The Devils Daughter

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Everything was dark. No matter where I looked all there was, was darkness. The last thing I remember is watching Leena fight before everything went dark.

“Hello?” I called for what seemed like the trillionth time. And just like the other times, there was no reply. “Please, I just need some help!” I yelled but the only noise that came back was the echo of my own voice.

It feels like ages since I actually opened my eyes. They seemed to ache, begging for me to peel them open but no matter how hard I tried, they didn’t budge. A burning in my throat also accompanied me. I know these signs, I’m in a coma.

It happened once before when a rogue caught me off guard.

I was trying to help another, and succeeded too, but I got knocked around too much and ended up passing out for two weeks in Crowley’s cabin after the fight. I wonder how long I’ve been out this time.

I ended up giving up on calling for help, it was useless. I just sat there in the darkness with my thoughts until finally I started hearing snippets of the people around me in the real world. “Is she okay?” Came the faint voice of my mate, Austin.

I could feel as he took hold of my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze out of anxiousness. I giggled slightly at the way he was bugging the doctor over something the doctor simply couldn’t control. I was in a coma. They may or may not know why, but either way, there’s no way to get me out. I’ll have to do that on my own.

“Celeste?” Came the faint voice of a woman. It sounded a lot like Cat, but she was gone...wasn’t she? “I am, but we were granted one last chance to talk, remember?” I turn around quickly at the sound of her voice behind me. There stood my grey wolf.

“Cat!” I called happily as I hugged her. “Hello Celeste.” I pull away to look at her. All the scars that used to line her coat have disappeared. “They left when I went to heaven to be with our ancestors.” She answered my silent question. “Are you happy?”

“Yes!” She cheered. “I no longer need to fight. I get to rest and be a normal wolf.” She chirped out happily. “Now you get to be happy, too.”

“How though? I’m trapped her for goddess knows how long.” I peek around at the darkness as I speak. “Just keep moving forward, you’ll eventually find the light.” The light? That’s what I need to find? I thought you went to the light when you were ready to die? “That’s just a myth.” Cat says. She must know what I’m thinking. “Yes, I do know. Now, it’s time for me to leave and for you to go back to your mate.”

“I’m going to miss you, Cat.” I tell her sadly. “I’ll miss you, too.” We soon say our final goodbye’s and she fades away, leaving me alone in the darkness once again.

Sighing out, I decide to listen to Cat and start to kick my feet to move around in the darkness. It was better then just siting there and floating.

The farther into the darkness I went, the more light began to shine. It got brighter and brighter until it was fully lit, and I could finally see my surroundings.

I was in what seemed to be a painfully white corridor that is nearly to an end. There were no doors, there was nothing. For a moment I thought maybe I should go back and try a different way, but in my heart, I knew this was right.

At the end of the corridor stood a tall and elegant mirror. When I gazed inside, I couldn’t help but gasp as the sight of my feathery black wings came into view. They were dark and mysterious, but also beautiful. I flapped them a few times and stretched them out to get a better view.

Will they stay forever?

I couldn’t help but wonder. Just the thought of these wonderful things leaving saddened me. I don’t want them to go and something tells me they won’t.

Once I was done admiring the beauties on my back, the glass mirror started to slowly fade away from my image and into an image of a hospital room; my hospital room to be exact.

My hand reaches out to touch the mirror that was displaying my unconscious body. Austins slumped and disheveled figure coming into view, too, but instead of falling against a cold surface, my hand went straight through. I was caught off guard and ended up falling completely in.

I ended up in a heap on the floor with a loud thump, one which seemed to startle Austin. He shot up from his chair beside my bed and went on alert as he searched the room. His eyes scanned right past me and moved on. Once he found nothing, his perfectly sculpted eyebrows drew together in confusion before he slowly sat back down.

“Austin?” I called softly. I didn’t get a response. It seems he can’t hear or see me, but I can interact with him and the room. I slowly walked up behind him and placed my hand on his shoulder. The tenseness left and his shoulders slumped as a sigh of content left his lips. He could sense my presence; he just didn’t know why or how.

I leaned down and pressed a gently kiss to his cheek before moving over to stand above my body. “I’m coming home, darling.” I whispered before floating into the air and rejoining my body.

I jolt up with a loud gasp of air, my breathes coming out in pants as machines went crazy all around me. The beeping becoming unbearable until finally they just stopped. A small smile left my lips as I felt like I could finally breathe again. “You’re awake.” Came the breathless voice of my mate from beside me.

I didn’t waste anytime in throwing myself off the bed and into his arms. He caught me with ease and held back just as tight as I was. “I was worried sick.” He mumbled into my hair as he snuggled his face into my shoulder. “How long was I out?” Was my scratchy reply, a horrible cough beginning right after since my throat was so dry that talking irritated it. “A month.”

His voice was quiet and thick with emotion as his eyes misted with tears. “The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. They thought you’d never wake up.” While he talked, he began placing me back in bed before handing me a glass of water. I gulped it down eagerly, the soreness in my throats already dissipating. Once I was done, I set the glass back down and pulled him over to sit in bed with me.

“Did you talk to my grandfather about it?” He’s a demon so surely, he could’ve told them what was happening. “He was just as stumped as us. He left a week after it happened saying he was returning home to see if anyone there could help, we haven’t seen him since.” He shrugged his shoulders while he gazed back at me.

Well, that is until his eyes widened and drifted towards something behind me. “What?” I asked curiously as I peered over my back. As soon as I did, a smile took over my face. My wings had stayed.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” I asked him as I looked back towards him. He remained silently. His hand coming out to stroke the fathers instead. “How?” Was his whisper as he was still entranced by my wings. “What do you mean? Weren’t they here while I was sleeping?” He simply shook his head no.

“They were with me in my dream. Maybe they just followed me out?” Deciding it was a topic to research later, we moved on. Instead, Austin went and got the doctors and they did a routine checkup before declaring that I needed to stay overnight for observation. After that, Austin and I stayed up watching movies and talking about everything I missed over the last month.

The next day my family came to visit me as Austin checked me out of the hospital and so did Austin’s Beta and Gamma. I gave everyone hugs and made sure they were doing okay as well before saying goodbye and leaving with my mate.

On the drive home though, I ended up falling asleep. I was only awoken because Austin accidentally hit his head on the top of the car while pulling me out of the seat. A chuckle left my lips as he silent cursed. “You’re quite clumsy, aren’t you Alpha?” I teased while he playfully glared.

He carried me up the steps of what he said is our private home before unlocking the door and heading in. With a push from his foot, the door slammed shut and he began leading us to the stairs while we talked. I was still laughing from a joke that he told when his body went stiff and he quit walking.

A frown took over my face as I stared up at his rigid self before turning my attention towards the living room where he was looking. There stood my grandfather and father. “Who is that?” His tone was clipped and on edge as he starred at the mysterious man next to Zeke.

I get why he was on edge. He did give off a powerful and dark vibe, but I knew better than to be scared, he was my father after all. As soon as I saw them both, a giant smile took over my face and I eagerly squirmed out of Austin’s arms. Once I was free, much to Austin’s distaste, I flung myself at my father and grandfather. They hugged back just as quickly and tightly as I was.

“I came as soon as Zeke told me what was going on.” My dad whispered. “By the time we got back though, you were already awake and gone from the hospital.” Zeke spoke up next with a small chuckle and shake of his head. “You had us worried.” My father playfully scolded.

The clearing of a throat had us all snapping back to reality though as we turned to look at a clearly confused Austin. “And who might this be?” He raised his brow at me as he impatiently tapped his foot. “Um, Austin,” I walked over and grabbed his hand before leading him back over to my father. “This is my dad- myreal dad, Lucifer.”

He looked confused so I quickly mind-linked him saying I’d explain later. “And father, this is my mate Austin.”

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