The Devils Daughter

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“We have an update!” I call out into Austin’s office as I walk in. Cal, Jack, Aston, Vance, and Zeke turning to look at me as the door bursts open. “We’ve discovered that there is a mole in the pack. They’ve been feeding the kidnappers information like my whereabouts and probably our progress on the case.”

“Wait, hold up.” Austin stands from his chair causing everyone’s heads to turn towards him. “I thought we agreed last night that one of your family members gave up your location.” Cal turns his head towards me and starts wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. “We’ll be talking later.” He whispers before tuning back into the discussion at hand.

“No, I told you my family would never have done that.” I cross my arms, slightly angered at the suggestion of my family’s betrayal. “Well if they’re being tortured like we’ve guessed then yeah, they would’ve.”

“What makes you think the kidnappers didn’t offer some kind of deal to your weakest link to get them to talk?” He scoffs. “There is no spy in my pack, they’re loyal.”

“Well so is my family.” I step forward, a low growl coming from my clenched teeth. “No one would betray me for any sort of deal. Torture on the other hand would probably break your family’s loyalty. So, they gave you away.” He steps out from behind his desk, trying to show dominance.

“They’ve all been put through all kinds of torture and never have they cracked. They’re rogues remember? Unlike your pampered pack members who half have never even seen silver before. Trust me, they’d be the ones to break someone’s trust long before any of my family did.” I turn to leave, but Austin’s hand grabs hold of my arm preventing me from moving.

“Those ‘pampered pack members’ aremy family, so I’d be careful with what you say.” He whispers low into my ear before he’s shoved back by Cal. Zeke and Jack coming up next to him. “Calm down Austin, you don’t want to do something you’ll regret.” Jack warns while I rub the soreness from my red arm.

“Maybe you’re the one I shouldn’t trust, Alpha." With that said I leave, everyone but Aston and Vance following behind me.


“What the hell man?” Is the first thing I hear before someone slaps the back of my head. I rub the sore spot and glare at an angry Aston and Vance. “You just hurt your mate, our Luna, and probably put a hold on your relationship.” Aston goes to smack me again when I grab hold of his wrist.

“I’m her Alpha and she was disrespecting me. She needed to be reprimanded.” I push his arm back down to his side. “You’re not her alpha, you’re her equal. Even if you were, she’s not in the pack yet so you have no rule over her.”

“She’s on my land.” I argue back. “It’s both of your land.” Vance chimes in. “But you don’t need me to tell you that when you have Aston so if you’ll excuse me, I have a Luna to talk to.” With that he leaves the room leaving me with Aston.


I storm off to my room, my only remaining family members right behind me. I slam open the door before heading straight to my desk. “I was wrong.” I call out as I gather all my papers on the man Rodriguez. “We can’t trust Austin to help. It was stupid of me to think it would work.” I mumble the last part to myself.

Turning around I find a pouting Cal, a confused Jack, and a excited Zeke. “What?” I ask all three.

“You don’t have faith in your mate?” Cal asks. “What’s happening?” Is Jack’s question and finally Zeke. “Where are we going?” Looks like he’s the only one who gets what I’m saying.

“No Cal, I don’t have faith in my mate.
It was stupid to think he’d actually be helpful. We’re leaving the pack territory, Jack. And we’re looking for our family on our own. As for your question Zeke, I was hoping you knew of a place to stay.” I turn to each person as I answer their questions. Cal’s face falls completely while Jack looks completely cool with what’s happening. “I know a place Celeste; just pack your bags and I’ll take you there. We’ll be packing our own.” Zeke shoos out Cal and Jack before closing the door behind himself.

Huffing out a puff of air, I get started on packing the essentials. A knock sounding at my door when I’m half way done. “Come in.” I call thinking it’s Zeke. “Luna, what’s going on?” Turning around I see Austins gamma, Vance, instead of my grandfather. “I’m leaving with Zeke tonight.” I resume my packing.

“Why? Is something wrong?” He shuts my bedroom door and walks into my line of sight. “Yes, your Alpha is a hot-headed ass who doesn’t understand that rogues work differently than a pack. We’re more loyal.”

He takes a seat on my bed, pulling me down to sit next to him. “How are they more loyal?” He asks, giving me his full attention. I shove myself off the bed and continue to pack my belongings while I speak.

“When a rogue puts their faith in someone completely, they won’t ever betray them. Their trust in that person is all they have to rely on, no pack, no warriors or Alpha to protect them. Just those few people they know will have their back until they breathe their final breath.” I shut my suitcase and zip it up before turning to him. “You should know that, you were a rogue once, too.”

“I was a long time ago, but I was never lucky enough to put my trust in someone like that. Hell, it took me a year to fully trust Austin and his pack after everything I went through. But because of his kindness, I’d never betray him, and I know everyone else in this pack feels the same.”

“He hasn’t showed kindness to his pack in years. After what he’s been putting them through for not having a mate by his side, I have no doubt it’s someone here.” With that said, Zeke comes in with his case packed. “We’re waiting outside for you.” I give him a curt nod before turning back to Vance. “When will you be back?” He asks.

“I don’t know. When will I be able to trust Austin?”

“I don’t know.” He whispers back, sadness lacing his voice. “Be safe.”

“You’re not going to stop me?” I grow confused as he hands me my suitcase. “I want to, but you are being away for a bit while Austin tries to figure out how to be a mate might be the best thing for now. Just promise you’ll come back before Austin finds you and drags you back.” He chuckles at the last part and I give him a grateful smile before pulling him into a hug.

“Of course, I will. He’s my mate, I can’t leave home for long. Besides, you still have to teach me about best friends.” I pull away from him and turn to leave. Vance stops me after one step. “Just to warn you, I mind-linked Austin and told him to come.”

“Why? I thought you were letting me leave?” My hope deflates as I look at him. “I am but what kind of gamma would I be if I didn’t at least warn my Alpha?” He laughs lightly before gently pushing me towards Zeke. “Now go, he’s only a few turns away.”

I run off into the hall with Zeke while waving goodbye to Vance. “So how are we leaving?” I ask the group.

Zeke gives a sly smile before a red flame appears floating above his palm and those black intricate designs encase his skin. “By demon magic of course.” With that sentence said, the flame engulfs us, and we disappear from the pack house only to reappear in the living room of a rather large mansion.

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