The Devils Daughter

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“Celeste?” My voice echoes around the dark room, the steady rhythm of water dripping on the floor coming from a rusty pipe. “Austin...” It’s a ghostly whisper that comes from all around. “Over here Austin...” I twist and turn, looking for the source of the voice.

“Celeste!” I call again. A loud whimpering begins as lights slowly flicker on. The first thing I see is a girl huddled in the corner, her black hair draped over her face, but I knew who it was.

A smile broke across my face as I sprinted towards her. “I found you...” I fall down next to her shivering form and pull her onto my lap.

As I clutch her form to me, her shivering begins to stop, and her whimpers soon turn to low chuckles. “Celeste...?” I pull away from her and move the hair from her face. The sight in front of me scares me as I push the cackling girl off my lap and scurry backwards. This wasn’t my Celeste.

Her eyes are crazed and wild as I pull away from her. She slowly stands while I climb to my feet and walk backwards. “Who are you? Where’s Celeste?” I yell as I bare my canines at her.

Her face distorts into something. The cackling grows louder as more appear in a circle around me. They start to come closer as I try to get away, until it all just stops.

It goes dark as the cackling ends and the creepy beings disappear. “Hello?” I call out. “A-Austin?” A light flickered on behind me and I freeze when I turn around to see Celeste on the floor with cuts and bruises all down her arms and body.

“Celeste!” She gets up and starts running to me. As I open up my arms for her to run into, a shot echoes around the dark and dusty room. Her face contorts into one of pain as she freezes and blood forms on her shirt. “Austin?” She whimpers before falling to the ground as I stare on in horror.

Blinking out of my dazed state, I fall down next to her and cling her cold body to me. “No, no, no, no. This isn’t happening.” My voice cracked as my eyes begin to water.

“Wake up Celeste, please wake up.” I cried, my hope growing a little as her eye lids flutter open slowly. Her chapped lips cracking open ever so slightly as blood drops out and her hoarse voice filters through. “Y-Your fault.” She whispered. “This is your fault.” She pulled in a strangled breath. “I’ll never forgive you, Austin.”

She chocked on the blood coming from her mouth before her eyes closed once again. “What? No, Celeste, wake up.” I pulled her flush against me as I cried against her shoulder. “Please.”

I gasped in shock as I shot up from my huddled position on my desk. “Celeste!” I called as I tried to catch my breathe. Before I could even collect my thoughts on the horrific nightmare, Aston burst through my door sweating and panting. “Alpha-” he yelled. “We found her!” He shouted happily as I jumped up from my chair and ran out of my office.


“So,” I said as I peered around the office I’ve been cornered in; trying to distract them long enough for the drugs they had pumping through me to leave my system. Then I’ll have a better chance of fighting off these mutts.

“How long before you actually kill “Alpha” Fosters,mother?” I smile sickly sweet as I watch her every move. “My darling daughter, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She spits back.

“So,Alpha, do you really believe she won’t turn on you?” I direct my attention to the douche that got me into this whole mess. “I mean, I’m her own flesh and blood and she discarded me like trash without hesitation when she found out I was of no use to her.”

I smirk on the inside as I watch his attention peek at my words. “I’m surprised she hasn’t snapped your neck yet since you’ve already done your part.”

“ENOUGH!” My “mother” calls as she flicks her hand, sending me flying into the wall behind me. I groan as my back aches and I push myself up off the floor. “You know, it’s quite cowardly to hurt someone who can’t fight back. How ’bout we wait till I get my powers and wolf back? Then we’ll see who’s bleeding.” I growl out at her as I spit out a glob of blood from my mouth.

I force my nails to extend into claws as I stand and face her. It hurts at first since the medicine is quite strong and laced with wolfs-bane, but I still fight it. “Go ahead, try to fight. But even if you were to somehow defeat me, you’ll still have to face this whole pack of wolves.”

“I can take this pathetic excuse for a pack.” I snarl at her before I jump, aiming for her throat.


“Attack.” She says to me and my body moves to stand in front of her on its own accord, knocking the familiar looking girl down to the ground. I gave up on fighting this weird pull that makes me do everything she says.

Fighting always ended up in either me or Celeste getting hurt anyways. Oh my poor Celeste, I wonder how she is? Lilith always swears she’s safe, even promises to let me see her once we get this girl to do what she wants. I wonder how many years it’s been since we left Celeste in the woods for my brother to take? Is she still just a little girl or has she grown old enough to find her mate? Oh her mate, I can’t wait to scare the shit out of him.

I’ll always protect my little girl.

I snap out of my thoughts when the girl scratches down my face. Stupid girl, why can’t she just do what we want so I can see my daughter? I growl out at her, surprising myself. My body actually responded to my thoughts. I wish I could take control when I actually wanted it.

I look back at the girl, growing confused. Why does she look so familiar? ”Think, think, THINK!!” I subconsciously yell at myself. My body reacts and backhands her, sending her back to the floor. She’s still weak from the drugs Lilith gave her. “Dad...” The girl cries. “Why won’t you fight her?” Her voice, it’s so vulnerable.

My eyebrows scrunch in confusion as my body freezes. And then the first words I’ve ever spoken on my own in years left my lips. “Celeste?”

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