The Devils Daughter

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I gasp in pain as Lilith throws me against a tree, my back popping as I sit up slowly. “That’s what you get for stabbing me in the thigh!” She hissed from across the clearing. I chuckle as my gaze shifts to the tiny dagger as she pulls it out and tosses it away. “I underestimated you, Lilith. You’re very strong, but I’m still stronger.”

I groan as the pain in my back begins to grow and I stand on shaky legs. “Looks like you won’t last much longer.” She chuckles while I clutch onto the tree for support, my skin stretching and trying to rip open.

“Don’t fight the pain.”

Came the voice of my father. I listen and release all the tension from my body. The pain subsides a bit while my skin rips and black feathered wings sprout out from my back. I gasp in shock as they spread out behind me, Lilith staring in shock along with me. “I’ll last long enough to kill you.”

I seethe before flapping my wings and flying straight into her, pinning her against a tree a few feet behind her. “Can’t kill me without your sword my dear.” She smiles evilly and pushes me away, her claws digging into my chest as she does. As I’m shoved away, I look around the clearing for my sword. It must’ve gotten knocked away when she threw me against the tree.

My eyes flicker between the trees and bushes before finally landing on my sword as it rests atop a boulder on the other side of the clearing. Lilith makes a dash for the sword and I’m quick to follow, my wings flapping heavily behind me as I fly past her and reach for the hilt.

Just as my fingertips graze it, she yanks me back, throwing me to the floor. She tries to stab me with one of her daggers, but I roll away in time causing it to pierce the ground instead. I grab hold of my sword just as she pulls her dagger from the dirt.

Turning towards her, I slash at her hand and knock the dagger from her hand before cutting across her chest. She stumbles back, a hiss of pain escaping her lips. “You’re defenseless, Lilith. Just surrender and give yourself up to Lucifer.”

“Never!” A broken pair of wings sprout out and she flies up into the air. Without hesitation I follow behind her. “You can’t escape this!” I scream as I gain up on her, her wings wilted and dead as she struggles to keep flight. I catch up with ease and grab hold of her shirt, holding her in place as I keep us in the air.

“Keep this up and your punishment in hell will be much worse.” I warn. “Either way I’m a dead woman so why not go down in a blaze of glory.” The earth begins to rumble as inhuman screeches echo around us. Black shadows shoot up from the ground and surround us. She shoves me away and hides in the clumps of darkness while I look around for her.

“Stop being a coward!” I slash across one of the shadow demons as they fly towards me. “How are you controlling them? You don’t have the authority!” I yell as more attack. The sound of her dark chuckle comes from all around as I defend myself from the demons. “Dark magic lets you do all kinds of things my dear.” She appears in front of me with a cocky smile in place. “Watch this.” Excitement is laced in her voice as she snaps her fingers and more of her appear. “Where am I? Am I here?” The one to the left of me speaks, waving her hand. “Or how ’bout over here?” Another appears behind me as I spin around, my sword drawn.

“Close your eyes and focus!”

My father scolds and I listen, my eyes falling shut as I clear my thoughts. A rush of power flows through me and I open my eyes. “Enough!” My voice is laced with authority as a blast of red and black magic rushes through the air, clearing away the shadow demons and clones. The real Lilith appears behind me, her dagger raised above her head and ready to strike.

I spin around, knocking my wing into her and sending her falling to the ground. She lands with a harsh thud, a crater forming where she landed, and I fly down to stand next to her. “This is over Lilith, I win.” I hold the top of the sword to her throat as she coughs blood. “Your ribs are broken, and you have internal bleeding, surrender.”

She coughs once more before shakily raising her hand, her power flickering across her palm before dying out. “Go on, kill me.”

“Do it my child.”

Listening to the voice of my father I raise the sword above me. Just as I’m about to plunge the sword into her heart, a smirk crosses her features and I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion.

Before I can question her strange behavior I’m tackled to the ground, a snarling wolf on top of me. “Dean, stop this.” I hiss as I try to reach for the sword that was knocked out of my hands. “He can’t hear you, he’s still under my command.” Lilith’s pained voice comes from behind Dean’s form as she pushes herself off the ground.

“Dean listen to me, remember what Celeste told you. Fight her.” I command as I look into his eyes trying to catch a glimpse of the real him and not the zombie he’s been for the last decade. His eyes flash between the foggy haze to his natural hazel eyes. “That’s it, fight.” I whisper but they switch back. “You won’t win.” Lilith bends down next to me as Dean keeps snarling in my face.

“Yes, she will.” I look over in shock at Austin as he stands behind Lilith with my sword in hand, the sizzling of his skin can be heard as the scent of his burning skin lingers in the air.

He kicks Lilith’s broken and bruised body away before tackling down Dean and giving me the sword. The flames once again over take the metal as I shoot up to my feet and stand above her once more. “Goodbye mother.” With that said, I plunge the sword into her chest, piercing her heart as she screams in pain.

As her screams die down, my vision goes hazy. Black dots dance across my vision as my knees buckle. I fall to the floor, the darkness consuming me once more.

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