The Devils Daughter

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“First I want to tell you how sorry I am about yesterday.” I shrug my shoulders like it’s nothing. “It’s fine, I’ve had worse birthdays.” I say casually while his eyes go wide. “It was your birthday?” He smacks himself in the head and I laugh. “I’m the worse mate ever.”

“It’s fine Austin, just ask your questions.” He nods sadly. “Okay, but I’m going to make it up to you, I swear.” I just roll my eyes as I wait for him to stop pouting and ask his questions. “What made you go rogue?” He asks as I sit back in his chair. “I told you; I was born into it.” My gaze drifts around the room as I already grow bored with this.

“Yes, you said that but surly your parents wanted to keep you from the harder life of a rogue.” I scowl, my mood souring. “I have no parents.” His eyebrows scrunch together as he thinks, the tip of his tongue sticking out as he mumbles to himself. I watch, smiling to myself as he reminds me of a pup I used to know.

“Celeste! Celeste!” The high-pitched chuckle of the pup jumping around in front of me travels to my ears as I play with him. My big, bushy grey tail thumping against the ground as I roll around, acting like he’s beat me in a fight.“Okay Danny, I surrender. You win!” I laugh, nudging him off my stomach with my nose as I sit up. “What do we do now, Celeste?” I stare sadly at the pup. Well, my wolf stares down at him since she has most control.

“We have to go find shelter so I can try and get food tonight.” It was winter time and we were having trouble getting enough food to feed both a growing pup and a full-sized wolf. “What if there isn’t enough? You can’t go another day without eating.”He shouts with worry through our mind link, jumping on me in the process. “I’ll be fine, Danny.” I try to reassure him, but he continues rambling. “You’ll faint again and what if you die? I’ll be alone.” I watch the tears pool in his chocolate brown eyes and my heart breaks a little.

I like the salty tears off his furry face and pick him up by the scruff. “I’m not going anywhere.” I promise to him.With that said, we begin our journey to the humble little cave we call home. Danny was jumping and twisting around trees as he played. I laugh, trying my best to keep an eye on him when the air shifts. Even Danny notices and stops playing.

“Celeste? What’s wrong?” He stands under my body, winding between my legs. “We need to leave, this is pack territory.” I pick him up by his scruff, but it’s too late. Pack guards have already begun to surround us.“Halt, you are trespassing on pack grounds, rogue. Come with us peacefully or we’ll use force.” I let a warning growl out, telling them to stay back. Danny whimpers, still dangling from my mouth. “We didn’t mean to pass through. My pup here was playing and we accidentally crossed territory lines. We’ll be on our way out.” I back up slightly causing the wolves around me to growl.

“We’ll be taking you to Alpha Red.” My grey ears raise up, my hope rising. “Red and I have a peace treaty, let us go.” I stomp my paw on the ground, kicking up snow as I lower my head in anger.

The man in front of me snorts a laugh as I look at him confused. Before I can think, I feel a shock pass through my side and I fall, shaking in pain. Danny yelps as he’s ripped from my jaws, tearing a little skin. Looking to my right I see a man with a dart gun, from the smell of it, it’s laced with wolfs bane.

A little later I wake up in an oversized t-shirt on the floor of an office. “Well, looks like sleeping beauty is awake.” I jolt up at the laughing voice and hear Danny yelling my name.“Danny?” My voice is groggy as I try to stand and make my way to the little boy, and the giant man who’s holding him.

Two men grab onto my arms and haul me up so I’m staring at Red, the devil himself. “We had a deal, Red. Let us go.” I try to lunge at the ass of an Alpha when I get light headed, both from lack of food and the remaining wolfs bane in my body.“Let Celeste Middleton go?” He lets out a laugh as I growl weakly. “Darling, killing you will bring me such fortune. You’re a menace and I’m already the most hated Alpha because of our little treaty.” He slams his fist onto his desk before walking up to me.

He strikes me across the cheek making my head snap to the left. I lick the blood that begins to drip from my split lip, feeling it already start to heal. “You hit like a girl.” I laugh between each word while he fumes.“Shut up.” He yells, hitting me again. I keep laughing as he keeps hitting. “You shouldn’t do that Red cause when the time comes, I’ll have your head on a stake.” I say seriously and he falters in his movements, stepping back a little.

“I’ll rip that weak little spine right out of you and watch as all your little pack members are forced to bow down to their new Alpha.” He growls, striking me again before his little minions join in on the torment.“Celeste!” I watch defenseless as Danny bites onto the giant man’s hand and runs towards me. “Danny, no!” But I was too late to warn him. Red hit him causing him to fall back and smack his head on the corner of a coffee table.

“Danny?” I whisper quietly as he lays still on the floor, blood beginning to form a puddle around his fragile head. “DANNY!” I push through all the hands holding me down and crawl to the pup, my pup.I held his lifeless body, crying my heart out as guards tried to pry me away. “I’ll kill you for what you’ve done, Red!” I screamed profanities at the Alpha as I was carried away from the scene.

“Celeste?” The call of my name snaps me out of my memories, and I turn my attention back to my mate who is leaning down in front of me. “Are you okay?” He asks, wiping a lone tear that was running down my cheek, little tingles trailing where he touches. “I’m fine.”

My voice breaks at the end causing me to clear my throat. “Penny for your thoughts?” He asks hopeful and I give him a small smile. “Did you know when you’re thinking, you stick your tongue out like a child?” I chuckle as he rolls his eyes. “I’ve been told that once or twice, why?” He stands up, dragging a chair to sit in front of me and settles down in it.

“You reminded me of a pup named Danny that I had met when I was 18. He stuck his tongue out when he was thinking just like you.” He smiles with me before asking the question that has my rare smile disappearing into thin air. “Where is he now?” His face holds regret as soon as he asks the question. “He passed away about a year after I met him.” He looks at me with sympathy, but I can see the question he’s holding back.

‘How did he die?’ That’s what he’s scared to ask and so I tell him. I tell him the story of the pup who got caught up in my misfortune. When I’m done telling the story of my little pup, Austin doesn’t speak so I look up. I thought maybe he was angry with me. He’s looking at me, tears pooling behind angry black eyes. “He beat you and killed a little boy?” I nod, confused by his sudden change of behavior. “Which Alpha was it?” I scoff, realizing why he was acting like this.

“There’s nothing you can do Austin; besides, I plan on taking his life, not you.” He growls lowly but still calms himself down. “Don’t worry love, I’ll find out who it was.” He promises before continuing with his questions. “As I was saying before, who was the old couple that was here when we first met?” I clear my throat and remove the sad memory of Danny, replacing it with memories of the aging couple I see as my mom and dad.

“That was Sylvia and Warren, the closest thing to parents that I actually have.” I answer, a ghost of a smile playing on my lips. “Then who was John?” I raise a brow at him. “What? I figured maybe he was someone important if you were dreaming about him.” He looks at me innocently as he waits for my answer. “John was my Uncle and that dream was nothing but a memory.”

I dismiss the question, but he keeps pushing. “What happened in your dream?” He rests his head on his hands as his elbows sits on his knees. “It was a dark time when my wolf had all control.” I began.

Finally, he’s been found. My dearest uncle. The man who holds the key to finding my parents, has been found. My wolf laughs as she runs through the woods. He had been less than two states away this whole time and we didn’t know.

Our adrenaline rises as we get closer and closer to the pack boarder that holds the answers we seek. The pack that holds the man who helped ruin my life.I pass quickly through the pack lines and stop in the middle of the forest, waiting. “Who goes there?” Well that didn’t take long. “The names Celeste Middleton and I’d like to be placed in the cells.”

The man looks at me like I’m crazy, but complies and soon I’m in the dirty, rotten smelling hole that is a cell. I begin to sing my tunes as the guards rotate shifts, prisoners grumbling angrily since I won’t quiet down.“Shut it girl before I break out and gut you like a fish.” The oh so familiar voice that I used to hear every weekend shout from the cell across from me.

“Oh darling, you’d be dead before you even stepped a foot in my cell.” I step into the light, giving him a view of my famous red eyes and menacing smile.He scoots back, a gasp bouncing around the cold cement walls as he begins to shake in fear. “C-Celeste.”

“The one and only, Uncle.”My smile falls as I place my hand on the silver bars. My eyes never leave his as I watch him flinch at the sound of my burning flesh.My grip on the bars tighten and I begin to bend them outward since the guards aren’t on our floor. Soon they’re open wide enough for me to slip through and walk to my dearest Uncle.“Celeste dear, what are you doing here?” He takes small steps back until his back hits the cement wall. “You know what I want.”

“So, what did you want?” Asked Austin. “I wanted him to tell me where my parents were. He was the only one who knew.” He nods thoughtfully, rubbing circles on my hand. Wait, when did be grab my hand? I snap out of my trance and pull my hands onto my lap. “What happened next?” He asks, covering the hurt that passes through his face. “I hurt him until he would confess where they were, but he didn’t so I killed him.”

I say with a shrug of my shoulder while he just stares. “But he was your family.” He whispers and I look at him confused. “By blood yes, but as a person he was nothing but a stranger.” He stands up, running his hand through his hair. “He was still family, Celeste. How could you kill your own flesh and blood?” He yells which, of course, gets me mad. “That flesh and blood was one of the things that ruined my life.” I scream back, kicking his chair down as I stand.

“Him and my parents made my life hell and he even helped my parents dump me in the woods.” He looks at me in shock. “They dumped you in the woods?”

“Yes, Austin. My own parents didn’t want me, so they dumped me in the woods on my seventh birthday.” And with that, I stormed out of the room and locked myself in my bedroom.

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