The Devils Daughter

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The man smiles happily at my question, seeing that he’s getting his way. “Oh Celeste, sweet little Celeste. I just want to talk, it’s my Alpha who has bigger things in mind.”

“Okay, so talk.” I growl out at him. “Oh no can do my dear. At least not until we’re completely alone that is. This is after all a private matter between you and my pack.” I snarl at his choice of words. “You’re filthy rogues and nothing more. Don’t disgrace all packs by placing that title over your barbaric followers.”

“Careful darling, you’re a rogue too. Which is why I don’t understand why you haven’t ditched this Alpha prick and come back to your natural habitat?”

Wait-where have I heard those exact words from? “Okay, I’ll grant your wish to speak alone as long as you tell me one thing.”

“Ask away dear, you are the one in charge after all.” His tone is sarcastic, both of us knowing I have no control in this situation even if he is the one tied up. “What’s your Alpha’s name?”


“Don’t you mean alpha’s plural? Cause we have two.” The man in the seat smirks up at my very angry mate. “What are their names?” She hisses lowly, fists clenched at her sides. “Sadly, my dear, I can only give you one. The other wants it to be a surprise.” He sighs dramatically making Celeste take a threatening step forward. “Tell me his name!” She seethes, her eyes turning black with a red rim.

“Alpha Fosters.” He smiles evilly as Celeste freezes, fear flashing through her eyes. “Celeste?” I ask quietly as I take a step forward. “Stay back.” The man growls. “We had a deal, Celeste. It’s time for us to speak in private. My alpha is getting agitated.” He looks up at my mate who wastes no time in lifting him off the chair and directing him towards the door.

We all step in front of the door to block her path. Placing my palm on her shoulder, I carefully lift her head to look up at me. “Are you okay?” I whisper as if she’ll break if I go any louder.

She twists her head away from my hand causing my wolf to whimper at her coldness to us. “I’m fine Alpha Roman so if you’d please move, I have a deal to uphold.” Her voice is detached and emotionless as she makes her way around us and out the door.

Jake, Zeke, and Cal all rush after her while I stand there staring at the spot my mate was just occupying. Something stirs within me as a feeling of dread spreads through my whole body. Something bad is going to happen, I know it.


I pull the rogue along the corridor, making twists and turns as I lead us towards Zeke’s office. I know for sure this is the only truly private place for us to talk. It being completely sound proof to the point where not even a werewolf putting his ear directly against the door could hear us.

Opening up the familiar double doors, I shove him inside before turning to the three men following behind me. “Stay here, this shouldn’t take long.” Before they can even respond to my statement, I slam the door shut and lock it.

Turning towards the inside of the room, I see the rogue sitting on one of the leather couches with his hands still cuffed in front of him. “Talk.” I grind out through clenched teeth. “Sit Celeste, there’s quite a lot to hear.” He gestures towards the seat in front of him.

“No thanks, I’d rather stand so start talking.” I glare holes through his head as he just rolls his eyes and gets comfortable in his chair. “My alpha would like to make a deal. You come with me and we’ll deliver your family to the outskirts of Roman’s pack lands, safe and sound.”

“That’s it? I go with you and my family lives?” He nods with a sly smile taking over his features. “How do I know they’re alright? That you haven’t already killed them?”

“I can prove their alive and well, just take off these cuffs.” He shakes the cuffs on his hands. “Not happening.” With a loud dramatic sigh, he mumbles out a small ‘fine’ before pulling a phone out of his front pocket. “Take this. Alpha Foster figured you wouldn’t believe me, so he made a little video to help persuade you into coming down for a nice chat.”

Taking a few steps forward, I stand in front of the rogue and snatch his phone away. Searching through it I find nothing but a single video and a few pictures of my chained-up family members.

“Play me”is the title of the video so I hit the little play button.

“Hello Celeste, did you miss me?”Fosters face appears on the screen of the cellphone as I assume one of his minions is holding it.“Right about now you are sitting with my Beta, in a secure room, I hope. If not, then there will be consequences.” A sick smirk spreads across his face before the camera turns to a hooded figure chained to a chair.

A man walks up behind the small figure shaking in the seat as metal chains burn their way into her skin. My jaw clenched as the hood is removed to reveal Kelly, Sylvia and Warrens daughter. She has blood dripping down her face, her eyes drifting in and out of focus as she tries to stay awake.

“Say hello to Celeste, Kelly.”Foster cackles darkly as Kelly whimpers and tries to move away as the camera is shoved into her face.“Now Celeste, listen carefully because if you don’t do exactly as I say, your family will be punished.” A tall, bony man comes forward and takes Kelly away as Foster steps back into the sight of the camera.

“My Beta will be in contact with me the whole time he is with you, whether he is drugged with wolfs-bane or chained with silver, we will still be able to communicate. Once this video is over, he will inform me and then the clock will start. You’ll have till midnight to send your precious mate home, with his guards, and walk out into the woods with my Beta. He will be in relatively good condition and not be bound by anything. He will lead you where you need to go where we will then have our chat. Every hour that you haven’t started preparing for your trip, a family member of yours shall be whipped. And remember darling, don’t tell a soul about this. See you soon.”

The video ends there.

With an angry growl, I toss the phone to the ground where it shatters. “So, what shall it be Celeste? You? Or your family?” He smirks already anticipating my answer.

“Tell your Alpha I’m coming, but if my family isn’t with Roman by midnight tonight, then the deal is off, and I’ll be coming for his head.”

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