The Devils Daughter

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“One, two she’s coming for you.

Three, four see what’s in store.

Five, six wait there’s a fix.

Seven, eight someone takes your place.

Nine, ten never see them again.”

“Inmate number 36, shut up!” The guard calls as I sing the rhyme about me. A laugh escapes my lips as another speaks up.“Shut it girl before I break out and gut you like a fish.” The rogue in the cell across from me spits out making me laugh harder.“Oh darling, you’d be dead before you even stepped a foot in my cell.” I step into the light, giving him a view of my famous red eyes and menacing smile.He scoots back, a gasp bouncing around the cold cement walls as he begins to shake in fear. “C-Celeste.”

“The one and only, Uncle John.”

I wake with a deep intake of breath as I sit up in bed, the lingering sight of my uncle’s fearful eyes in the back of my mind. “Uncle John?” I mumble to myself absentmindedly as I try to recall what all happened that day. “Where is she?” The muffled sound of people talking snaps me out of my trance, making me get out of bed and walk to the door ahead of me.

The door is cracked slightly open, so I peek in. A whole new room is seen on the other side. Inside is Austin and the men from before. “She’s just past that door. I’m worried about her. She was having a nightmare and mumbling something about a John.” Austin runs his hand through his messy black hair.

“Maybe this John guy did something to her? She is a rogue after all, they don’t live decent lives.” The blonde speaks, I think I remember reading about him. He’s Vance, Austin’s gamma. Austin let’s out a low growl and clenches his fists. “If he did anything to upset her, I’ll kill him myself.” I decide to come out from hiding, tired of them talking about me. “There’s no need, if he wronged me then there’s no way he’s still breathing.” The three of them turn around startled. “Besides, I don’t need you doing anything for me.”

“Wait, what do you mean “if”? You don’t remember?” He gives me a worried look which has me backing up in confusion. He’s worried about me? No way. If he cared, he wouldn’t have taken my wolf. “No, some...things, happened in my life and over the years I’ve blocked stuff out.” I lean against the doorway and check my nails as I grow bored.

“I think we need to talk about some things, Celeste.” He says seriously and walks towards me. “Follow me to my office so we can have some privacy.” He walks out a door and into the hall, so I turn to the Beta and Gamma in the room. “He does realize I’m not going to just listen, right?” I snort a laugh but release a shriek when I’m picked up and thrown over a shoulder.

“Let me down Austin!” I yell, banging my fists on his back as he holds down my struggling feet. “If I let you down then you have to follow me, got it?”

“Fine, fine just let me go. I’m getting light headed.” I know my face is going red from the blood rushing to my head. “Oh, sorry.” He mumbles and sets me on the floor while I glare at him. Blowing out a puff of air, I move my hair from my face and proceed down the hall with Austin. “Why do we need to talk? Can’t we just move on with our lives and pretend this didn’t happen?” I ask hopeful even though I know the answer.

“No. You’re my mate and now the Luna of this pack, deal with it.” He grumbles out and stops in front of a door. ”Alpha’s Private Office.Do you really need that written on a gold plate on the door?” I look over my shoulder to see him shrug before opening the door for me.

I stride in confidentiality, looking around the giant room. The east wall is nothing but a built-in bookcase while the west wall has a whole living room theme going on. Couches lined up with a flat screen attached to the wall. Then, sitting in front of glass french doors is an oak desk with a leather chair and two arm chairs facing the other side of the desk. The french doors leading to a terrace.

“Wow, this is way more than you need.” I say nonchalantly. “I need it big enough for when I have meetings.” I roll my eyes and plop down in his leather spinning chair. “So,Alpha, what did we need to talk about?”

“We need to talk about you. Why are you a rogue?” He sits across from me, resting his elbows on his knees. “What? Haven’t heard the rumors about me? How I’m insane and killed my parents, becoming blood thirsty in the process? Or how about the one where I’m related to the devil himself and was put on this earth to torture the damned? That one’s my favorite.” I smile sarcastically at him.

“I’ve heard the rumors, Celeste. I want to know what the real reason is.” He says calmly while I just narrow my eyes at him. “I didn’t choose this life, Roman. I was born into it.”

“Then what happened that made you so angry?” I scoff. “I don’t need to have a therapy session from someone who’s just as insane as me. Like your Gamma said, rogue life isn’t easy. What’s your excuse for being so cruel?” I lean my elbows on top of his desk, interlocking my fingers in the process. “Little rich boy alpha didn’t get the perfect life? That is really hard to believe.” I release a heavy breath as I watch his jaw clench. “You don’t know anything about me.”

I laugh breathlessly as I stand and walk around his desk.

“Name: Austin D. Roman

Age: 25

Mate: Not specified

Pack/Status: Alpha to the Roman pack after the title was passed down at 17, a year ahead of schedule due to father, Samuel Roman, getting injured in war. The Roman pack is thriving with no known enemies or ongoing wars.

Family/Health: Only living relatives are parents Dianna and Samuel Roman who are now retired and living in the Calvin pack. No known illnesses and healthy enough to make an heir when Luna is crowned.

Personal Notes: Hot headed alpha who has killed in the hundreds with no real reason. In forces irrational laws and should be overthrown.”

I watch as he stares in wonder after I’ve gotten done reciting the notes, I read less than a month ago. “I know more than that Austin, that’s just the first page from my notes.”

“You’ve collected notes on me?” He stands, not angry but confused. “Not just you. I have data collected on all Alpha’s that pop up in the states. How do you think I’ve broken into so many packs?”

“How?” He steps forward, trying to look scary. “You don’t scare me Austin. I’ve faced worse than an angry mate.” He takes a few deep breathes and sits back down. “So, you do know me. Well, I know some stuff about you too.” I raise my left brow at him in amusement. “Trust me, whatever you know is probably just a rumor.”

I cross my arms as he nods in agreement. “Most likely, yes. So, let me learn about you.” I think about it before shrugging my shoulders. “What do you want to know?” I ask, knowing not to say anything I don’t want to. Maybe if I play nice it’ll be easier to escape.

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