Bloody Beginnings #1

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By burned down castle-gates and sparkling, carnivorous trees, the way of nature does not only get turned on its head but disappears. Ronald and Djeff grew up together. Raised in a children's home, living on the streets and then in the royal court of Lamiai, they never expected to live without each other. Six years after the Otherworldly purging, Ronald is leading the training of Lamiai at the Icarus Association, and it is without Djeff by his side. He has no idea how he is supposed to move on from the bond, that was not only that of a Maker, friend, and lover but that of two people, who endured together. Even as Ronald believes he has all the time in the world as an immortal to move on, he is proven wrong. Back from the dead and far from being a common Lamia, Djeff is not only back to see his old friend, and Ronald dreads the true purpose of his return. As the scientist group, TROSS is declaring war on the Otherworld, Ronald is ordered right into the arms of the People of Beauty with Djeff by his side. In a try to figure each other out as well as the world, they thought they knew, Ronald and Djeff wage war on the very people, who tore them apart.

Fantasy / Romance
S. T. Galadriel
Age Rating:

!Information Before Reading!

This is all you need to know about these books before reading them. The words will occur a lot in the books and it can be hard to read this if you don’t understand their meaning.

- SaschaGaladriel <3

‘Elixeim’: is the doing of an Alpha, whom exiles - “removes” from the Flock - a Wolf, Bear or Fox who has done wrong in some grave way. Or if it is believed, that said “offender” has been judged by the Alpha - sometimes Alpha-female as well - to be of danger to the Flock and/or Packs within the Flock.

A Tarot: is a magical message sent on, what looks like a Tarot-card. It is instead of a phone or computer, or letter and is often used på Witches and/or Lamiai.

The Travel-Portals: are the Portals leading between the Otherworld, The Natural World, Exantria and Paster.

Travel-Cards: Cards given (in Paster) as proof, someone can travel between Upperworld realms with direct permission.

The Natural Word: is where the Homo-Sapiens reside. The known world set apart from the Otherworld.

Paster: It is the Realm of the Dead and where the Quintessence & Cacodemon reside.

Verax: The true death - something that can only befall immortal beings.

Blurhing: Something only Lamiai can do. Because of their ability to move faster than the gaze of others, it seems as though they are but a blur.

Kinslayher: A word of great importance for the Otherworldly creatures - meaning; if you kill someone of your own blood. (cousin, brother/sister or Creator). It originated from the tale of Cain and Abel, where Cain - under the influence of Lucifer - killed his younger brother, Abel.

Pack-Leader(s): A Pack-Leader is much like a leader of a family. They do the job like an Alpha would - big decisions and such - but only for said Pack. The male version is simply Pack-leader and the female version is Pack-consort.

Pack: A Pack subsists of blood-relatives. They are connected to each other as family - brother/sister, father/mother, cousins and so on - and will reside inside of a Flock.

Alpha/Alpha-Female: Leaders of Flocks. Basically, they lead an entire Flock of Packs, who has their own Pack-Leaders.

Flock: A Flock subsists of 6-12 Packs (6-12 families).

Patriarch/Matriarch: Leaders of Covens - Witches. They can be both practitioners of the Dark Arts and of the Light Arts.

Coven: Mostly a family subsisting of Witches, whether practitioners of the Dark Arts or the Light Arts.

Clan: Much like a Flock, a Clan is a bunch of Covens living either together or near each other, often used on Covens from the same country. They do rituals and rites together.

Exant: A language - only spoken by the Fay; Fairies, Nymphs, Dwarfs, Elfs, and Elves and so on.

Fahmiliaris: A person who acts as an intimate confidant. It is a creature of any race, who advise their Master or Mistress, keeps them company and is at their side as much as possible and permitted. Platonic love is deeply embedded between them.

‘Latet’: A vale - something of magical origin, that protects and hides things better left unseen by the Homo Sapiens (Humans).

Umbra/Umbrae (pl): A shadow - It is an old form of magic only the most powerful Witches can do as it takes a lot of capacity. It is mostly used by the practitioners of the Dark Arts.

Medicus: A Healer/Doctor - someone with special skills when it comes to healing and fixing others. A Flock will have at least 2-4 of them, and they heal both bodies and minds.

The Cursed Times: The time of which Therianthrope across the world was “cursed” by a Witch of the Dark Arts to have something called a Mate-Connection. It happened in the year 1097.

Mate-Connection: Something only possible when among Therianthropes. It is an internal instinct telling a Therianthrope, that there is a preferable male or female in their lives. It is not something the Therianthrope has to follow but it is advised to do so unless distress should insure.

Hand over Heart: An oath done by laying the other person’s hand across your heart and saying; “I vow by the Old Ones. . .” And then what you want to make an oath about.

Quintessence/Cacodemon: Creatures of any race, allegedly dead, there to create a balance between Light and Dark magic. Quintessence stands for the Light Arts and Cacodemon stands for the Dark Arts.

A Whisperer: They are either Homo-Sapiens or Otherworlders, who can hear, see, feel and speak to the dead - Quintessence and Cacodemons as well. So as to where “normal” Homo-Sapiens and Otherworlders only see clouds of white smoke or see shadows, a Whisperer can actually communicate with them.

Credits to the rightful owners of the pictures I use!

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