The Devils Daughter

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“I’m going to ask one more time; why did I just have a fucking seizure?” I yell for the second time. The only thing they’ve told me so far is that I had a small seizure. No one has said another word for the last ten minutes. Cal’s just been standing in a corner, fiddling with his thumbs while my dear grandpa and mate won’t stop staring at me. “Celeste, why don’t you calm down and take a seat?” Austin suggest while also pulling a chair up.

“I’ll calm down when someone, preferably the man who calls himself my grandfather, tells me what the hell is going on.” I turn my glare onto Zeke. “Answer me this first, have you ever blacked out before?” He questions, dusting off invisible specks of dirt from his shirt.

“Of course, I’ve blacked out before. I black out after fights, when Cat takes full control, and when I seize. So now will you tell me why I just had a seizure for the first time in years?” I call out, throwing my arms up in the air out of frustration.

“So, this has happened before?” I growl when Zeke asks another question instead of just answering mine. “Yes, it’s happened before. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was six years old, but when I was 10 a witch found me during an episode and took me to her hut to cure me. She put up some sort of spell to block them. I haven’t had one since.”

“Wait, grandma Zaria? That’s how you guys met?” Cal asks. “Yeah, I lived with her for a few months and that’s when I met you.” I smile fondly at the memory of a chubby little Cal screaming when he first saw a werewolf. It took me years to get him to stop calling me his new puppy. “Good to know,puppy.” He smirks while I scowl. It seems I’m not the only one who was remembering that day.

“Now will someone explain why it happened again?” I almost plead with them. “The spell must’ve broken when your soul entered your body wrong, forcing a seizure.”

“Whoa, hold up there old dude. What do you mean when my soul entered my body? It left?” Zeke shrugs indifferently like nothing’s happened while my eyes just bug out of my head ready to explode. “What hell did you do to me?” I screech.

“Nothing, you just simply used your gifts wrong.” He stays calm. “What bloody gifts are you talking about? The mind trick thingy?” He nods although he clearly doesn’t find my choice of words amusing. “You looked into Jack’s memories to find what you needed. What did you see, darling?” He leans forward as if he’s about to receive the newest bit of juicy gossip.

“I-I saw the twins.” I say slowly, the thing I believed to be a dream coming back to me. “We were in their car and they were worried about me and Cal, they thought something might’ve gone wrong with our escape plan.” I look over to Cal and then to Austin. He doesn’t seem very happy about having to remember I tried to run from him.

“After some persuading from Jake, Jack called Cal. It was so weird, I could hear everything Jack could,seeeverything he could.” I peek over at Jacks limp body as he sleeps peacefully. “That’s because you were him. When we enter a person’s memories, we see everything from their angle.” Zeke stands next to me and rests his hand against my shoulder in a way to comfort me.

“What else happened Celeste?” Austin speaks. “Uh, Cal... tried to...” I wrack my brain searching through my head for my dream. Finally, it comes back to me and I open my eyes to speak. “He tried to play it off like everything was fine when Jack asked for an update on the situation. He had believed Cal until he heard his friends talking in the background about how they were going to rescue me.”

“She’s right, he freaked and said he was coming back to help. He hung up after that.” Cal nods slowly, agreeing with my words. “Then?” Zeke asks now.

“Then, he told Jake what happened, and they called up the rest of the family, made a plan to meet up and help. They were about half way back to the forest where Austin took me when they noticed a car following behind them. A black SUV. They tried to ditch them by turning onto a dirt road, but it didn’t work. So, then they tried and failed to shoot out the SUV’s tires. That’s when those people who took them rammed into their bumper and caused them to flip.”

I swallow a lump in my throat as my eyes start to sting from the tears building up. The thought that everyone in my family had to go through this, and probably even worse things currently. “Jack was thrown out of the windshield because he didn’t have his seat-belt on.” My voice cracks and I take a deep breath to try and collect myself. “He was awake long enough for me to see armed men climb out of the car and drag his unconscious brother to the trunk where they tied him up and tossed him in like he was nothing.” I growl out in anger as the image of Jake’s body getting tossed around plays in my head.

“Celeste calm down, we’ll find out who did this.” Austin whispers as he grips my hand in his. “Is there anything else?” He asks quietly. I quickly nod, “Yes, one more thing. A man, their leader or their leaders second in command. He had a phone and was talking to a man who referred to as ′Alpha. ′ He was reporting back to him about the capture of J. Albin. I guess they didn’t know there weretwo J. Albin’s that needed capturing. From the talk between them it seems they tracked everyone through Jacks phone when he placed a call to Warren and Crowley.”

“So obviously they know who your family is and what they mean to you. There’s no way they just snatched them all by random selection, especially if they purposely traced their calls.” Austin speaks first. “And we already figured out it’s someone who holds a grudge against you. What if they were trying to catch you, but failed and caught your family instead? Decided to use them as leverage to lure you to them?” Cal asks. I’m about to agree with his theory when Zeke calls for our attention.

“Wait a second, who exactly are these people and why are you calling them your family? Are they wolves from your father’s side?”

“No, they are wolves I found while fending for myself in the wild. You know after my family abandoned me? These wolves are my true family, the ones who care for me and protect me. They’re all I’ve ever had.”

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