The Devils Daughter

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“What’s going on?” I question as I burst through the E.R. doors. I was on my over here when I got a call from Cal.

Five minutes earlier...

“Have the warriors found anything on Jack’s car?” I ask Aston as he walks beside me. “No sir, something is covering up the scent of whoever did this. Some of the warriors did find tire tracks and a nearby traffic camera. We’re working off of that for now.”

“Good, call if you find anything.” Dismissing my beta, I resume my walk around pack territory and to the doctors. Saying a few hellos and playing with a few of the pups, my phone goes off.

“Cal?” I answer gruffly; I’m not really fond of the witch but Celeste likes him, so he has to stay. “Austin! Good. Something is up with Celeste so get your ass over here now.” With that said, he hung up. Staring at my phone, stunned, I slowly put it back in my pocket.

Then everything sets in and I bolt. Making my way across lawns and pass families, I run as fast as I can.


"Where is she? Where is Celeste?” I ask as I approach the front desk. “Who, Alpha Roman?” The small blonde questions. “Celeste, your Luna. She was here to visit a Mr. Albin.” She flips through a visitors list at the urgency in my voice. “Third floor sir, first room on the right.”

Saying a quick thank you, I make my way towards the elevators. After repeatedly pushing the third-floor button the doors closed and took me up at an antagonizing slow pace. I tapped my foot constantly in worry as I tried to stay calm.

The small beep of the elevator echoes around the tiny cube, signaling the arrival of my floor. Squeezing out of the half way open doors, I head straight towards the door to my right. “Cal? What’s going on.” I ask as I take note of the scene in front of me. Celeste is in a chair next to Jack; both just sitting and staring off into space.

“I don’t know! We were talking to Jack about what happened when they just froze. I called you when I couldn’t snap them out of it.” I walk slowly towards Celeste, snapping my fingers in her face when she doesn’t blink. “Their eyes are clouded over. Kind of like when we talk to our wolves or mind link.” I stand up, rubbing the stubble on my chin in thought. “Have the doctors came yet and assessed their condition.”

“I didn’t call any doctors in, you’re the first person I called.” I let out a loud puff of air while mentally counting to ten to stay calm. “And why in the hell would you not get a doctor in here as soon as something went wrong?”

“Because if doctors start running tests on Celeste, they’re going to figure out she’s not full-blooded wolf. And I’m assuming going around letting everyone know your mate is part demon isn’t something you want to do, considering your packs history with one not too long ago.”

“Shit.” Running my hand through my hair, I close the bedroom door and begin to pace the room. “What are we going to do? I mean hardly anyone besides the pack’s council knows about that demon who attacked our hunter, but the council’s opinion is the only one that actually matters. If they found out about her heritage, no matter if she’s the Luna or not, they’ll send her to the Royal Kingdom for experimentation.”

“Seriously? They’d send her to the Royals?” Cal scoffs in disbelief at my words. “Yes, the fucking royals. Anything to figure some rare species weaknesses.”

“Oh, don’t worry Mr. Roman. No one will be harming my granddaughter, not on my watch.” I spin quickly on my heels to see a relaxed looking Zeke standing next to Celeste, assessing her. “What’s wrong with her Zeke?” I growl out lowly, slapping his hand away from Celeste’s head.

“She’s in this one’s memories.” He says pointing towards Jack. “How long has she been like this?” Zeke questions Cal, and I give him a small nod to tell him. “About fifteen minutes, maybe a little longer.” Zeke smiles at the news given to him. “Well, either she is one extraordinary demon, or this is not her first time entering someone’s memories.”

“What do you mean ‘not her first time?’ Don’t you think she’d remember doing something like this?” I question. “If she’s lasting this long in someone’s memories without passing out or dying, she’s done it before. Probably multiple times. And as for remembering, going through a person’s memory, it puts you in a dream like state. If she doesn’t know what she’s doing, then that’s all she will think it is; a dream.”

“Then how do we wake her from this dream state?” I ask quickly. “You can’t. She has to come out of it herself.” As he finishes statement, he plops down on to an overstuffed waiting chair and pulls out a magazine from a little basket. “So, we just sit here while they’re all frozen? They’re not even blinking!”

“Correct my dear boy; sit and wait.” Taking a look towards Celeste, I grab myself a chair and pull it in front of Zeke. “So, why isn’t she blinking? Or even breathing for that matter?” I ask quietly, eyeing Celeste. No movement insight. “When we stare into another’s memories, our bodies freeze. Like so.” He gestures lightly towards my mate a few feet away. “Our bodies freeze because our hearts stop as our souls have to travel into the others body, kind of like possession, in order to actually see what we need. Since our souls have to leave our bodies, we have the ability to freeze our bodies and organs to keep everything from shutting down.”

I nod slowly, taking in all the information just given to me. “We will talk about this more when my granddaughter wakes up. For now, we just wait.” With that said he crosses his leg and straightens out the magazine to cover his face.

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