The Devils Daughter

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“Okay, everybody understands the plan?” I ask the warriors surrounding me and they all respond with a, “Yes, Alpha”, before breaking away from the crowd to say goodbye to their families. A clap on my back has me turning to the right as Vance stands next to me. “We’re going to get her back.” With one last squeeze of reassurance to my shoulder, he leaves.

It’s not long before I gather everyone together again to shift; all of us carelessly tossing our clothes to the side before turning into our mighty wolves. All but me since I have to stay in human form for the plan to work. We start off in the direction provided by Gamma Bale, both Alpha Cunningham and his gamma running along next to me to provide any help we need.

It takes about an hour before I finally pick up Celeste’s scent and my wolf comes closer to the surface. He lets out a long and anger filled howl as he pushes me to move faster. The smell of fear lightly dusts the air from the pathetic rogues that thought they could kidnap my mate without considering the consequences.

I come to a stop right before I can cross their so called “territory,” giving a nod towards my warriors to tell them to get into position. Alpha Cunningham starts to rub his scent over four of my best warriors, knowing they’d be able to sneak in undetected with it on them. Cunningham and I begin to make our way over the territory line, my four warriors following behind before dispersing and hiding out of sight. The remaining ones staying behind the line and waiting for my call to attack.

We’re going to make thisAlpha Fosters think he has the upper hand when in reality, he’s falling into our trap.

Celeste’s scent becomes even stronger, along with the metallic smell of blood. A growl rumbles through my chest as I walk closer and closer to the opening in the trees. Cunningham stays in wolf form next to me as I break through the mess of leaves and branches. Standing tall in front of the rogues a few feet ahead of me, I see a few cower.

I do a quick scan of the crowd before they break apart to reveal my mate chained in silver to a pole. I can feel my eyes change to that of my wolfs as my canines extend and my claws come out. “Unhand my mate or I will torture you all until you beg for mercy.” I growl along with Cunningham as Celeste pulls on the chains, trying to break free.

“Run, Austin!” She screams as a tall and bony woman stepped forward. “Run! It’s a trap!” She calls but I remain unaffected, I already knew of their trap. “Hush my child, or ill cut out your tongue.” The girl seethes at Celeste while my mate just stares at her with pure hatred. “I am no child of yours, Lilith.” She hisses back as her eyes swirl black and red.

“Try all you want darling, but that demon of yours won’t be coming out to play.” She cackles while focusing her attention back onto me. “So, you’re the famous Austin Roman?” She muses as she strides confidently towards me. “After everything I heard, I expected something better planned from you. I mean, do you seriously believe you and that pathetic Alpha next to you can stopme?” She chuckles and comes to a stop less than a foot away from me.

“Alpha Cunningham is just here to take care of the rogues you tricked into joining your side. I plan on killing you myself without any help. It shouldn’t be too hard considering you’re nothing more than a low-level demon. You’re nothing, just a piece of scum stuck to Lucifer’s shoe.” She scowls and backs away slowly, heading towards Celeste.

“Now, is that any way to talk to your future mother-in-law?” She stops right next to Celeste’s crouched position in the grass. “Do you hear how he talks to your dear mother, Celeste?” Her voice is filled with fake sadness as she grabs a fistful of her hair and yanks her head up to look at her. She bends down, placing her lips right next to Celeste’s ear as she whispers, making sure she’s loud enough for me to hear. “I think he needs punished.” An evil glint shines in her eyes as she stands tall and calls over a taller man who carries a glass case.

I can’t see what’s inside but from the way Celeste’s eyes widen, I know it’s not good. “No, no, no! Dad stop it! Kick her out of your head, please!” She cries out as her mother opens the case and pulls out a silver gun, intricate designs displayed all over it. “Oh hush, it’s alright darling.” She strokes Celeste’s hair with the gun raised.

“It’ll only hurt a lot and don’t worry, I’ll make sure you feel all of it.” With that said, she aims the gun right at my chest. “Bye bye, Roman.” Then she fires. I close my eyes, bracing myself for the impact as Celeste let’s out a terrified scream. “NO!” She yells before there’s a snap. My eyes shoot open at the sound only to see Celeste standing right in front of me, her eyes wide and her body frozen.

I look down when I feel no pain and scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. Then Celeste starts to wobble and her knees buckle. I catch her as she falls and I lay her body across my lap, catching sight of the giant pool of blood that’s seeping through her shirt, right above her heart.

I stare in horror as she coughs, and blood comes from her mouth. It’s just like my dream. She cracks her bloodied lips open and I watch as she tries to gather enough energy to speak.“It’s your fault...” I recall her words from my dream and tears gather in my eyes as I wait for her to speak them for real.

“I-” She coughs again. “I l-love you.” She takes another strangled breath as her heart slows down before it stops all together and I feel my soul tearing in two. Her eyes fall closed and I clutch onto her still warm but lifeless body as I release a mournful howl. The wolves from my pack join in as they feel the tie to their Luna break before they all rush into the clearing with their teeth barred.

“Get them.” I growl before shifting and attacking the first wolf I see, my pack following my lead and attacking the people around them. I let my wolf have full control as I mercilessly kill anything that comes in my way, my eyes on Celeste’s mother the whole time I do.

It’s time for her to die.

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