The Devils Daughter

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Walking around Zeke’s house, I find it quite intriguing. Old relics are placed around the house, some going back thousands of years. I study them as I think of all my enemies, I need to remember who that scar belongs to.

The muffled sound of voices echoes from the kitchen, the guards have come in for lunch. Jake must’ve invited them in.

Entering a large library, I look in awe at all the books. Running my finger along the spines, I brush the dust off my finger that collected. These books haven’t been used in years, poor things. They’re just sitting here, dying to be read by someone, to serve their purpose.

I stop by a blank wall, my ears twitch as I hear the light whistle of a draft. I turn to face the wall directly. This is where the noise is coming from, how? I bend down and hold my hand a few inches away from the bottom. There’s a slight breeze coming through.

“A secret passage?” I mumble to myself and stand. I push on the wall to see if it’ll open, it doesn’t. Instead I turn to the two artifacts sitting on each side of the wall. They’re each a bust of some random old dude I’ve never seen before.

I try the left one first for some sort of button to open the door, but there’s nothing so I move to the right one. Feeling around I find that the head lifts up and a red button lays underneath.

Oh my god, Zeke’s batman!

I think to myself but shake the thought from my head and focus on the task at hand. I push down the button and place the head back in place before walking into the secret room.

Lights flood the room as I step in, must be motion activated. “Whoa...” I whisper as I turn around in a circle slowly. The whole room is filled with all kinds of weapons from different eras.

Once I’ve walked a complete circle, I stop. My gaze landing on a mighty silver sword with carvings of enochian words going up and down the sides. It was beautiful and I couldn’t stop looking.

I begin to walk forward, the sword calling me to it, drawing me closer and closer. I stop once I’m in front of the glass case that holds the giant sword.

Taking a second to think on if I should touch it, all I can tell myself is yes. So that’s what I do, I open the case and pick the mighty sword off its mantle on the wall.

Power surges through me and the sword begins to glow a blinding light before it engulfs itself in blue flames. But the flames don’t harm the relic, it just surrounds the silver metal. It’s the flaming sword. How? It was supposed to be a myth.

“Impossible.” Comes the quiet voice of my grandfather behind me. I turn to look at him only to see he’s bowed onto his knees, his head towards the ground.

Looking back at the sword in hand, I notice intricate designs begin to form up my arms just like Zeke’s’. “What’s happening? This sword isn’t supposed to exist.”

He stays quiet and I grow angry, or rather my demon grows angry. It’s been showing more and more lately, ever since Zeke started teaching me how to control it. “Answer me!” I call while taking a threatening step forward. “You’re of angel blood, Celeste. You share the blood of the devil, that is his sword. You are the heiress to hell.”

“The heiress to hell? What the actual fuck is that supposed to mean?” I growl in distaste and drop the sword. “Every thousand years the devil chooses one special demon of high power to become a part of an elite army. It is said he wished to choose a demon child to share his blood with, too. A child to become like his own. That child would be forced to learn the hardships of life until it is finally ready to fulfill its destiny. The destiny begins once the child finds its way to the flaming sword.”

“Why do you have the sword?” He finally stands since my anger has subsided. “I was chosen to guard it until the demon child came.”

“Why would thedevil have an interest inme?” I’m no one, nothing. Just a werewolf demon who wants to save her family.“Wow, that thought sounded a little crazy.” Cat chimes in before going back to the dark corner of my mind.

“Uh, I don’t know, maybe because you’re a soul killer demon who also has the blood of a demon warrior in her genes?” He says in a duh tone before rolling his eyes. “Now pick up the sword Celeste.” He demands.

“No, you pick it up. I want nothing to do with that thing!” I back away. “I can’t. Once the sword has found its owner it will sear the flesh of anyone or anything that tries to hold it.” I look from the sword to him and then back to the sword. “Fine.” I grumble angrily and bend down to pick it up.

Once the hilt is in my hand the sword begins to glow again, only brighter. The designs spread up my arms once again and disappear under the sleeves of my shirt. A burning feeling begins to crawl up my back. It starts off light, hardly there, until it becomes more prominent and I’m falling to my knees in pain.

I scream rips from my throat that has everyone in the house come rushing to me. Zeke holds them back when they try to step forward to help. “Stop!” He calls. “The sword is branding her as its owner.” I hear one of the guards say they’re calling Austin before two sets of feet retreat.

A few minutes later the pain subsides, leaving me drenched in sweat and panting. “What just happened?” My voice cracks and becomes sore as I try to speak. “Let me see your back.” Is all Zeke says back. I do as I’m told, and a gasp is heard from Cal. “What?” My voice comes out a little better than before.

No one answers, instead the sound of a phone’s camera going off is heard before Jake is holding his phone out in front of me. There is what looks to be a tattoo of angel wings that cover up some of the scars on my back, most are still visible though considering the middle part of my back has no part of the tattoo covering it.

“Is that going to be there forever?” I turn to Zeke. “Yes, but unlike the design on your arms, it won’t disappear, and everyone will see it, not just demons.” I nod slightly, showing I understand before I stand with the sword in hand. “Austin is on his way,” One of the guards comes back into the room. “And he’s pissed.”


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