The Devils Daughter

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“Where is she?!” Comes the loud voice of my oh so lovely mate. I growl out in annoyance before motioning for Jake to help me off the floor. Once he makes his way towards me, I drop the sword still resting in my hand.

I wince a little at the rawness and pain in my back as he lifts me onto his back. “Take me downstairs.” My voice is a tired whisper as I struggle to keep my eyes open. He complies.

As I’m being carried, I can here Austin’s footsteps running around the house. I catch sight of Austin’s tense figure when we enter the living room. Clearing my throat, I successfully gain his attention.

“What’s up?” I play it cool, grateful that my voice came out normal. “What happened?” His voice his deep and threatening, showing his wolf Ezekiel has control, which is bad because it’s rare for an alpha to lose control of his wolf.

“Put me down.” I whisper to Jake. A second later my feet are on the hard wood floor and I’m walking slowly towards my mate. “Ezekiel, can you calm down for me?” I say sweetly but it still doesn’t calm him. “I want to talk to Cat.” Is all he says. “Why?” I step away from him and cross my arms. “She won’t lie to me.”

I laugh, a snort leaving my mouth. “Oh honey, she’s the one more likely to lie and she’s actually good at it.” He gives me a half-hearted glare and stands his ground. Huffing out in annoyance, I do as he says, and I let Cat surface.


A smile crosses my face as I’m aloud to surface. I’ve never been aloud out this much, it’s exciting. “Hello love.” Says Ezekiel and that’s when I notice him in the room. He must be the reason why I’m aloud out.

“Ezekiel.” I breath out before hugging him tightly. We’ve only talked through the mate bond, this is the first time we’ve actually met. He hugs back and starts to calm down. “Why am I out?” I pull away and ask.

“We need to talk. Is there somewhere private we can go?” He looks up, eyeing all the people around us. “Zeke?” I call. “Yes, Cat?”

“May we borrow your office?” He gives a curt nod and I smile in gratitude. “Follow me Ezekiel.” I grab a hold of his hand and drag him along the hallways, grabbing hold of the sword as well before I leave the room. “What is that?” He asks. “I’ll explain everything when we’re alone.” After that he stays quiet.

It doesn’t take long for me to find Zeke’s office. Within minutes I’ve set the sword on Zeke’s desk and headed towards the couch with Ezekiel. “What did we need to speak about?” I tilt my head to the side as I study his face. It’s like stone, no emotion shining through.

“You need to come home.” His statement is simple and leaves really no room for argument, but I make room. “We can’t. Celeste wishes to stay here until she finds our family and I will not go against her wishes.” My statement is final with a threat underneath my tone.

“But we need you and you need us. The nightmares will only get worse and both of our mental health will diminish.”

“I’ve dealt with nightmares my whole life. As for my mental health, well that’s already pretty unstable.” I giggle at the end of my sentence thinking about how crazy everyone believes me to be.

“Surely you’ve heard the rumors that I was sent to a mental hospital when I was three.” Of course, this rumor is fake, but nobody needs to know that. “Yes Cat, I’ve heard all of the rumors about you and I don’t believe any of them.”

“Not even the one where I’m related to the devil himself?” He scoffs. “Of course not, that’s impossible.” He shrugs the question off like it’s the craziest thing in the world. I snicker and stand from the couch, making my way to Zeke’s desk where I laid the sword. “Well you’re wrong, it is possible because I am. That’s where this baby comes in.”

As soon as my hand wraps around the hilt and is lifted from the table, it ignites that beautiful blue. “What does that have to do with you being related to the devil?”

“Well, you see, this is his sword. It was placed in my grandfather’s care until the ‘chosen child’ crosses its path and retrieves it. I am that chosen child and only I can wield it because I share his blood.” He blinks once, twice, three times before he finally opens his mouth. “What?” Is all that comes out.

“You heard me, I’m not repeating it.” I place the sword back down gently before sitting next to him again. “So, Satan is what, my uncle in-law?” He says dumbfounded by the information given to him. “I guess, yes.”

“This is crazy.” He whispers. “Well I’m crazy so it only makes sense that my life is full of crazy stuff, too. You didn’t have to accept me as your mate you know.” I say in a matter-of-fact tone. He gives a harsh glare and a growl. “Don’t say that.” In response I hold my hands up in surrender. “I was kidding.”

An uncomfortable silence fills the room and the urge to bolt overcomes me. A chill runs down my spine as a feeling of dread settles in the pit of my stomach, something bad is gonna happen.

Right when that thought crosses my mind, the glass window sitting behind us shatters and I’m pulled to the floor by Austin. He lays on top of me, stopping the glass from hurting me too bad as all the windows in the room begin to shatter.

Once everything settles down and it’s nothing but quiet, I roll out from under Austin and jump to my feet. I make my way to the first window that broke to see three figures in black running towards the woods. “Check on everyone downstairs, I’m going after them.” Before Austin can even register my words, I jump out of the third story window.

“Cat!” I hear him call after me but I’m already on my feet and running. I shift and begin my chase. I always did love a good hunt.

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