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Ghost Moon

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Having switched off her emotions a long time ago, she doesn't understand why the Alpha of this pack has found interest in her. As he turns to run out the gate, he slams into my chest. The fear that is rolling off of him is intoxicating. "Not so fast, Dave. How bout we have some fun?" I feel my jaw unhinge as my mouth transforms into a snout, teeth bared. I sniff the air and... is that? Did he just? "Did you just piss yourself Dave?" He's visibly trembling in my grasp, urine soaking the front of his pants. "I'd love to stay and play, but there's an appointment I need to keep with your torture guy." I clamp my muzzle onto his throat and feel the warm blood as it hits my tongue. I yank his throat out, causing blood to squirt everywhere. As his lifeless body hits the floor I turn on my heels and exit my home for the past two years.

Fantasy / Action
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That’s when people are at their most alert.

With it comes darkness.



The humans take their children inside and lock their doors, staying warm by fires and watching their shows. As werewolves, we don’t lock our doors but we have safety precautions in place. Guards patrolling our perimeters, magical wards, some of us even have witches who can see ahead of time and warn of what’s coming.


That’s when we are at our most alert.

That’s why we never saw them coming. Not until it was too late.


Viscous bloodthirsty weres who don’t live by pack rules. Who kill for the fun of it. They are our monsters of the night. They are who we ward our lands from. Who we warn or pups about. And they are who came.

Not at the dead of night, no, they attacked in the middle of the day.

Because every were knows, nightfall, that is when we are at our most alert.

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