet, kind, caring. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and more.”

Rick’s face darkened and he took a step forward. Long gone was his snarky grin and dark-humored attitude. “She’s worthless.”

I took a deep breath. Don’t get upset Ares. That’s just what he wants you to do. He wants to see you lose control.

‘I’m really going to kill him if he keeps talking about our mate like that.’ Zeus promised.

“You and I both know that’s not true.” I smiled. But on the inside, I really just wanted to rip his head off of his pathetic little body.

“Yes it is!”

I shook my head. “If you really thought that, then you wouldn’t be so bothered.”

“Shut up.” Rick said deeply as he took another step forward. Clearly the topic of my mate wasn’t something his wolf let him joke around about. He was on the brink and it showed.

“You are so upset that Athena is with me and not you.”

“Stop talking.”

“Not being able to hold her anymore. You get angry every time I say her name.”


I smirked knowing I was getting under his skin. “I am thankful that your dumbass rejected her because you sent her directly to me. Someone she deserves. Someone who will hold her and not let her go. Not some failed-mate and soon to be failed-Alpha.”

“Enough!” Rick yelled as he slammed his fists on the bars. His eyes glowed as his wolf surfaced, not backing away from the metal burning into his flesh.

I laughed. Exactly what I wanted you to do.

“I see what you’re doing.” Rick said as he eyed me, his eyes returning to normal as he pushed his wolf away. “And it’s not going to work.”

“It already did.” I laughed as I pointed to his red hands.

Rick growled lowly and narrowed his eyes at me. “I hate you.”

“That hurt my feelings.” I sighed as I placed a hand over my heart. “That was deep. I don’t know how I’ll ever recover from that.”

“Give me the gun.” Rick said as he reached for the hunter’s gun.

The hunter smacked his hand and shook his head. “You aren’t breaking our deal.”

“What deal?” I asked.

“He gets the she-wolf if we get you.” The hunter said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I pressed.

“Once word gets out that I have the Alpha King, I’m going to be rich.” The hunter winked. “Hunters from around the world are going to come out and bid on you.”

“So basically you are going to sell me to a bunch of serial killers?” I said in a plain voice.

“Pretty much.” He shrugged. “Whoever pays me the highest amount gets you. Not my problem after that.”

“But it was supposed to be Athena in this cage.” Rick said as he looked at Zack.

“I said I’m sorry!” Zack groaned.

“It could still work.” The hunter said. “She’s going to come after him. Just a matter of when.”

Rick turned back to me, the grin that had left his face now back in full force. The same way some psycho might grin at his victim as he peels the flesh off their still-breathing body. The way one very disturbed person would make a face when they watch some pitiful creature struggle to live right before they squish out the last bit of hope for such life.

“You have a point.” He grinned. “And she’ll be right back here.”

I could only growl as he walked off with a rather clichéd villainous laugh, his shadow being the last thing I could see through the metal bars. The Alpha had officially lost it and Athena would be on the receiving end of his grave endeavors.

Shit. I thought to myself. Athena, watch your ass.

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