The Devils Daughter

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I gasp out in pain as it comes crashing down. I’ve never been good with pain, that’s why Cat always takes control when we’re injured. Now I’m the one who has to be strong and block the pain from her.

I take in deep breathes, calming my rapidly beating heart as I sit up. A small whimper comes from the back of my throat as I stand and lean against a tree.

The small sizzle of silver has my breathing hitch when I try to take a step.I need to remove the silver tip. I think to myself as I stare at the hole on the side of my ribs. “Oh goddess, help me through this.” I whisper up into the sky as a silent prayer before digging my fingers into the bloodied gash.

A strangled scream leaves my lips as I have to dig deeper. It feels like forever when my fingers finally grip onto the burning silver and I’m able to rip it out.

I quickly toss the piece to the floor and grip onto my side, trying to lessen the bleeding. Catching my breath, I take shaky steps towards the unconscious man.

I’m a few feet away from him when he begins to stir.You’ve got to be kidding me...

“Seriously!?” I call out to no one in particular. The man starts to sit up and I rush over to him, ignoring the pain in my side as best as I can.

The man clings to his forehead in pain before his gaze snaps up to me. His confused gaze turns dark after a few seconds of remembering what happened.

When he makes a move to stand, I growl in annoyance before punching him in the jaw. “And stay down.” I yell in anger when he doesn’t get up again.

Catching my breath, I lean down and lift the man’s overly sized arm over my shoulders before pulling him off the floor. A groan leaves my lips as the feeling of my muscle and tissue mending back together sends another wave of pain through my body.

“At least we’re healing.”Cat mumbles tiredly in the back of my head.“Get some rest.” And she listens, letting out a yawn as she disappears into the dark depths of my mind.

“Okay, I can do this.” I try pep talking myself as I take small steps forward. I huff as I make it not even a foot before the heavy man, I’m clutching onto begins to slip from my arms.

“Shit, no, no, no.” I try to grip tighter to the man, but he still slips from my grasp and falls face first into the dirt. I can’t help the laugh that bubbles up and out of my mouth. “Serves you right.” I mutter angrily.

“Okay, I can’t carry your fat ass, so I guess we’ll use a different method.” I grip onto his ankles and try to drag him but end up running out of breath faster than I did carrying him. “Fuck!” I scream into the darkening sky and kick his side. “Why the hell are you so heavy?” I give him another kick before Cat decides to speak up again.

“You’re a demon dumb-ass, just teleport.”I can feel her roll her eyes as sarcasm drips through her voice. “Oh yeah...” I chirp happily before bending and lifting him up again. “Okay, all I have to do is picture Zeke’s house.” I mumble and close my eyes.

I picture his living room, the giant marble fireplace, the gold trim lining the walls with matching furniture, and the giant windows overlooking the forest. I smile thinking of how badly I wanted to sit on the window seat underneath the window, curled into a warm blanket while reading a book.

Within seconds I feel the warmth swarm around me and see the red spiraling around me when I open my eyes. It works for about a second, only sending me a few feet forward since I’m still a little weak from my body healing and the blood loss.

Trying for a second time, I put more energy into getting back to Zeke’s. Doing this of course takes away energy to heal all the way, my cracked rips taking their sweet time to mend, and my skin slowly being pulled together. I already know there’s going to be, yet another scare seared onto my skin.

I smile as the heat returns to my skin and I can almost hear the weird red flames wrapping back around me. A few minutes later I’m standing in the empty living room of my grandfather’s house.

Dropping the man to the floor, I lean myself up against the wall and call out, “Hello?” Only to be met with the sound of deafening silence so I try again. “Anybody here?” This time I’m met with the sound of loud footsteps echoing down the grand staircase. “Celeste?” Cal calls as he appears in the doorway with Zeke right behind him.

“Cal, where’s Austin?” Cal comes to my side and leads me over to the couch to rest. “Out looking for you. Zeke go gather her a rob or something to wear.” He turns to my grandfather before covering me with a blanket. “He said he felt pain come from you through the bond. Are you alright?” He feels my head and a flash of worry flashes through his eyes at the heat radiating from it. “You’re burning up.”

“I’m fine, Cal, I just need to rest.” I push away his hands when he begins to inspect me for wounds. “I was only stabbed, it’s even healed already.” I push aside the blanket enough to show him the puffy new scar placed across my ribs. “Soon it will no longer be puffy and just rest as a faint line against my pale skin.”

I cover myself up and stand when Zeke comes back with a fluffy white rob. “Take that man somewhere where he can’t escape. He’ll lead us to our family, Cal.” I take hold of the soft material and wrap it tight against me. “I’ll be in my room sleeping to gain my energy back. Cal get a hold of Austin and tell him to come back. Zeke, there’s a body of a boy deep in the woods that I need to fetch and give a proper burial.”

“How will I find him?” He asks so I step in front of him, placing my palm on the side of his head. A picture of the boy flashes across his gaze and I drop my hand back to my side. “Think of him and your instincts shall lead you to him. He was a good boy, he didn’t deserve to die.”

With that said, I make my way up the grand stair case and to my room where I collapse onto my bed, entering the dark void where my nightmares lurk.

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