The Devils Daughter

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The plan worked perfectly. The potion I poured into the soup had the men in the house asleep minutes after they ingested it. I got a hold of the rogue, and of course took that special sword of my grandfathers for protection. After two hours of walking we had made it to the middle of the forest.

Alpha Foster was already there waiting with four more of his rogues. I knew he’d bring some backup, but I figured it would be way more than just four. “I’m here Foster, where’s my family?”

I called to the wolf as I clutched tightly to the rogue, he calls his beta, a throwing knife pressed against his throat. “On their way to your precious mates pack. Call him, he can confirm it.”

Sure enough, they were there. The phone call to Austin was hard, especially the part where I admitted I loved him. It was probably selfish of me to tell him that when we’ll most likely be apart for a while, just depends on how quick I can get away from Fosters.

After I ended the call, I was instructed to throw the phone over to one of his minions that were standing behind him. Not wanting to anger the man that can harm my mate and family; I tossed it over.

The loud smash of the glass screen shattering against a tree echoes into the quiet night. “Now, hand over my Beta.” He says calmly but the anger storming behind his eyes is clear as day. I smirk, knowing I have some form of leverage. I pull the dagger closer, watching as a bit of fear flash through his eyes.

“I see this beta actually means something to you.” I practically spit out the word, this rogue being a disgrace to the name. “Let’s see if I can guess why, shall we?” I chuckle darkly as his fists clench. “Well a beta is usually blood related to the alpha or a close friend, but you seem too fond of him to just be a friend and you two look too much alike to be just a cousin.”

It all clicks into place as I make a fake gasping sound. “Oh, don’t tell me. No! It can’t be!” I laugh loudly and direct a harsh gaze onto the so-called alpha. “Is this your dear baby brother?” His lips thin out as he looks away. “He is! Oh my god, do you know how long I’ve searched for this disgrace of a wolf?”

I clutch him tighter, dragging the dagger up higher to rest against his cheek. “I wonder, are the rumors true?” I slice down his right cheek and smile in amazement as Foster hisses in pain, an identical mark making its way down his face. “They are! You two really are blood bound.”

I grin crazily at the man before me and push the dagger to rest right above the beta’s, Andrew as I now know his true identity, heart. “I could just kill him, and my problems would be solved since you would die too.”

Both their eyes widen as I turn Andrew around and raise the dagger. Right as it’s about to plunge into his heart, I’m tackled, the dagger getting shoved into my side as I land on it. “Mother fucker!” I screech and roll onto my back. “I’m going to kill you!” I pull the dagger out slowly, blood starting to ooze from my wound and through my shirt.

A foot his placed-on top of my wound and I’m forced to the ground once again, screaming in agony when they twist their foot to cause more pain. “You’re lucky I need you or else I’d kill you right now.” Foster hisses in my ear as he slips on a pair of gloves that reek of black magic before snatching my sword and dagger away from me.

I don’t have time to respond as a foot is scent flying to my face and I’m falling into unconsciousness.

I groan as I slowly open my eyes, my head spinning and aching. “What the...?” My words trail off as my head starts to clear, the condition I’m in becoming evident. I begin to panic as I pull against the rope wrapped around my torso and legs, a scream leaving my lips as I feel the silver imbedded in it push against my skin and the cut on my side.

My breathing comes out in pants as I try to calm down. I need to think clearly. I take a deep breath in and one out, repeating the process a few times before my heart starts beating at a normal pace.

I take a look at my surroundings, taking in the wall of torture I grew accustomed to just a few years ago, silver chains hanging from the ceiling. I shudder at the memories this place brings.

I shake my head, ridding it of those thoughts. I look down, taking in how badly bound I am. There are blood stains covering the rope. Thanking the goddess that they didn’t bound my hands, I wiggle my fingers closer, trying to elongate my nails into claws but it doesn’t work.

“No...” I whisper and try again. “No, no, NO!” I scream and shake in my chair, ignoring the pain of the silver as I tug and pull against my bounds. “Let me out!” I screech, my chest heaving up and down as my hair falls in my face. “I swear I’m going to rip you all limb from limb! Let me go!”

I scream till my throat is sore, yelling death wishes and profanities at all the people residing here. “I will not do this again!” I try to yell but it comes out a hoarse whisper. My struggles slow down as my wounds start to make their appearance, my energy leaving my body.

Slowly my eyes shut and my head hangs, the last thing I hear being the sinister voice of captor as he finally shows his face. “Sleep my dear for this is the last day you’ll have any peace.”

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