The Devils Daughter

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“Fix it.” I whisper as I look to the floor. “What?” He asks, surprised at the smallness of my voice. I swallow hard, clenching my fists as I look up at him. “I said fix it.” I speak as boldly as I can, glaring at him as my anger begins to peek again.

“I can’t.” Looking at his facial expressions it seems like he’s torn between helping his mate or being a responsible alpha. “Why not?” I scream at him. “I have to protect my pack and without your wolf, you’re not strong enough do any damage.” I scoff at his statement.

“I don’t need my wolf to do what I’ve done.” I growl at him as he stands taller. “I don’t believe you.” He chuckles, turning around to leave. I grow frustrated and raise my right arm to hit him. He, being an Alpha, knew what was coming and dodged it, causing my fist to go through the wall. I pull my hand from the crumbling drywall, shaking the dust from my hand as the small cuts on my knuckles heal before my eyes. “I want my wolf,now.”

He gasps and I catch a glimpse of my eyes in the mirror next to me. They’ve gone all black with a red ring in them. I take a step back, distracted by my new eye color. Austin uses this distraction to his advantage and pins my arms against my body, lifting me up in the process. I flail my legs around in anger, trying my best to kick.

“Let me go you stupid son of a-” He places his hand over my mouth while I try to kick him. “Sorry darling, no cuss words in this house.” I bite down on his hand making him let go of me. “Bitch.” I smile sarcastically at him before kicking in his leg. He stumbles to the ground, giving me the chance to run out of the bedroom door. “Celeste!” He calls after me and after a few seconds I hear his footsteps trampling from behind me.

“Stop her!” He calls as I run down a stair case and into a living room. I come to a stop as I come face to face with two men. “Luna, is something wrong?” The tall brunette on the left asks, worry clear in his voice. “Grab her Aston.” Austin calls exhausted from the top of the stairs. I look up to him, growling before turning back to the two boys who are getting closer. “Luna please, we don’t want to hurt you.” The blonde next to Aston says.

I snort a laugh at his statement. “Go ahead and try.” I snap at him before trying to run past them and to the door. The blonde grabs me and I elbow him in the nose, hearing the beautiful crunch of it breaking. He yells a few choice words before letting go to hold onto his bleeding nose. I go to claw the brunette when I remember I can’t because my wolf is dormant. Growling in frustration, I look around me for a weapon.

“Celeste, I’ve called all my warriors and they’ve got every exit out of this territory covered. You have nowhere to go.” Austin comes to stand a few feet ahead of me, his hands half way in the air like I’m some kind of wild animal he’s trying to tame. I laugh to myself at my thoughts. Oh, how close that statement actually is to the truth.

“I’ll find a way. Even if it’s not today or tomorrow, I’ll find a way away from you and this pack. I’ve gotten away from much worse.” He looks hurt by my statement at first before getting confused at the last bit. I push past him before he can question the meaning behind it. Heading up the stairs and into an empty room, I slam the door shut. Theories and ways to escape were already running through my head as I sat down on the bed.


I watch her make her way back upstairs, listening to her gentle footsteps walk across the floor before the slam of a door is heard. A heavy sigh escapes my mouth as I turn to my Beta and Gamma, Aston and Vance. Aston gives me a sympathetic look while Vance cleans the blood off his healing nose. “Your mate is strong, dude. Didn’t you make her wolf dormant?” He asks once the blood is gone. “Yeah, but any werewolf is strong enough to break bone without the strength of their wolf.” I reply, confusion clear in my voice.

“I know but she barely put any pressure into the nudge and it just snapped like a twig.” He looks up to the stair case where my mate was less than five minutes ago. “She even knocked you on your ass.” They both laugh while I just stare blankly at them. “How’d you know?” I cross my arms, getting irritated by their snickers. “Werewolf hearing Austin. We heard your fat ass fall.” I roll my eyes and turn away from them, going after my angry mate.

I stop outside the door where I know she has taken up shelter from the vanilla smell swarming around the door. I knock lightly on the door, getting nothing but a growl in response. Pressing my ear to the door, my eyebrows scrunch together when I hear nothing but her resting heartbeat.“Is she sleeping?” I ask my wolf to which he just grunts at me. He’s angry at me for taking away his chance to talk to his mate, Celeste’s wolf.

I open the door slowly, prepared to be yelled at only to find my precious mate curled onto the bed, fast asleep. I get close, kneeling down next to the bed as I notice her clenched fists and slight whimpers of fear that leave her lips. Running my thumb across her cheek, the whimpers come to a stop and her tense body relaxes under my touch.

“The mate bond is working.”Ezekiel, my wolf, says happily as he stares down at our sleeping mate.“Do you think she’ll reject us?” I ask him since we seem to be on speaking terms.“No, we’re mates, and the odds of rejection are low, especially if she hasn’t done it yet.”

He speaks confidently, but I can still hear the undertone of worry. “She won’t.” I tell myself a few times before kissing her on the forehead and saying goodnight.

She won’t.

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