The Devils Daughter

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Two weeks later...

“Alpha! Luna!” A disheveled young warrior says as he briskly walks up to me and Austin. “Young Mathews, what has you so scared?” I quickly ask as I pat his back gently as a way to comfort him. “We’ve found the traitor, Luna Celeste.” Austin’s worried face morphs into a serious demeanor as he straightens up and has the young pup focus on him instead of me. “Where are they?” His voice is deep and on the verge of a growl as pulls me to him.

“The dungeon with Celeste’s father, Dean. But I must warn you, you’re not going to like what you see.”

One month later...

The sound of the judge’s gavel echoes across the elder’s court room as he hits it onto the desk. Wolves who gathered from all around, stand to address the head elder as he enters. “Sit, my brothers and sisters.” His voice is strong and full of authority as he takes his place among the rest of the elder council.

“We’re here today to discuss the trial of former Luna, Dianna Roman, of the Roman pack and mother to current Alpha, Austin Roman.” I grab hold of Austin’s hand in support as the Elder’s guards bring in Austin’s mother, Austin stiffening up at the sight of her.

“Over the last month we’ve reviewed the evidence brought forward by Alpha Roman and his pack and have now come to a verdict. Before we give your verdict, Alpha Austin has asked to further question the former Luna. Austin, please come forward.” Elder Smith calls and I silently wish him good luck. “Why, mother, have you committed this treason against my pack?”

He questions as he stands before her, an icy glare set upon her.

“I did it for your pack, not to bring harm against it. That...rogue," She spits the word out with disgust as she stares over at me. “Isn’t good for your pack, darling. She’s wanted by packs all over the country! Having her as your Luna will only bring war and destruction. So, please, I beg of you Austin, forgive me, reject her and find someone else to rule beside you.”

She moves forward to grab Austin’s hands, but he pulls hem away from her grip like she just burned him. “Don’t touch me!” He hisses. I watch as his father stiffens in the crowd and is forced to look away. “That rogue is my mate and I love her! Let’s not forget you were once a rogue too, mother. You two may not have gone through the same difficulties but that’s what makes her stronger than any other she-wolf out there. What you did shall never be forgiven and I wish it wouldn’t have come to this, but you forced my hand. I disown you as my mother and revoke all rights you had from being the former Luna.”

Austin makes his way back to me with an emotionless expression while his mother breaks down in tears behind him. “Elder Smith, you may continue.” I speak up when Austin makes no move to.

“Thank you, Luna Celeste. As for Madam Roman’s comment about the Luna wanted by the packs, all Alpha’s have been told to stop all searches for her after she so generously brought forth evidence against the wolves she harmed and even more. She won’t be completely off the hook for her crimes, but we understand why she did what she did.”

I smile gratefully at the Elders as they smile down at me and Austin. “Moving forth to the verdict on Dianna Roman. The elders of the high council have found you, Dianna Rose Roman, guilty of high treason. You are to spend the rest of your days in the Royal prison for turning against your Luna and sending her, and your Alpha, to their deaths by working with rogues, witches, and demons. You will be given 20 minutes to say farewell to any friends and family willing to listen before you’re shipped to Ireland. There, Queen Alexis will sign the papers to seal your fate and show your husband to a home for mates with incarcerated family members. Guards! Take her away.”

The second-high elder bangs the gavel once again and everyone stands. “You’re all dismissed.”

Four years later...

“Mama! Come quickly! Grandpa is here!” Comes the excited voice of my 3-year-old son, Damien. “One second, sweetie!” I call back as I pick up my crying two-year-old from her crib. Little Anastasia hates being alone for too long.

I make my way down the stairs as quickly as I can with a giggling baby wiggling around in my arms. “Dad!” I say happily as pull him in for a hug. “There’s my two favorite girls.” He chuckles as Anastasia makes grabby hands at him. He happily takes her from my hands, making silly faces as he does.

“Damien, can you go get your father from his office?” He nods enthusiastically before running away and disappearing up the stairs. Soon after I got pregnant with Damien, Austin didn’t like staying away so he moved most of his things from his main office at the pack house, to his rarely used office in ours.

“So, what brings you here? Usually you call before stopping by.” He doesn’t look up at me and instead puts all his attention on baby Ana. “Dad?” I call again and he snaps out of it. “Sorry, Celeste, but something urgent has come up. I need to speak to you and Austin immediately.” From the tone in his voice I know not to argue and instead direct my attention towards my son and Austin as they come down the stairs.

“Damien, can you watch your sister while the adults go just down the hall to talk?” I ask sweetly, already knowing he’ll say yes. He loves his baby sister. “Of course, mama!” He gives me a kiss to the cheek before gently taking Ana from his grandpa and setting her in her bouncing swing.

“In here dad.” I say quietly as I grab hold of Austin’s hand.

Once we’re alone and out of earshot of the kids, I turn back to my father. “What’s so urgent dad? Usually you’ll spend at least a little more time with your grandkids before you bring up something of importance.”

“It’s starting, Celeste.” He states calmly and my eyebrows scrunch together. “What is?”

"It! The war between the supernatural beings on earth and the demons in hell. It’s starting so I need you to come with me to start training our warriors.” I took a deep breath; this is what I’ve been training for. “Okay, let’s go.” I replied, ready to go, but he stopped me. “First, Celeste, there’s someone you need to meet.”

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