The Devils Daughter

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“Someone get the trackers out here! We have to find them!” I call out to my soldiers, picking up the ones my mate took down. “If my mate isn’t found in the next few hours, it’s on your heads.” I growled out before running in the direction Celeste went.

Celeste Middleton, the most feared rogue, is my mate. It was a shock to me when I realized who she was. I always thought I’d get a submissive pack member who saw the good in everything and could do no evil. The opposite of me.

Thinking about it, I’m glad I didn’t get one of those she-wolves They’re overrated.

The sounds of paws thudding against the cold, muddy ground sound to my left and right; my trackers.“Alpha, we’ve picked up on some scents, but it will be hard to pin point where they’re coming from.” My head tracker, William, voices in my head as I run alongside him.

The sweet smell of vanilla invaded my senses causing my wolf to purr in happiness. This is my mate’s scent.“Follow me, I’ve got them.”


“Goodbye Crowley, take care of your family.” I give one last hug to the twins before backing away. Everyone else has left and said their goodbyes but them. “Don’t forget to call when you can.” Anne calls out as she climbs into the car. I give a small smile to her before turning to Crowley who hasn’t made a move.

“You know running from him will only make things worse. He won’t stop till he has you, I didn’t.” He looks over at his wife. She nearly rejected him when she found out he was a rogue. Then she learned rogues aren’t all that bad.

“He has a pack, he’ll give up eventually and settle down with someone else. Now go, the house is in ashes and you know how impatient Cal gets.” We peek over our shoulders to see an angry looking witch glaring holes at us. Letting out a small snicker, Crowley gives me a peck on the forehead before climbing into his car.

“Celeste.” The not so happy voice of a very powerful alpha echoes in the forest clearing. Everything went deathly quiet, the only sound being the small crackle and pop of the dying fire coming from the distance. I turn around slowly, hoping I’ve started imagining things only for that hope to be crushed when I see Austin standing in the forest entry with hundreds of wolves behind him.

“Celeste?” Crowley, like an idiot, steps out of the car and tries to make his way to me. “Go Crowley.” I call to him, he’s about to protest when I turn towards him, my red eyes glowing in anger as I growl in warning. He stays silent, taking a second to assess the situation before reluctantly getting in the car and leaving.

“Hello Austin.” I reply coldly, giving a slight glance to the right at Cal who’s making his way to me. His striking violet eyes looked like they were glowing as the sun caught them. “I was just on my way to see you.” I smile as sweetly as I can. “You were?” He asks skeptical. “Of course! We are mates after all. Cal here was going to give me a ride, weren’t you Cal?”

“Yes, me and my friends.” He stands next to me, his friends coming up from behind and forming a line on the other side of him. “We just have to make a quick stop on the other side of the world.” I drop my smile as the witches around me start to chant silently.

“Oh, and we won’t be back.” I add after a white glowing mist starts to twirl its way around us. “Stop them!” I hear faintly as the mist starts to cover us. “Chant faster Cal, they’re coming!” I shout to him as I hear the pounding of paws. “Don’t pressure me or I’ll turn you into a frog.” He snaps as the chanting gets louder and faster.

“They’re getting closer Cal!” I yell once more before it all went dark.

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