The Devils Daughter

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Once I got to the pack hospital, I was told to head to the waiting room while the doctor’s check out Jack’s condition. He was moved to the pack two weeks ago when his body went into shock. After that, me and Cat decided witches weren’t the best person to take care of a werewolf.

“Luna?” My head snaps up at the doctor standing before me. “You can go see him now.” Following the doctor out of the small room and down intricate halls, I find myself standing in front of two large doors in the more private section of the hospital. Knocking lightly on the double doors, I enter when I hear a raspy voice whisper for me to come in. “Jack? It’s me.” I peek my head into the doors and smile brightly when I see Jack sitting in his hospital bed, trying to fiddle with the TV remote.

“Celeste, you’re okay.” He tosses the remote to the side, completely forgetting about it as he opens his arms up for a hug. I gladly rush over and bury myself into the ruff fabric of the hospital gown covering Jack’s shoulder. “I’m okay?” I chuckle lightly as I hold back un-shed tears. “You were in a car accident and placed in a coma for weeks. How can you be worried about me?”

Pulling back, I smile down at him before resting in a nearby chair. “You were kidnapped by Alpha Roman. Cal told us. We were on our back here when the car flipped.”

“He told you and Jake?” I turn my attention towards the witch who is slowly backing out of the room as we speak. “Why would you do that? You knew if they thought one of us was in trouble, they’d back track.” He holds his hands up in surrender as he begins to speak, but Jack cuts him off.

“Celeste, calm down. I called him and asked to see if you guys were safe. He was freaking out and I overheard his friend talking about their plans to get you back. Putting two and two together, I called everyone else and we planned to meet up in the forest.” Turning my glare on him, I stand up and make my way to the side of his bed.

“I told you, no stops, no distractions, and no contact with anyone until you are safe. You broke all three rules. Rules that I set-up to keep this from happening by the way.” I gesture to his cut and bruised form before plopping back down into my chair. “What is the big deal, Celeste? I got in a car accident, so what? I’m fine, Jake’s fine and everyone else is probably just sitting around waiting for us.”

I swallow a lump in my throat, exchanging a quick glance with Cal, I turn back to Jack. “You don’t remember?” His eyebrows scrunch together as he slowly shakes his head. “Jack,” I hold onto his hand, giving it a slight squeeze. “The car flipped because someone ran you off the road. Someone called an order out on everyone in the family.”

“Are they okay? Are they here too?” He stares at me intently. “I don’t know, Jack. When we got to the sight of the wreck’s, no one was there. We’ve been trying to track them, but someone covered their scents. We think they were kidnapped.”

“What about Jake? If they didn’t take me then they didn’t get him either, right?” I stare at him with sympathy, silently giving him his answer. “Why would they take him and not me? Why would they want to take any of us?”

“When the wreck happened, you didn’t have your seat-belt on and it caused you to fly out of your seat. You were tossed out of the car and into a field. I guess they didn’t see you or weren’t informed properly that there were two of you, but this can be a good thing. With you here, you can tell us everything from that day and maybe that’ll help us find a clue.”

“I don’t think I’ll be any help, I can’t remember much.” Jack looks down to his lap, his face scrunching up as he tries to remember something. “It’s too hard, Celeste.” He removes his hand from mine, rubbing his temples as I assume a headache is forming.

“Okay, it’s okay. We’ll get you some pain medication. I’ll just dim the lights, and then I’m going to need you to close your eyes and concentrate as hard as you can. Can you do that Jack?” He gives a quick nod and I send Cal off to find a doctor while I toned down the blaring white lights surrounding us.

Cal returned less than five minutes later with two tablets and a glass of water in hand. “Here you go, Jack.” Jack swallows the pills and gulps down the water. We talk for half an hour, waiting patiently for the pain killers to take effect before he closes his eyes and thinks intently about what happened.

“I-I can’t.” He huff’s out in annoyance, crossing his arms over his chest as he pouts like a child. “Okay, let’s try one more time. Relax.” I unfold his arms, laying them gently on his lap, his tense muscles relaxing slightly. “Close your eyes and think back to that day. What do you see?”

“The trees and the sun coming in through the windshield. The radio was playing soft rock while Jake was driving.” I give his hand a reassuring squeeze when he grabs mine. “We had been driving for three hours and Jake couldn’t relax. Neither of us could because we were worried about everyone.”

Jack’s voice begins to fade, and my vision begins to blur. I try to blink away the haze settling over my sight, but it just gets worse and before I can realize what’s happening, I’m sucked into some sort of memory.

A bump and the low hum of an engine catches my attention. Where am I? I was just at the pack. I sit up from the laying position I find myself in. I’m in the backseat of a car. Looking out the window, all I can see is trees surrounding me.

In the front sits Jake and Jack, both staring off, lost in their thoughts. Jake reaches over and shuts off the music that was playing, leaving us all in silence. “Jack? Where are we? How’d we get here?” I try to tap Jack’s shoulder, but my hand passes through him.

“Jake? Jack!? Can you hear me?” I call out frantically to the boys I consider my family. Neither of them answers; they just ignore me instead.

“We shouldn’t have left.” Jake breaks the silence. “What?” Jack snaps his head towards Jake. “We shouldn’t have left Celeste and Cal. What if something goes wrong? What if they capture Celeste and hurt Cal? Or kill him? What if-”

“No ‘what ifs’ Jake. Celeste made a decision that was for the best. We would’ve just gotten in the way.” Jack snaps at his twin, cutting off his argument. “Getting everyone out of there before a fight could break out was the best and safest idea she could’ve come up with.”

A deadly silence settles over the car after Jack’s outburst.

“Can we at least call Cal to see if they made it out okay?” Jake mumbles to his brother. “You know we aren’t to use our phones until we reach a safe location.”

“Using the phone one time in open territory won’t hurt, Jack. Nothing bad will happen.” He reasons, Jack’s strict facade cracking as he thinks about Jake’s words. “Fine, one time. That’s it.”

With that Jack slipped a phone from his back pocket before dialing what I assume is Cal’s number. “Hey Cal, is everything okay over there?” All that can be heard on the other line is arguing. “Cal?” Jack tries one more time, catching the witch’s attention.

“What Jack? I’m busy.” You can hear the stress in Cal’s voice as he releases a heavy sigh. “Cal! Hang up the phone and help us figure out a plan to get her back!” The shout of what I think is Cal’s friend Zack comes from the background. “Cal what is he talking about? Did something happen?” Jack asks, catching Jake’s attention as well.

“Everything’s fine, just get to the safe house.” From the tone in Cal’s voice you can tell he’s about to hang up and I’m guessing Jack knew that too. “Don’t you hang up on me you sneaky little witch. Austin got Celeste, didn’t he?” There’s nothing but silence on the other end, confirming Jack’s thoughts.

With that in mind he growled out lowly and ended the call. “Austin got her.” Jake’s grip tightens on the steering wheel. “Give me the phone.” He says, holding out his hand to his brother. “What are you going to do?”

“Stop asking questions and just give me the phone, Jack.” Jake demands, his tone harsher. Jack complies, placing the small phone in his large hand. Jake presses a few buttons before holding the device to his ear.

“Crowley, Warren? Celeste was captured. Jack and I are going back to help Cal get her back. Meet us in the woods where we burned down the cabin if you want to help.” With that quick sentence, Jake ended the group call, giving the phone back to Jack.

“We’re going back?” Jack questions only to be met with silence.

We’ve been driving for over an hour now, Jack and Jake have just been discussing what their plan will be. “So, it’s settled. We’ll distract Austin while you and Crowley break in and find Celeste?” Jack called out into the phone’s speaker. He was currently talking to Warren. “Yes, and Cal will be talking to us through a blue-tooth speaker in our ears. He’ll be conducting a tracking spell to tell us exactly where she is.” Warren replied. “Okay, we’ll see you in two hours.” They said a quick goodbye before ending the call.

Jack puts the phone on the center console and turns to his brother. His eyebrows scrunching together when he sees how tense his brother is. “What’s wrong Jake?”

Jake’s gaze focuses on the rear-view mirror then back to the road. “That car has been following us for the last half hour.” I turn my attention to the black SUV behind us when I register Jake’s words. “Can you lose them?” Jack turns his attention back to his brother. “I’ve been trying to.”

“Well speed up. There should be a dirt road half a mile away on the right. Turn there and then take a left.” Jack informs his brother who follows his directions, his foot pressing down on the gas. “They’re gaining on us.” Jack calls out, his focus switching from his brother to the car behind us.

“The glove compartment opens the glove compartment. I hid a pistol in there.” Jack complies, digging around, tossing papers and trash before finding what he was looking for. “Now roll down the window and try to shoot out their tires.” Jake turns onto the dirt road, the SUV following as Jack tries his best to shoot the car bumping into them.

“I can’t hit them. You know I have shitty aim!” Jack grows frustrated as he pulls his body back into the vehicle. “Damn it! I told you to practice!” Before any of them can argue further, the SUV rams into the rear of Jake’s car causing him to lose control and sending them reeling into a ditch.

Time begins to slow as I watch Jack crash through the windshield, Jake trying to grab onto him before he’s slammed into the steering wheel. Then I blink and I’m standing in a field next to Jack’s limp form. My vision begins to blur and a pain shoots through the back of my head. I’m feeling Jack’s pain.

“Jake...” He calls out softly as the SUV comes to a stop. Four men piling out covered in army gear. “Alpha? We traced the call. J.Albin has been acquired. Reporting back to base now.” The tallest man from the car reports into a phone while the other three drag Jake out of the wreck and set him in the trunk. “Good work Sergeant. Report if there’s any problems, see you in thirty.” A raspy voice replies to the Sergeant. Before I can see anything else my vision begins to blur again, and my feet begin to sway.

Then I fell down, my vision going black.

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