The Devils Daughter

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Celeste storms out while I stand there feeling like a jerk. “Dumb-ass.” Ezekiel growls before blocking me from him. He hasn’t been too happy with my decisions lately. “Care to explain why I saw my Luna stomping angrily down the hall?” Vance busts in the room with his arms crossed and an angry look across his face.

As my gamma, Vance is basically wired to be the protector of his Luna. He guards her and keeps her safe when I can’t. He also helps her with the pack and is basically her best friend. “We got into an argument.” I say, picking up the chair Celeste knocked over. “Oh, you mean the argument about how she killed her uncle, so you blew up at her? That argument?” I give him a nasty glare as he looks at me with a smirk. “You talked to her, didn’t you?”

“Yup.” He pops the ‘p’ before hitting me upside the head. “Why’d you yell at her for that? You know she’s killed people. You’ve done the same.” He practically scolds me like I’m a child. “Dude, she killed her uncle. He was her family and I didn’t know there was an actual reason for it.” He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose while counting to ten. “That’s why you ask her why she did it before you yell at her.”

He goes to hit me again, but I catch his hand and give him a warning glare. “I overreacted, I’m sorry. I was scared that she just did it to do it. I mean, how could I have her as Luna if she’s killed a family member for no reason?”

“But that’s not what happened. How many times do I have to tell you being a rogue is hard? It’s not like being in a pack where you have people to rely on. When you’re a rogue, you have no one, not even your own family most of the time. You don’t know what her uncle did. He could’ve touched her, beat her, or millions of other things.” He finishes his rant by falling on the couch, a haunted look in his eyes as he stares forward. I always forget he was a rogue until he was sixteen. The horrible things he had to do to survive and the things he saw. Just the thought of what he told me has me whining out in sympathy for my mate.

At least Vance had his grandma until he was fourteen. Celeste was left all alone at seven. “You need to apologize to her. I know she seems strong, but I can see that small spark of fear and sadness. It’s the same thing I see when I look at myself. She’s seen some shit, more than I have.” I give him an apologetic look while patting his shoulder. “I will Vance and I’m glad I have you as my gamma. You and Celeste will be good friends.”

We do that bro hug thing before I make my way out of the office and up to the Luna’s master bedroom, the bedroom I carried her to last night. “It was nice having mate in our arms.” Ezekiel sighs happily as we think of Celeste. Soon we’re standing in front of the white oak door that has me separated from my beautiful mate. I knock quickly before cracking it open.

“Celeste? Are you too mad to talk?” I call into the dark room before switching on the light. To my surprise the room is empty. My anxiety starts to rise as I try to stay calm. “Celeste, now’s not the time for hide and seek.” I call out, worry clear in my voice as I search the closet, bathroom, and even under the bed. She’s not in here. “Crap.”


I slam the office door, mumbling hurtful wishes against Austin as I make my way back to my room. As I’m planning the ‘accidental’ death of my mate, I bump into a brick wall, also known as every werewolf guys chest ever known to man. “Luna Celeste, are you okay?” The man I recognize as Vance, the gamma, asks. “Ask your stupid hot-headed alpha.” I try to make my way around him, but he pulls me back in front of him. “Celeste, do you know what a gamma does?” He asks, catching me off guard.

“They, um, are the third in command. Keep order and protect the pack if neither the Alpha or Beta are available.” I rub my forehead, trying to clear it of the idiot I am mated to. “Correct, but they also are the Luna’s best friend. They help her, protect her, and do anything to keep her happy. The Luna and the gamma are basically family when they are joined together as one. So, please talk to me about what my Alpha has done now. I will help you as best as I can.”

“They’re best friends?” He nods, a small smile playing at his lips. “I’ve never had a best friend. What is that like?” The only friend I had when I was younger was Hoshi, my little stuffed panda. Of course, I also have Cal, but he’s more of a child that I have to babysit than a best friend.

“I’ll show you if you tell me what happened. I just want to help, Luna.” Deciding to give in, I follow Vance to a nearby sitting room to talk to him about Austin. What’s the harm in just talking?

“He looked at me like I was a monster. Like I had just killed my own flesh and blood for the fun of it.” I finish, remembering the look of horror struck across my mate’s face. “Well, why did you kill him?”

“John was never kind to me, he hated me. So, he was the one to punish me when I did something wrong. He loved it too, the sadistic bastard. Had a whole tool kit filled with stuff that could damage a little pup. That’s why my wolf hunted him down when she gained control. Then she learned that he also had the location to my parents, and she decided to make his death a little slower then intended.”

He gives me a quick hug before pulling me away at arm’s length to look me in the eye while he spoke. “That man deserved everything you did to him and Austin will get that. You just go rest up and I’ll knock some sense into my idiot friend.” He chuckles before sending me off to my room.

Vance is fun to talk to, I’ll definitely hangout with him for the time that I am stuck here. When I reach my room the gold curtains are drawn making sunlight pour in. I grumble annoyed as I make my way over to shut them. As I’m about to pull them closed, something catches my eye. It was a man with white hair sitting in a tree, staring right at me. As soon as I see those striking violet eyes that I’ve always loved, a sigh of relief escaped my mouth.


I look to the windows, remembering this isn’t the room I woke up in yesterday, and find that they aren’t locked. I push the largest window open and stick my head out. “Cal!” I shout, but not loud enough to draw attention.

“Scoot over Celeste. Mama’s coming in.” He stands up, prepared to launch himself at the window. I back up, ready to see him fail, when he jumps and barely grabs onto the edge. “Help me in or I swear I will leave you here for that Alpha.” That’s all it took for me to stop laughing my ass off at his flailing legs and lift him into my room.

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