The Devils Daughter

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After Celeste, Austin, Cal, and I’s talk, we went to the pack house to get some sleep. Cal decided to stay behind to keep an eye on Jack. Now me and Celeste are at the training area talking to the warriors.

A look of determination rests on Celeste’s face as she speaks with the head warrior about the latest updates regarding her ‘family’.

The thought of my granddaughter forced to live on her own and blindly place her trust in strangers at such a young age has my inner demon roaring in anger. Though I am very grateful for her to have foundsomeone to call family since my own daughter just ditched her after treating her like trash for seven years.

And my daughter, I can’t even think about her without a sense of disappointment flooding me. All throughout her life she’s always been a pain, but I figured she’d stop being her ruthless self once she found her soulmate and made a family, and that’s saying a lot considering we’re demons. We were created for mischief.

For a while my hopes came true, but then she cut all contact with me and hid herself so I couldn’t keep an eye on her. This was over thirty years ago. During the time I was on earth doing my job of taking souls and making deals, I searched for her. That’s when I caught wind of the infamousAngel of Death, A.K.A my granddaughter Celeste.

Once I started looking into the history of the Angel of death, I tracked her back to my daughter Lilith, her mom. Before I could properly skin her alive and then put her back together to do it again, she fled using some new tricks. I’ve been trying to track her down,again, but it’s much harder to do without any leads.

“Zeke?” Celeste turns towards me when the warrior leaves. “Yes darling?” I ask, snapping from my thoughts about my daughter. “Do you think you could help me with something?” She asks, exhaustion showing through her angry facade. “Of course, Celeste, anything my granddaughter.” I say enthusiastically. “Good, follow me.”

Me and Celeste make our way across the main lawn, one of Austin’s body guards trying and failing to discretely follow behind us. Although I’m not sure Celeste has noticed, I guess she trusts the people within this pack.

“All they could find was a bit of blood on the driver side window. They ran it through a system, but nothing came up.” She speaks up, entering into some sort of lab. “Since we couldn’t connect it to anyone, we knew it had to be from a criminal who works for the people who kidnapped my family. They’re most likely working in exchange for getting their record erased. Which also tells us his leader is one of high authority and riches.”

“So, what would you like me to do?” I peek around the high-tech lab, everything impeccably clean and white. “Well you’re a demon of high power, I’m guessing, since you said our family are warriors to the devil. I figured maybe you could find something or track down who’s blood this is.”

She picks up the glass slide with the blood sample and hands it to me. “You’re quite smart Celeste. Yes, if he is dead or alive, I can find out who he is, I promise you that.” I give her a reassuring smile before saying goodbye and heading out to find the criminal causing my granddaughter pain.


Zeke said goodbye and then in a blink of an eye, disappeared. My phone rings, cutting into the silence. Cal’s name displays across the screen, so I answer. “Hey, Jack’s being released soon. I need you here to show him where he’s staying.”

“Okay I’ll be on my way, thank you for staying up all night to keep an eye on him. I’ll bring you some coffee.” He says a quick thank you before hanging up.

I chuckle lightly before making my way out of the expensive, colorless lab. Making sure to stop by the pack house kitchen for a cup of coffee, I start making my way to the pack hospital.

“Celeste! My little baby wolfy!” Jack squeals as I enter his room. “Don’t mind him, he’s just hopped up on pain killers and doesn’t really know what he’s saying.” Cal laughs as he stands up to grab his coffee. “Why did he need pain killers?”

“He had a really bad headache. I alerted the nurses only to find out this poor boy has a nasty concussion. He’s still cleared to leave as long as he doesn’t exert himself too much and someone keeps an eye on him until his next checkup. That’s in two weeks.” He takes a big gulp of his coffee while I puff out my cheeks in thought.

“Oh my gosh, my wolfy has turned into a chipmunk.” Jack laughs loudly while my face falls flat in irritation. “Can I still smack him upside the head when he’s being annoying?” I turn to Cal. “Nope.” He pops the p. “He’s to be-careful not to hit is head for at least a few weeks.”

“Great.” I mumble before moving to sit next to his hospital bed. “This is going to be a long couple weeks then.”

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