The Devils Daughter

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Do any of you have that one person who, no matter how alone you are, whenever they’re around, you feel complete? Like they bring meaning to your terrible life?

Well that person for me is Crowley. A wolf who, back in the day, saved my life. I visit him whenever I’m near. He has a nice little cabin up in some mountains with the best view.

I met Crowley when I was seventeen. He was the first wolf in nearly two years who actually had the balls to fight me. That’s what sort of got our friendship going, but what really got us together, was when an Alpha jumped me. Crowley was passing by and after recognizing me as the fiery little beast who kicked his ass, he stepped in to help.

He was a mischievous man who loved messing with people. Well, that was before he met his mate. Now, he’s a nice man with two daughters. After all these years, he’s like a brother to me.

There are a few other wolves I’ve bonded with, too. Some have grown to be my family while others are more like those distant cousins you hate but are forced to be nice to during holidays.

Now, family is very important to me after what happened with my parents. I only choose the most loyal people to be my family. If someone messes with one of us, they mess with all of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the lone wolf you read about in the previous chapter. I travel on my own and fend for myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t visit my family whenever I get the chance or come down when I get a call from one of them asking for help. Like right now. I’m currently sitting in Crowley’s cabin with the rest of my family because some pack decided to take away a family member of mine.

Crowley’s wife, Anne, called me two days ago about her husband going missing after he went hunting to catch a meal for his family. When I had arrived at the house, I had to listen to his five-year-old daughters as they cried and begged to see their dad.

A few hours later, the rest of the family arrived.

The twins, Jack and Jake being like my crazy uncle’s, came down from Michigan. Sylvia and Warren being like the parents I never had, came from California with their three kids, Andy, Kelly, and, Tommy. All their kids around the same age as me.

The seven of us are planning an attack on the pack who took our brother. Only problem is the idiot went and got kidnapped from the Roman Pack, also known as the largest pack in America.

We all knew even attempting to take a step into that pack would be the craziest idea ever, but we’re rogues. We’re crazy.

Anne wanted to come with us, wanted revenge on the people who had kept her mate captive for the last four days, but one look at her broken little girls and she knew she couldn’t.

After reassuring the girls and her mother that I’d get their father back, we left. Shifting into our wolves with our backpacks dangling from our slobbery jaws.

It didn’t take long to get to the pack territory line. Only an hour. Crowley must’ve been chasing a deer and accidentally ran onto their land.

We shift outside their territory, changing into our extra clothes before continuing with our plan. I give a nod to Jack and Jake, signaling them to begin. We all step over the territory line at the same time, covering our scent with Jack’s, making it seem like there’s only one rogue trespassing.

We’ve used this trick many times on other packs when we broke in. The twins walk ahead, making the guards come forth to see what’s going on. Since they’ll think there’s only one person, the twins will use their looks to trick them into thinking they’re in two places at once.

That’ll make it nearly impossible to catch them.

Next, me and the rest of the family, besides Kelly, since she’s the baby of the family, will head towards the cells. Kelly will watch over the twins and make sure they don’t get hurt.

Once we’re at the cells, we wait for guard rotation, which is traditionally every fifteen minutes. Then we head inside while we have the slim chance of no one standing guard. Tommy staying back to tell us when we can come back out.

It doesn’t take long for us to find Crowley, but the condition we find him in has us freezing for a few seconds. He’s all bruised and cut up; silver chains wrapped around his wrists as he dangles from the ceiling. I growl in anger at the sight of my brother. My wolf surfaces as my eyes slowly bleed from my gorgeous striking red, to that endless puddle of black.

Without a care to my own safety, I wrap my hand around the silver shackles, the smell of burnt flesh becoming prominent before I yank with all my strength. “Are you okay?” Sylvia asks, looking at my hands as Andy and Warren catch Crowley before he hits the floor.

“I’m fine Mama, I’ve dealt with much worse.” I shrug off my worried mother, helping carry Crowley through the cells. Tommy gives us the ‘okay’ to slip out of the dungeons before I have Warren shift so he can carry Crowley on his back.

Soon we’re all running back to the end of the territory, Jack, Jake, and Cat joining in our run from the guards as we pass them. Then suddenly my family starts falling. It happens in a flash, two wolves come out of nowhere, taking down Jack and Kelly, making Sylvia stop as she tries to go to her child who is thrashing on the floor, trying to escape.

I grab onto her as she tries to attack the guard, pushing the aging woman behind me. “Go mama! Help Warren get Crowley home. We’ll deal with this.” Sylvia cries, reaching out to her daughter who was now standing with a silver blade pressed to her throat. She takes a second, her gaze shifting from her daughter to me. With a stiff nod of her head, she goes running off with her husband and Crowley. Jake, Tommy, and Andy staying behind with me.

“Give me back my sister and Uncle, and we will leave peacefully, no one will die.” I stand in front of the three boys on instinct. The guards just laugh. “You really think we’re going to let Celeste Middleton, the rogue who has been terrorizing packs for the last seven years, leave?”

They draw a little blood on Kelly’s neck, making me clench my hands into fists as my wolf tries to take control again. “If you want me, you can have me. Let my family go, they’re innocent.” I negotiate. I’m not too worried about myself. I’ve been caught by packs before and I always escape.

“We all know as soon as I let them go, you’ll kill us. They’ll be set free when the Alpha gets here.” The tall man explains, pushing the dagger deeper into her throat, making my anger go over the edge.

My wolf takes control of my human form as I run at the guards, my brothers following behind me. Before the first guard can even react, I snatch the blade away from Kelly’s throat and push her towards Tommy. “Go!” I yell at him as I grip onto the guard’s neck.

“You were going to kill her and she’s only fifteen. She’s an innocent kid.” I growl at the guard, lifting him a little off the ground, squeezing harder on his neck. It’s not long before he’s unconscious and I decide to just toss him aside. After, I quickly run to my brothers to help with the rest of the guards.

More guards kept appearing out of nowhere, just rushing at us as we tried to fight them off until a loud voice booms around us all, making us freeze. “Enough!” The mystery man called, power radiating from his voice. That’s when I realized he was the Alpha.

The guards stood up straighter, keeping their eyes trained on us as me and my brothers stood in a defensive circle.

A few seconds later, guards begin to clear a path as a tall, muscular man with black hair and green eyes steps towards us. Our eyes connect and my whole world freezes. The word mate repeating like venom in my head as my wolf snarls. We didn’t want a mate.

“No one lays a hand on any of them.” The man who I know as Alpha Austin Roman calls out angrily, his eyes never leaving mine. “Celeste,” Jack says slowly, realizing what’s happening as he places his hand on my shoulder, pulling me towards him, which earns him a growl from the Alpha. “We need to leave now.” He whispers closer to my ear as I give a curt nod, agreeing with him.

“She is not going anywhere so get your hands off my mate." He growls, Jack’s grip on my shoulder never wavering as I growl back at the Alpha. This catches everyone by surprise. “You will not talk to my family like that.”

I take a step towards Alpha Roman, only to be pulled flat against my Uncle’s chest. “We’re leaving. Tell your men to clear a path.” I call out to him, but he doesn’t speak. His eyes fog over, giving me a hint at what he’s about to do.

Just as suspected, he mind-linked his guards to try and grab me, but I was faster than any of them. I lunged out of the way, dragging my brothers down with me as we land away from them. I ended up grabbing a silver dagger in the process.

I hold the knife up to my throat; a slight burning feeling making its presence known as I press a little too hard. Roman’s eyes widen a little as he moves towards me. “Stay back! Unless you want me to slit my own throat, you’ll clear a path. We all know what happens to an Alpha when their mate dies, Roman.” I hiss at him, making him stop his advances towards me.

“You wouldn’t.” He growls, but I only smile mischievously at him, making a cut on the side before raising my brow at him, daring him to question me.

“Clear a path and let them through.” He forces the words out. “Jake, shift and make sure the rest of you get home safely, I’ll be right behind you.” My eyes never leave Roman’s as I speak to the boys behind me. The sounds of clothes ripping is heard and then the sound of paws running off in the opposite direction.

Once I know they’ve past the border, I shift and run, catching up to them before anyone can stop me.

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