The Devils Daughter

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“Has anyone talked to him yet?” I asked as we walked down the large corridor. “No, we decided it would be best to let you handle this.” Jack speaks up from behind me. We all fall into a tense silence thinking about what’s about to happen. This could be it. After what seems like forever, we could finally bring back our family.

We stop in-front of two large doors and I take a deep breath to calm my heart, turning into the intimidating wolf I’m known around the world as.

I push the doors open harshly, a scowl over taking my features as I take sight of the man a couple feet away. He’s chained to a chair in the middle of a very elegant room with his head bowed. “Why isn’t he locked up in a more secure place?” I growl out to my grandfather.

He looks at me completely unaffected by the anger and power of my voice. Everyone else takes a step back showing their necks in submission, knowing it eases my wolfs anger when she’s like this. Well besides Cal and Austin, Cal steps back out of instinct while Austin just stares at me looking proud.

“This house has no dungeon or anything of the sorts because this is a house of luxury, not business.” He turns back to the man in the chair. “At least I gave him the worst room in the house, it was the best I could do.” He shrugs nonchalantly.

“And I have also cast a spell around the room so he couldn’t leave, it’s perfectly safe.” Cal steps forward as I glare at Zeke. He sucks at this.

“Good, thank you Cal.” With that he steps back in line next to the others behind me. Focusing my attention on the man in question, I step right up to him. “Look at me.” I ask calmly but he doesn’t budge. “Now!” I yell as forcefully as I can and smile sarcastically at him when he snaps his head up.

“Oh, you can actually listen, good pup.” I roll my eyes at his pathetic excuse of a growl when I call him pup. “Oh, shut up. I get it, being called pup hurts your stupid little pride, well guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck about your pride so stop with the growling and be good or else I’m going to have to play dirty and I really don’t feel like getting blood all over my good shoes. Got it?”

He snarls again and I sigh dramatically before pulling off my favorite leather jacket and tossing it on the nearest couch. “Hard way it is then.” He goes to growlagain, but I punch him hard in the nose before a sound leaves his lips. I smile happily when I hear a crunch and he groan’s in pain.

He looks up at me, blood spilling from his nose as a sadistic smile spreads across his face. “What are you smiling about?” I hiss out as low chuckles slowly rise around the quiet room. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He says in a sing song voice as he keeps laughing.

“Oh? And why is that?” I cross my arms in annoyance, already itching to punch him in his smug face again. He suddenly grows serious as the dark smile falls from his face and his laughter stalls. “Because I doubt my Alpha would like his Beta bloody and bruised, and you really don’t want to make him upset especially with your families lives in his hands. I mean, we don’t really needall of them, do we?”

A smirk covers his face as he stares up at me, my fists clenched together at my sides. “What do you want from me?” I ask quietly, turning my face away from everyone in the room so they won’t see my facade break.

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