The Devils Daughter

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“Why?” I sigh for what seems the hundredth time today before turning back to Austin. “Because I need you back at the pack house helping out your warriors. If anyone can find a clue, it’s you.” Just like promised I haven’t told anyone what that rogue said. I even destroyed the phone with the video to cover my tracks.

“They can handle it on their own.” I withhold a frustrated groan and instead put on a sweet smile. I’ll have to use the mate bond to get my way. “I need everyone I can trust out there looking, please?” I walk closer and wrap my arms around his torso, looking up from my eyelashes as I silently beg him. “Plus, the quicker we find something and get them back, the quicker I come home.”

His resolve slowly starts to crumble, only a thin piece left as he struggles to stay strong. “Please Austin?” I whisper quietly before kissing his cheek. And just like that the last bit of fight dies and he sighs in defeat. “Fine.” He mumbles and wraps his arms around me. “I don’t get why you need the guards to leave, too, though.” He grumbles into my neck as he hides his face in my hair.

“Like I said, I need everyone looking. Besides, I have a witch, a demon, and another werewolf to protect me. I’ll be fine.” I feel him pout against my skin and chuckle lightly when he mumbles something about never letting me out of his sight when this is over. “Okay, just keep me updated and text me every hour.”

“Okay.” He pulls back from my neck to stare straight into my eyes. “I mean it Celeste, promise me you will.”

“I promise, now come on. You have to leave soon.”

It was now eight in the evening. Austin and his guards left a few hours ago. I hate to admit it, but I actually kind of miss him. “We’ll come back eventually.”

Cat’s confident voice filters through my thoughts. “How do you know? You do remember the last time we were face to face with Foster, don’t you? We barely made it out alive.”

“Yes.” She hisses, her annoyance clear as day. “I remember, but we will get away; we always do.” I sigh out and take deep breathes to calm my nerves. She’s right, we’ve been through hundreds of dangerous situations and we’ve always made it out. Sure, on occasion it’s taken us months to get out of a situation, but we’ll be fine.

“Oh god, these thoughts aren’t helping.” I start to pace the floor of my bedroom, taking deep breathes. “Calm down, Celeste.”

“Can’t you see I’m trying?” I growl at her as I sit down on my bed. “We’ll be fine. We’ve gone through this before, so we know what to expect, we’ll be okay.” I don’t have time to respond because a knock interrupts our conversation. “Celeste? It’s time for dinner.” Cal calls.

Taking one last deep breath, I stand up and head over to my desk drawer. “You got all the ingredients, right?” Mumbling a yes to her, I shove the little vial of green liquid into my jacket pocket before opening the door.

“Okay, you have all the guys set the table and I’ll bring out the soup.” I give him a small smile as he looks over me with worry.

It’s not long before everyone’s at the dinner table, soup in their bowls, and the clanking of spoons being heard.

“Now, we wait.”


It’s been hours since we left Zeke’s house. Cat has blocked Ezekiel from talking to her, so he’s been moody the whole day. We didn’t pick up any new clues about her family either so that just made his mood worse. Now we’re laying down to catch at least a couple hours of sleep before heading back out, but I can’t seem to get Celeste off my mind.

I mean, she’s always on my mind but this is different. I’m worried about her. She was acting weird after she talked to that rogue. Her whole mood did a 180, she was just way too chipper. She wouldn’t even tell me what he said, “It wasn’t of importance.” She claimed.

The sharp ringing of my phone cuts through the silence and my thoughts. I’m up in an instant and can’t help the giddy smile that spreads across my face as Celeste’s face flashes on the screen. I took a picture when she wasn’t paying attention when she was living here with me. She looks breath taking in it.

“Angel, did you miss me?” I tease as I lay against my head board. “Go to the south boarder of your territory.” Her cold and low voice has my smile dropping and me flying off my bed. “Why? What’s wrong?”

I throw my front door open, not wasting a second as I sprint through the thick forest. “Just hurry.” There’s a tense silence between us as I pick up pace.

By the time the boarder comes into view, I’m barely even winded. “I’m here, what’s wrong?”

“Do you see anyone? They should be there.” My eyebrows knit together as I look all around me. “Who?”

She growls loudly. “You said they would be there!” She shouts but I can tell it wasn’t directed towards me. “Who is supposed to be here?! Where are you?”

“My family!” She snaps before releasing another growl. “You lied.” Her voice becomes distant as she pulls the phone away from her ear to yell at the person with her. “Be patient, they’ll be there any second now.” Comes a new voice, a deep voice. I don’t like it.

“Celeste, who is that?” I seethe before the rustling of leaves and branches snapping catch my attention. “Who’s there?” I yell into the dark.

“I need some warriors at the south boarder.” I call through the pack link for backup. “Alpha Roman?” Where have I heard that voice? “We were sent here by an Alpha Foster. He said Celeste would be with you.” Two figures step out from behind a tree and that’s when I recognize it as the man who Celeste took from my dungeons.

“No, she’s with her grandfather. Are you all there?” My question is answered as all eleven of her family members come out of hiding, bloody and bruised. “I need a pack doctor, too.”

“Austin? Is that them?” Celeste’s panicked voice filters through the air and I don’t hesitate to answer. “Yes, they’re all here. They’ve got some pretty bad cuts and bruises, but I think they’re okay. You can come home now.”

“A-Actually Austin, I have to go now. Just for a little while, but I promise to come back so watch over them for me, okay?”

“What are you talking about? What’s going on?”

“Promise me you’ll take care of them?” She demands through the phone. “Yes, I promise.” She sighs in content at my promise. “Thank you.” She breathes happily before continuing. “I’ll come back as soon as I can, goodbye...” she hesitates for a second before her angelic voice filters into my ears once more, her voice low and soft as if she’s whispering me a secret, a secret meant only for me. “I love you, Austin.”

It’s barely there but I could still hear it. My heart stops and my breath hitches, the sound of the line going dead snapping me out of my trance.

The warriors arrive, along with a doctor and that’s when my brain kicks into Alpha mode, ordering people around. “Take them back to my house, they’re under our protection.” I yell out to a group of four warriors, them instantly springing into action at my command. “The rest of you, come with me. We have to get back our Luna.”

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