A Vampire's Love

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She fell into unconsciousness but not before hearing his last words. "Esperaré por ti mi frágil gatita." Celia Anderson went through a tragic accident losing both of her parents. How did she survive? Who saved her? These questions tormented her for years. That was until he finally appeared. Follow them into a world filled with secrets, lies, romance, mystery and more! | Warning | ~ Explicit words ~ Violent actions ~ Mild sexual content Don't say I didn't warn you!

Fantasy / Romance
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“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one”

By: Khalil Gibran

Third Person P. O. V

It was Celia’s sixth birthday and she decided to spend it at her aunt’s house with her parents. Cars sped past them on the way there but little did she know that her life was about to change with a reckless driver.

“Sweetheart you okay?” her mother asked her because sweat was dripping down her neck. The little girl nodded paying no heed to the negative feeling forming in her stomach.

“My princess must be wondering what present we have in store for her this time.” he dad said turning his head to face his daughter with a happy smile.

“Gary look out!” her mother yelled pulling the steering wheel. Her father pushed a hand in front of his wife preventing her from plunging forward. The car had flipped so many times that Celia had become disorientated before she even sustained the concussion that had her drifting in and out of consciousness. The car roof was on the road with its bottom exposed to the dark sky and inside was her laying still.

She was fleetingly aware of the bloody taste in her mouth but she couldn’t figure out what it was. At times her eyelids fluttered and she thought she must be at home in bed because it was so dark. Then why the cold and the sound of rain on metal? Why the pain, God, why so much pain? She struggled to free herself only to be rewarded with more pain.

Slowly raising her head she saw her parents unconscious and blood seeping through their heads. A shattered glass stuck into her mother’s throat and her father was barely breathing. Then the smell of gasoline attacked her nostrils. Her father fluttered his eyes open and groaned in agony. He swiveled around and saw his injured daughter.

Pulling the seat belt off him, he tried to push Celia through the window. Then flames began to slowly erupt around them. With all his might he finally had the strength to push her out but unfortunately, he didn’t make it. He managed to breathe out his final words hoping his daughter heard them.

“I will always....watch over you, my...little......princess.” and with that, he collapsed in the car. Cold arms encircled Celia’s fragile body and with a quick flash, she was laying a few feet away from the damaged car. Dragging herself closer, a part of her hoped that her parents were still alive. But the car exploded sending pieces of metal flying in all directions. A small boy hovered over her capturing her injured self in his arms.

She only managed to make out striking blue eyes gazing at her and plump pink lips. Her hand automatically rose and slowly grazed over his cheeks. He gasped at her touch and then placed her down gently on the rocky road. The sirens of the ambulance were nearing and he knew that he had to leave her side for he was needed elsewhere. So he left a locket that had the energy to repel evil energy.

She fell into unconsciousness but not before hearing his last words.

“Esperaré por ti mi frágil gatita.”

I just want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read this book and I hope you know that it is the first book I have ever written on Wattpad, @manisha232002.

I thought I should share it with you guys after debating with myself, for a few hours, on whether this story is stupid or not.

I would leave that for you to decide and I really hope you can support this book.

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