The Devils Daughter

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It’s been nearly two weeks and Celeste still hasn’t healed enough mentally to wake up. It’s just been Cat and me. Well, mostly just me. Cat has decided her rightful place is outside in the woods. She sleeps, eats, and trains out in the woods all day.

Even though Celeste hasn’t healed fully mentally, her body has. So quite a few times I’ve seen Cat walking around in human form. I’ve gotten excited only to be let down when I go running out in hopes of talking to my mate.

I remember last week when I first saw her...

"Alright everybody, training is over so go shower. You’re all sweaty and stinky.” I call out to my warriors. We had been training for the last four hours. “Alpha Roman?” As I go to leave one of my top warriors, Ash, ran over to me.

“Yes Ash?” I cross my arms as he gives a slight nod in respect. “Luna Middleton has been spotted on the north side.” My brow raises in confusion, everyone knows she is staying outside, why is he coming to me with this? “I know, her wolf prefers the outside more than the inside.” He shakes his head no, a sigh leaving his lips. “No, Alpha. She’s in human form roaming around...bare.” He clears his throat, uncomfortable with speaking about this.

“Go to the pack house and gather some clothes from her closet. Meet me on the north side when you’re done.” He gives a curt nod before sprinting off to the house while I make my way over to my mate.

“Celeste?” I call out as I stomp my way through the woods. “Celeste, come out.” A rustling to my left has me freezing as her small form steps out. Her thick raven colored hair went down to her thighs, covering her front and back. “Celeste?” I whisper, hopeful. “Celeste is still asleep, I am Cat.”

Her voice is a little rougher than Celeste’s, probably from lack of use. She looks around, cautious as we stand here in silence. “You can relax, no one will harm you while on my territory.” I chuckle slightly when she keeps looking. “Force of habit. Being a rogue, you can never let your guard down.” She states with a shrug of her shoulders as she turns around to sit on a boulder. This has me catching sight of a speckling of birth marks going down her thigh. They match the ones on her wolf; along with the scars running along her body. “Is that how you got all those scars?”She stares down at her body with disinterest. “Those are from rogue fights and Alpha’s when they would torture me whenever I was captured.”

“You were tortured?” She bobs her head, her wavy hair swaying slightly in the wind. “I’ve been whipped, cut, and burned. I’ve even ben starved and poisoned, but I’m just glad it was never Celeste who felt that pain.”

“Right, I forgot you had control for six years.” She smiles slightly at me, the action alone causing my heart to skip a beat. “You’ve done your research on us.” I give her a nod of confirmation as she stands, taking slow strides towards me. “So, I’m guessing you’ve read about the lives I’ve taken? The innocent families I’ve slaughtered during my rampages?” Her smile grows wicked as she halts only a foot away from me. “Yes, I have, but I won’t let what you’ve done effect my love for Celeste.”

Her smile grows more comforting as she seems pleased with my answer. “Good, she shouldn’t suffer for any of my wrong doings.” She looks away, avoiding my eyes as she grows sad. “The bond has grown making it nearly impossible for us to leave so we shall stay and see how things go. But you must know, I am not the monster that you have read about.”

She looks at me almost pleading for me to believe her words. “What are you talking about?” She opens her mouth to speak, but Ash steps through a bush causing her to slap her mouth shut and look away. I, myself, turn to block Cat from Ash’s view, politely taking the bundle of clothes from his hands before dismissing him.

When I turn back around though, she is gone. With a heavy sigh, I set the clothes on the boulder where she was resting moments before. I know she’s watching, I can feel her starring holes through my head. “This is not over, Cat. We will talk about this before Celeste awakens.” I call into the afternoon sky before turning around and walking back home.

A sharp knock on my office door has me snapping out of my memories. “Come in.” I call, my voice exhausted from all the restless nights without my mate. The door opens and in steps my freshly showered mate in a simple jeans and t-shirt. Judging by how big it is, it’s one of mine. That brought a smile to my face.

“Celeste has begun speaking. She’ll have full control within the next two days.” She says while shutting the door and walking over to take a seat on the chair in front of me. My wolf was beginning to beg me to walk over and hold her. We haven’t had any contact with our mate in over a week and it was driving us mad. “Have you come to discuss what you said during our talk last week?” The muscles in her jaw tense as she gives a curt nod. “The stories about me are false, rumors spread by whining little Alpha’s and their rogue friends.”

She spits out the words like they are poison on her tongue. “But you asked if I knew about all the innocent people you’ve killed.” She clenches and un-clenches her fists, clearly not liking this conversation. “I needed to know if your feelings for my human were true. To know that if trouble came and you heard the lies of an Alpha who has it out for me, you wouldn’t listen and hand her over.” She looks up at me, anger spreading through her soft features as she thinks about what could happen.

“I’d never give my mate over to the people who wish to harm her.” I growl out, my own anger starting to get the best of me. “It hurts to know you think so low of me. You are my mate just like Celeste. My duty is to protect you as well as her.” She searches my face, looking for any sign that I am lying, releasing a content sigh when she finds nothing but the truth. “Well my dear mate, knowing that will make trusting you much easier.”

“Now may I know what it is you meant?”

“Of course.” She says with a sigh while leaning back into her chair, her body relaxing as she closes her eyes and begins to spin her tale.

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