The Devils Daughter

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I growled and ripped another rogue to shreds before stepping closer to the male wolf protecting the filth that killed my Celeste. I snarl as a warning to him, but he doesn’t back down.

I pop the muscles in my back and give an evil wolfish grin as I slowly step forward. If it was a fight he wished for, then I’ll happily oblige. I’ve nothing left to live for anyways. Without my mate, I’ll surely go insane and have to be put down while my Beta is forced to take over.

I growl once more before pouncing on the wolf, him shifting back into his beastly form as he attacks, too. I claw and rip away at exposed skin as he does the same to me, both of us seemingly equally matched.

A rogue shouldn’t be this strong. My eyes shift to the demon behind him, a smirk evident on her face as she mumbles incoherent nothing’s.She must be giving him some of her power to make him this strong.

As we fight, more and more wounds get inflicted to the both of us, neither of us backing down.

Then something happens. My soul starts to mend itself back into one piece, the dreaded despair I felt moments earlier suddenly leaving.

What is this? Am I getting a second mate? If so, then the goddess can just undo this now because I don’t want anyone besides my Celeste. I’d rather die a lonely death then be given another, for Celeste is the only one who owns my heart.

A new anger surges through me as I think of having a second mate forced upon me.I only want Celeste. I think bitterly to the moon goddess as I hop up from where I was pushed down and attack the male wolf with a new-found power. He whimpers and whines as I dig into his fur and I toss him against a tree trunk, effectively knocking him out cold.

With an evil glint in my eye, I turn towards the demon before me. She looks scared but not by me. It’s something behind me. I turn my head slowly, keeping my senses alert in case the demon tries something, and stare behind me. The scene I see shocks me.

There, standing just a few feet away from, is my mate. Alive and well as she takes down every rogue in her path with ease, her gaze set on Alpha Fosters and the sword he has hidden behind his back. Her black and red eyes were ablaze and distant as rogues went flying, her not even having to touch them. With just a flick of her hand’s rogues would go flying back with screams leaving their lips as black menacing shadows attached themselves around the pour wolves’ throats and dragged them off to into the woods. But even in this menacing state, I could only think of one thing, and that was that I had one hell of a bad-ass mate.


I take in a deep breath as I shoot up into a sitting position, gulping down air as I tried to regulate my heart rate. I looked around quickly to scope out my surroundings.Where was I?

My gaze travels to a large and mighty wolf fighting a slightly smaller one. I instantly recognize both of them, but I can’t remember where I know them from.

I stand hesitantly as I take another look around. Wolves have stopped fighting and started to stare in shock. After a few seconds they all seemed to snap out of it and one pounced at me. Something ran through me as I pulled my lip back in a snarl and flicked my wrist in his direction.

My look of anger instantly turned into one of fear as a demon soul flew up from the ground and tackled him, dragging the screaming wolf off into the woods to be devoured. I starred at my hand in amazement before more started to attack and my anger once again flared up.


A voice whispered in my head and I didn’t hesitate to do the fun little trick with the demon again on more of the pour souls who decided to go against me.

“Get to the sword.”

The voice whispered again, and my feet listen to the silent command as they dragged me toward a small cowardly man who stood in front of my sword. Seeing this man triggered a memory. A memory full of pain and blood and anger. This man had harmed Celeste.

He titled his chin up high as he tried to look intimidating. I just smirked and backhanded him once I got close enough. “So, you’re the man who has stolen my sword. Interesting, I thought you’d be, I don’t know, more intimidating.” I giggle as he scowls and charges at me.

My smile slips from my face as I punch him in the jaw, sending him tumbling to the floor. “You dare challenge me after all that you’ve done!” I scream, more power lacing my voice as I take a step forward and he tries to scurry back. “I don’t know who you are, but I know you’ve hurt my person and that is reason enough in my mind to warrant your death.”

I lean down and grip his throat in my hand before hoisting him up into the air. “Remember me because I’ll be the thing haunting you in hell.” I grumble through clenched teeth as my grip on his throat tightens and the intricate designs begin to run up and down my arms. He claws at my hands, gasping for air as the designs finally reach their destination on my hands and his body goes into shock, his body flailing around before going limp.

I drop his body to the ground and step over his twitching legs, his muscles’ reacting to the electric poison that was just pushed into his system. I smile warmly at the sight of my gorgeous sword.Father did well in crafting this for me.

Opening the glass case, I take hold of the hilt and lift it off the hooks it resides on. The flames of the sword take over as the enochian words glow. “We’re united once again old friend.” I mumble as I stroke the flames, memories of father showing me this sword before he sent me to be paired with Celeste floating into my mind.

A yelp of pain has me snapping out of my memories as my head shoots towards the mighty wolf that was just fighting so elegantly. Lilith has him by the throat, her sights set on me with an evil smile on her face. “My dear daughter, you’ve come back and I see you’ve let your demon have control.” She smirks as she beckons me closer with her finger.

“Tell me young one, what’s your name?” I take cautious steps closer.Why is she being kind? Isn’t she supposed to be trying to kill me right now?

My thoughts are answered by the mysterious voice.

“She is trying to gain your trust, so you’ll betray Celeste and help her gain the power she thrives for, do not listen my child.”

My eyes turn into slits as I glare at the woman before me. “I am Leena, Celeste’s demo, which means you cannot trick me into joining your side, evil wench.” My grip on my sword tightens as I raise it into a defensive stance. “Unhand that man. He means something to Celeste so harming him will only bring an even worse fate for you.”

I motion towards the man who stares at me with curiosity, his hands gripping Lilith’s’ as he tries to free himself. “No.” Is her simple reply. “I will not ask again.” I begin to take angry steps towards the infuriating woman until I’m nothing more than a few feet in front of her. “This fight is between you and me. He and his pack have the right to leave.”

She smiles wickedly as she gives me a once over before tossing the man over to his pack who’s watching a little bit farther away. They know better than to try and interfere.

“Leave.” I call over Lilith’s shoulder to the people. Noticing their hesitation, I soften my voice and make eye contact with the strange man Celeste loves. “I will return Celeste to you safely once this is done, I promise.” I give him a look of sincerity as I silently beg him to listen. With one last look towards me, he lets out a huff of defeat before retreating into the woods with his pack in tow.

“Now, it’s just you and me my dear girl.” Lilith stands taller as iron daggers appear in her hand, her taking a fighting stance. “Prepare for death, Lilith.” I take on a stance of my own before she charges.

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