The Devils Daughter

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I howl in joy as I chase down the three men ahead of me. It’s been so long since the last time I had fun like this. Excitement coursing through my veins as I think of all the fun things, I could do to them.

They’re not innocent, I can smell it. The blackness attached to their souls, placed there from all the horrible things they’ve done. A fierce growl leaves my lips as I catch hold of one, tossing him against a tree.

One of the others falter in his steps while the other just keeps running. I turn to the boy who stopped seeing as his colleague is passed out. He’s young, too young.“Why are you among these men, pup?” I ask after opening a link between us. He seems startled by it, his doe eyes becoming wide and filled with fear.

His soul doesn’t stink of malice like the others.

“You’re an innocent?”I grow confused. “W-what?” He manages to stutter out. I shift, growing frustrated by the way of communication I’m being forced to use. The boy looks away as I stand there, my messy hair falling down to cover my front.

“Thank the goddess Celeste didn’t cut it.”I think to myself.

“Look at me boy.” My voice is hard and commanding, power seeping through and forcing him to look up. “What’s your name?” I start off simple, trying to gain his trust. “Allen.” I nod approvingly and smile kindly. “Good. Now, how old are you?”

“Sixteen.” He’s a child, just a child. Why would a child be with these men? He’s not like them, I can tell.

“Why are you with these men when you’ve caused no harm in this world?” I ask, shock clear in my voice as I stare at this child with pity.

“I have to.” He whispers. “Why?” He gulps nervously and begins to fidgety. “They make me.” His voice lowers to the point where I can barely hear it. “Who?” I push as much power into my voice as I can, ensuring an answer. He goes to speak again when a silver arrow shoots through the air and pierces just above his heart.

He stands there, mouth agape and eyes wide before his legs give out. I’m quick to catch his body, me falling to the floor as he lays across my lap.

“S-save him.” He gasps out, blooding spilling from the corner of his mouth. “Who?”

“My brother, p-please. He’s j-just a child.” He croaked out. “He’s only six.” Tears flow from the corner of his eyes. “Protect him, please? Protect him like I couldn’t.” He struggles to get the sentence out without a stutter or wince in pain. “Shush child.” I stroke his hair as I feel tears form in my eyes as well. This time is different from the other times I’ve cried, this time I let them free, I don’t hold them in.

“You’ll be okay, just save your energy.” He chuckles lightly only to start coughing up blood. “I’m dying.” It’s true, I don’t want to admit it but this child is dying. His light being stolen at such a young age.

He can’t heal, not with the arrow still in his chest, but we can’t remove it either. With how close it is to his heart, he’ll bleed out before the healing process even begins.

The snap of a twig has my head snapping up, a growl ripping from my throat as I cling to the boy, protecting him from further harm. It’s the third man.

The man in front of me holds his bow aimed at me, a silver arrow ready and aimed at me as his face shows no signs of remorse for killing an innocent. He’s done this many times before. That’s when I catch scent of his soul. It’s dark, so dark. Worse than the unconscious man behind me. That man, while evil, is nothing compared to the man in front of me.

My rage takes over and my mind thinks of nothing else but ripping this man’s throat out as I place the now limp body of the boy gently onto the cold forest ground. I stand slowly, my fangs extended as I growl at the man. He doesn’t even flinch and that makes me even angrier.

He should be cowering as he stands before me for, I am his end. I will be the one to take his last breath as he pleads for my torture to stop.

My vision turns red as I take slow, menacing steps towards him. “You’re not scared easily, are you?” He stays silent. “Don’t worry, I’ll have you cowering in fear and begging for mercy once I have my hands on you.” The words mix with a growl at the end as I spring at him, ready to sink my claws into his flesh.

Instead, I fall backwards as I scream in agony at the pain flowing through my shoulder. The bastard shot me with a silver arrow, but I don’t let it stop me.

My small and slender fingers wrap around the silver, the sizzle of my flesh as it burns against the silver is heard as I rip it out. The man looks surprised as he takes a step back, reaching for a new arrow.

I stand once again, dropping the silver that’s burning my fingers to the bone. He shoots another at me as I run at him, but I dodge it.

I get close enough to pounce and so I do. I tackle him to the ground, striking him across the face with my claws. “You will pay for what you’ve done.” I yell into his face, knowing my eyes have turn to that endless pool of black with the gorgeous red ring.

Then it happens, that fear that I so desperately wanted to see, flashes in his eyes before leavening less than a second later. “Stop it!” I wrap my hand around his throat, squeezing just hard enough that he can barely breath but won’t die. “Show me your fear!” I squeeze harder as he begins to thrash under me, his hands prying at my wrists and looking for a weapon.

I’m too focused on trying to find his fear that I don’t notice he’s found one. The arrow he was preparing to shoot at me, the one that I knocked out of his hands when I tackled him.

He stabs it into my side, a warmth coming from the wound as blood begins to trickle out. “No.” I whisper as he knocks me off and runs away.

No one’s ever gotten away. “How? How could I let this happen?” I think to myself as I lay on the ground. I clutch onto my wound and pull out the arrow.

If it didn’t hit anything important then I should heal rather quickly.“Can silver even kill us?” I think. We’re part demon, a thing with no known way to kill.“Maybe it can only harm us, not kill us.”

I become hopeful as thoughts of Austin flood my mind.

I can’t die. He’ll go insane and his pack will crumble. His pack. He’s spent so long building it up to be the best, it can’t parish. I haven’t even gotten to meet his parents or all of his members.

“They’ll probably fear us.”Celeste’s quiet voice echoes through my mind. She must’ve just awoken after being forced into the back of our mind from the shift.

I chuckle at her words. We’re possibly dying and she’s worried about the pack possibly hating us. “Everyone fears us.” The sadness laced in her voice has my laughter halting. This is my fault.

Celeste used to love meeting new people and making friends, it made her so happy, but I made them all cower away. I made them fear for their lives whenever she walked into a room. I took away her happiness, forcing her to be alone for so many years.

“I’m sorry, Celeste. I should’ve been a better wolf to you.”She sighs and I can already tell she’s going to try to make me feel better, she always does.“You did the best you could considering what we were put through at such a young age. You were forced to protect me as best you could, but it came with consequences and I’m okay with that.”

“Maybe it’s best that you lock me away.”She’s silent for a few minutes before she finally decides to speak.“I’m sorry Cat, I shouldn’t keep you locked away inside. You’ve always just been so angry all the time and I was scared. Scared that one day that the last piece of you that held sympathy and kindness would just disappear and you’d do something horrible.”

I chuckle at that.“Everything I have ever done was for our protection. I mean, I could’ve made some better decisions, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of the people who’ve harmed us, and so many others, being out there.”

“Well some of them are still out there Cat, like our parents.”

“I know, Celeste.”Why is she bringing this up now?“So... why are you just laying here? You’re the strong one, the fighter. So, get up and fight.”

“I can’t, it hurts to move.”I look over to the arrow I pulled from my side, the silver doused in my blood with the tip chipped off.“A piece of the arrow is lodged in my rib cage.”

“We’ve been in worse situations, so pull the piece out, get off your ass, and get back to the house so we can interrogate that piece of filth by the tree.”She growls at me, a sudden burst of courage coming through.“I’m too tired.” She growls in frustration before pushing herself forward.

“Fine, I’ll be the strong one now.”Then she takes control, and I let her. I just want to sleep for a while.

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