The Devils Daughter

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“The first time I came across an Alpha was when I was 14 years old.” I begin my story with a heavy sigh, my eyes involuntarily fluttering shut as the memories come flooding back.

My large paws thudded against the forest floor, my heart beat rising as it pounds against my rib cage. Even though I am only 14 and still a pup, my wolf form is larger than any other girls my age. For the last four years I have been training and building my strength, readying myself for when I faced my parents and the ones who have harmed us.

The rotten smell of rogue’s filters into my senses as my steps falter and my body tenses. My brain goes into overdrive as I use my speed to zig-zag through trees. “Come out, come out where ever you are, little rogue.” A taunting voice echoes around me as I push my legs to run faster. The familiar smell of a pack becoming stronger and stronger as I get closer to my destination—my home.

The little cottage I had called home for seven years comes into view and I nearly freeze when I see its condition. The door is off the hinges, the roof is caved in, and dust and leaves cover everything as animals sleep. I almost whine at the state it’s in, but the sound of paws racing behind me have me snapping out of my thoughts.

I shift, heading inside. The smell of the Davidson pack, the pack just a few yards past here, ran all through the house. They’re the ones who ruined my home. I growl lowly, they ruined the only place that I could call home. “They better have a damn good reason for destroying this place.” I mumble to myself.

The sounds of voices outside have my mouth slamming shut as I fall into a crouched position. A cold breeze runs across my bare skin making me shiver slightly. “Hold on,” One of the guys call, the sound of him sniffing can be heard in the deadly quiet of the woods. “We’re near pack territory; we gotta leave.”

“But boss, the girl?” A younger voice sounds. “Leave her. If she’s headed that way, then there’s no way she’ll survive.” With that last sentence they run off. The sound of their clothes ripping and paws running was clear as day. “Stupid rogues.” I mutter under my breath, causing a small chuckle to come from behind me.

“Okay, either I’ve gotten even crazier or,” I pause, turning around, my red eyes colliding with green. “There’s someone in my home.” I snarl, showing off my still growing canines. “Easy Celeste, wouldn’t want to get in-trouble with an Alpha, now would we?” Tom Davidson steps out of the shadows, that same smirk from my childhood plastered on his face.

Interesting, he thinks I’m Celeste. Probably for the best that he doesn’t know she’s sleeping, and I have control. “Wow Tom, you sure have aged.” I lean over the back of the couch that is currently hiding my naked body, my elbow resting on the edge and my chin on my palm. “Time really hasn’t treated you well, has it?” His smirk falls into a glare that’s almost as strong as mine.

“You’re trespassing, rogue.” He snarls, his eyes glowing as his wolf surfaces. “This isn’t pack territory.” I growl back. “That’s not what the scent on the house says. My scent, my land.” He crosses his arms, assuming he’s won the argument. He assumed wrong.

My nails elongate, black claws taking over as I crouch low before pouncing on him. “What have you done to my parents?” I yell at him, my body holding him down as I rest on his torso, my claws placed right against his neck and ready to cut. “Killed them, spared them. Why should I tell you? They tortured you for years. They’re gone and you should accept that.” He says through clenched teeth.

“You knew?” I ask shocked. “You knew our parents were beating us and you didn’t try to stop it?” I yell on the verge of shifting as my breathing comes out in pants. My voice gets deeper and rougher as the facade I put up to sound like Celeste, falls. He uses my shock to shove me off him, but I’m quick to stand and face him again.

I lunge at him again, smacking the back of my hand across his face making him fly into the rotting dining room table. “What? You see an innocent pup being abused and you just sit by and watch? You’re an Alpha, you could’ve stopped it.” I scratch my claws down his face when he tries to get up, effectively making him fall back to the ground. “Celeste,” I snarl when he tries to speak. “I am not Celeste.” I kick him in the ribs and smile when I hear a crack. “I am Cat.” I kick again. “And you were supposed to be our friend.”

“Cat,” He gasps out, spitting out blood. “I’m sorry, I wanted to help, but your parents had vital information on me and threatened to spill it. I couldn’t do anything.” My foot stops mid kick as I start to think back to the day before my birthday.

“We’ll do it tomorrow.” My mother’s voice had said from the kitchen. “He’s agreed?” My uncle asks. It’s quiet so I’m guessing she just nodded in response. “The pathetic man doesn’t want his pack knowing about his little sessions with the younger females. He’ll help us ditch her if we keep quiet about his flings.” My mom speaks again, humor and disgust both filling her tone. “Do we have to do it tomorrow,Lilith? It’s her birthday.” My dad whisper yells. He was the only one who was ever really nice to me but was always too scared to question his mate whenever the abuse began. The first time he did try to stop it he got hurt. I don’t know how but every time he tried to go against my mother’s wishes, he’d fall to the floor screaming and writhing in pain until he eventually just stopped trying.

“You!” I yell down at Tom after the memory was done running its course. “You helped them!” I stomped down as hard as I could onto his left hand, shattering the bones. “You didn’t care. You just didn’t want anyone to find out what a filthy pedophile you are.” I bend down to his level. “You’re the one who deserves to be beat, abandoned, and left on the verge of death.” I growl out in a whisper. “And that’s exactly what you’ll get.”

My eyes open to find Austin’s intense and curious stare. His hands clasped together and resting under his chin as he soaks up every word that leaves my mouth. “What happened then?” He asks quietly, acting as if he makes his voice any louder, the story won’t end, and the mystery won’t be solved.

“Then, I did just that. I beat him till death was at his door and abandoned him in that little cottage.” He looks mesmerized, thinking over each and every detail. “But he was an Alpha and you were a pup; how’d you beat him?”

“He was a retired Alpha. His son took over the pack because his father, much like yours, was weakened in battle. The pour excuse of a leader could barely walk without limping and stumbling.” My face scrunches in distaste as I think about the Alpha. “So, then how did the rumors start?”

“A warrior was patrolling the area, probably looking for his missing ex-alpha, and saw me covered in blood after leaving the cottage. He spread the rumor that I had killed him for fun and one by one, each of my kills went down as unjustified murders.” I pick at my nails, huffing when I see a small chip on my index finger. They need a trim.

“And they recognized your kills from the missing eyes?” I nod. No one ever understood why I used that as my symbol for me being there. “Why?” He asks. “The men I killed were all disgusting in some way. They had a past that, not only played a part in my misfortune, but many others, too. Removing the eyes meant that they were exactly that, animals who didn’t deserve to see the beauty around them that they destroyed daily.” I laugh at my own words. It’s crazy, I know, but I’m a rogue. And every rogue does something a little crazy every now and then.

“You can think I’m crazy for doing it, I won’t care. Every rogue has gone bat-shit nuts at some point in their life, but I used my crazy to rid this world of the sick people in it. Even if I had to become one of them in the process.” I look down to the floor, guilt flooding my system. “I just ask you not to blame Celeste for my wrong doings. I know she acts tough and mean, but she had to become that way to survive. For nearly five years she was a rogue with no one to protect her; not even me because she locked me away after she saw glimpses of what I did. She’s a good soul who just needs a little help bringing out that innocent side again.”

I’m basically begging as I look up into his eyes, watching every move he makes and every breathe he takes. He stands up from his desk and makes his way to me slowly, bending down on his knees when he gets in front of me. “Cat?” He lifts my head up when I look away from him. “You did what you could to protect my mate, so I won’t judge you for what you did. You two had a hard life. I actually kind of understand why you did it. Hopefully one day Celeste will be able to open up, just like you have, and tell me what exactly happened while she was a rogue so then I can protect her as well as you have. I just want what’s best for you guys and if that means dealing with a few crazy decisions as your baggage, then I’ll deal with it.”

He tells me sincerely, kissing my forehead at the end of his speech. The small action catching me by surprise as a smile tugs at my lips. “Thank you, Austin. You and Ezekiel will make a fine mate for us.”

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