Whisper of dreams

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BEATRICE The one thing I have always wanted is to be free, but I've never could. The only escape I had were my dreams. The dreams where I saw him Beatrice Martinez is a young ballet student, part singer in a local bar that owns her longtime family friend Mr. Rafael. At a young age, she lost her father in a fire accident where she almost died herself. But luckily a person saved her from that cruel fate, only leaving behind a mark on her neck. Years pass and she still doesn't know the truth about that, until a young master wants her to entertain him for four months in exchange for paying off her father's debt. But what she doesn't know is that the young master and she are more deeply connected than she actually thinks. As she fights the feelings she has for the master, a long-lost group of people returned back, and they are here to return what belongs to them.

Fantasy / Romance
Isabel Wolf
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The one thing I’ve always wanted was to be free, but I never could. The only escape I had were my dreams.

The dreams where I saw him. I used to play, sing and dance for him every Friday and Sunday, and he was always watching me – like a wolf watching a dear.

I was his dear and he was my big scary wolf. I have never realized that this green-eyed, arrogant beast is only mine – my soulmate.

In the end, he became a knight in shining armor, but most importantly, he became my whisper of dreams.

- B. Martinez

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