The Devils Daughter

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His eyebrows scrunched together as he looms over me. “Celeste?” He whispers in shock. “Yes, it’s me, fight her dad. She doesn’t have to control you anymore.” Something flashes in his eyes before he hunches over in pain, only to stand back up again with the same dead look from before.

“Face it darling, your father is gone.” Lilith steps forward, resting a perfectly manicured hand on his shoulder. “I’m in his head and for all he knows, you are still a little girl living happily with her uncle until we return home to get you.” A wicked smile takes over her features as I spit blood out on the floor and look up at her.

“You won’t get away with this. I’ll get my wolf back at some point and when I do, you’re dead.” I growl out. She scoffs and turns to look at the closest soldier. “Take her to the basement and chain her to the wall. We won’t be needing her until her precious little mate comes anyways.” She sneers before sauntering off through the door with Dean right behind her. “Let’s go.” Snarls the soldier as he grips tightly onto my arm and hauls me off the floor. He pushes me harshly through the halls and down to the basement before chaining me with silver and abandoning me in the dark.


“How’d you find her?” I ask Aston as I watch all my warriors gather their weapons and say farewell to their families. “Alpha Cunningham from the Blood Warriors is here with his pack member Bale. He apparently had a vision about what will happen if Celeste isn’t saved and begged the moon goddess for her location. They’re waiting to speak to you in the living room.”

I give him a nod in thanks before rushing off to the living room. “Alpha Cunningham, good to see you. I just wish it was under better circumstances. Where’s Valentine?” I ask as I shake his hand and take a seat on the couch across from him. “She wanted to be here to comfort you, but I didn’t want her traveling while she’s pregnant. She wants you to call her once you get your mate back though.”

“Thank you, Alpha Cunningham. I’ll be sure to update her on everything. Now, what is this information you have regarding my Celeste?” I lean back in my chair as he clears his throat and looks hesitantly to Bale and back to me. “Well, Bale here has informed Valentine and I about a vision he had. You two die. Apparently he also learned that should this vision come true, a being not of this realm shall rise and reek havoc, not only on the supernatural creatures roaming this earth, but the humans inhabiting it as well. Austin, if you two are killed at the hands of thiscreature that has taken her, our world will be doomed.”

He looks absolutely terrified as he speaks, which says a lot because hardly anything can scare an Alpha this badly. “Point me to where this creature is hiding and I shall save my Luna, then everything will be fine.” I try to assure him, but he still looks disturbed. “That’s not everything.” He mumbled looking away.

“What else is there?” I ask curiously. “It’s a trap, the men holding her want you to try and rescue her. I’m sorry Austin but either way, whether you rescue her or not, one of you will die.” He tells me solemnly. I grow angry and growl at his words. “Why would they need me?” I ground out the words, trying to retract the sharp canines that are digging into my lip.

“It’s part of a ritual. They want to take control of her soul but because she has found her mate, you, her soul has now combined with yours. They need to kill you first before they can take hers.” I sit quietly for a few minutes, processing the information given to me before I reply. “What do I do? Either way one of us dies.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” I grow hopeful at this news and I quickly tell him to continue. “I think we’ve figured out a plan to help you and Luna Celeste, but I will need you to trust me and not argue because I guarantee you’ll hate what I have to say. Can you trust me, Alpha Roman?”

I give him a sly smile and stand, holding my hand out for him to take. “You’re like a brother to me, Alpha Cunningham. I trust you with my life and now, my mate’s life, too.” He grips my hand with a smile of his own and I pull him into a brotherly hug. “Okay, we have an attack to plan my brother.” He chuckles before exiting the living room to go talk to my warriors.


I don’t know how long it’s been, but my arms have gone numb from the silver chained around them. Soon the creaking of the door echoes around the room and I snap my head up, Cat stirring slightly in the back of my mind.

“Wake up my darling, the time has come.” My mother chirps happily as my father walks in behind her and unlocks my chains. I could use this chance to attack, but I’m not stupid. I’m weak and as long as my father is under her command, I won’t be able to strike her. So instead I go peacefully, playing the part of a helpless wolf who can’t even walk two steps without tripping.

“Carry her or else taking her upstairs will take forever.” My mother snaps at my father and he’s quick to oblige. Good, without the drugs clouding my system maybe I could get in his head. I wouldn’t be able to if I was walking since it takes so much of my focus.

“Dad...”I call out.“Dad, are you in there?” I peek towards Lilith to make sure she doesn’t suspect anything. If I’m not careful, she’ll sense I’m poking around in his head.“Celeste?” My fathers tired and confused voice fills my head.“Yes, it’s me. I need you to listen because we don’t have much time, Lilith is a demon and has taken control of your mind.” I reply quickly, getting straight to the point. This is no time for sugar coating things.“Impossible, where are you?”

“It is very much possible. Now I know you can see the things around you, if you try hard enough so please look down at the girl you’re carrying.”I plead and watch silently as the same flash from before is seen in his eyes and his gaze meets mine.“Dad, it’s me. She is going to kill me.”

“ Celeste is with her uncle. It’s only been a few months since we left her. You’re just trying to trick me.”His eyes turn to slits as he glares harshly down at me.“No, dad please, it’s me. It’s Celeste, it’s been years; so many years since you left me in the woods. Please, you have to fight her dad.” A tear escapes the corner of my eye and his gaze softens ever so slightly, the hand that’s holding me up from under my thigh twitching slightly as he tries to control of his actions.

“How can this be?”He questions quietly, the sounds of people starting to become prominent as we approach some doors.“Listen, there’s not much time, but you’ve been locked away inside your head. You need to find where Lilith is hiding out and taking control. Find where she is in your head and kick her out, then you can have control.”

The trance I’m in breaks as the doors fly open. The whole “pack” stands around the backyard screaming and cheering as I’m carried to a pole in the middle. Soon I’m set down and chained with silver, my wrists locked around the pole as I sit on my knees. “Everyone gather around for the time has come for Celeste to meet her end. Her mate is almost here and soon she will watch him die slowly before we sacrifice her and gain the power, we all deserve.” My mother screams, causing everyone to cheer happily.

Soon the cheers die down, the only sound heard is the thunder around us as a storm starts to brew, lightening striking every few seconds. Just as the rain begins to flow and hit me like tiny little daggers burning my skin from their coldness, a long, strong howl is heard, one I know all too well.

“Austin...” I mumble out. “Let the fun begin.” My mom cackles as everyone around me begins to shift and snarl, excitement radiating off of them as they wait for my mate to walk into their trap.

Goddess please save us.

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