The Devils Daughter

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A smile breaks across my face before a bubble of laughter escapes my throat. Zeke takes a small step backwards at my sudden intrusion to the quiet. “A d-demon?” My hysterics come to the point where I’m clutching my stomach, trying to catch my breath as a pain blossoms in the pit of my stomach. “You,” I draw in a deep breath, calming my racing heart before standing up straight to face my dear old grandpa. “You actually expect me to believe that?” I scoff, shaking my head slightly as I peer at my feet. “This has been nothing but a waste of my time. Find your own way out, I have more important matters.”

I turn to leave, reaching for the handle of the door when I’m thrown back, landing with a loud thud against a chair. “And why don’t you believe me little girl?” When I look up to Zeke, I see nothing but anger as he stares down at me. “I guess I know where I got my short temper.” I make an unladylike snort as I try to stand, only to find I can’t. I’m pinned to the chair by nothing but air.

“Let me go.” I growl out between clenched teeth, letting Cat surface. “Tell me why you think this is a joke!” He screams, bending down to my level. “Because it’s insane!” I yell back, my own anger rising. “How? How is it so insane?”

“It’s insane because demons don’t exist here! They only exist in the realm of the damned and they can’t escape.” I watch my eyes flash black through Zeke’s glassy one’s. Cat doesn’t like being so vulnerable. “You’ve done your research my girl.” He laughs lightly and the feeling returns to my body, my limbs no longer limp so I can move them. “Being a rogue, you have to know what’s out in the wild and what your threats are.” I mumble as I stand, shaking the stiffness from my arms and legs. Whatever magic he used to hold me down was powerful.

“Well, where-ever you got your information, it wasn’t that good of a source. You see, my dear child, only lower level demons are trapped in that realm. But us warriors were designed to be stronger. We had to be because we are the collectors of souls. We take the damned and drag them to hell when their time has come.” He smiles, his eyes set far off as he remembers his kills.

“There’s very few of us, Celeste. That’s why whenever we actually are seen or captured, no one can figure out what we are. There’s no books or stories of encounters with demons because the only time a person does come in contact with one, they end up dead less than 24 hours later.” I shudder at the thought of being one of them. Although, I guess I have lived up to the expectations of a demon. “That you have.” He stuffs his hands into his pockets while I look at him questionably. “How did you...?” I trail off, still a little weirded out. “I can read your mind, all demons can.”

“We can read people’s minds?” My voice is quiet like a mouse. “Yes, it’s what helps us take over a person’s head and learn their weakness’.” I nod my head, slowly taking in the information. “So, my mother, she was a demon?”

“Yes, she’s a full-blooded demon unlike you who is only half demon. So fair warning, your powers may not be as strong, and you might not even be able to do some things.”

“How do I figure out what I can and can’t do?” He walks behind me, grabbing his coat and sliding his slim arms through the sleeves. “I will be back in a week’s time to help you figure this all out, but for now I have business to take care of and you have a friend to talk to. I believe you call him your cousin; his name is Jack?” With one last friendly smile towards me, he vanishes into thin air. I’m left stunned as I stare where he was just standing.

I’m snapped out of my shock when a frantic Cal comes running in. “Cal? What’s wrong?” I hold on to his shoulders as he tries to catch his breath. “It’s Jack.” He pants out, having my anxiety spiking. “Did something happen? Is he okay?” I grow desperate and irritated when Cal doesn’t talk right away.

“H-He’s awake, Celeste. He’s awake and he’s asking for you.” With those last words I run out of the library with Cal trailing behind me. Time to get some answers.

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