Priestess And Slave

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The Monster crawled out, its breath visible in the frigid air, it limped towards the terrified crew. Gunther unsheathed his fine blade and smirked. Deep in the frigid woods of Katsvitch, a mysterious creature of an unknown origin was found wandering around, dressed in a cloak and mask, the way all slaves dressed at the time. It was causing no type of any harm but intimidated those who crossed paths with the giant creature. Bounties were put up all around, everyone knew this creature, including a knight who goes by the name of Sir Gunther. He has vowed to retrieve the creature's head, until one day it crossed paths with young Lilian, an ex-mage and Priestess of the church. She has seen the danger the creature was in, and the creature saw the sorrow in her unhappy life. Together, they vowed to protect each other.

Fantasy / Action
R. Vincent Fontes
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The mushy mud squished between their feet, the deep croaks of toads and frogs were wild that frigid night as the thin fog came closing in on them.

Tall, thin trees reached like pillars in the night sky, their branches nowhere to be seen. Men on horseback were moving slowly through the mushy ground, crickets then joined in with the amphibian's song

James Wilkson glanced around, squinting his eyes.

“Chief, what do we do if the Creature happens to be upon us?” Wilkson asked with a shaky breath as he glanced around the forest.

Sir Gunther glanced to his right, to see James Wilkson standing still, staring deep into the dark woods. A small smile played on Sir Gunther's face, but he sat silent, looking ahead in the woods. His shallowed breathing could be heard for miles due to the eerily quietness of it all. No other sounds other than the soldiers' breath and the crunching leaves beneath the horses' feet could be heard.

“Sir?” Wilkson asked worriedly, looking over to the knight.

"Relax, we have until the 31st of Decembriis to get our reward." He rasped.

Then, out of nowhere, their horses stopped and started to whine and cry, it kicked off soldiers and sellswords.

A number of the men retreated from their mounted positions atop their horses while others turned to run. Sir Gunther scoffed and got off his horse, and unsheathed his sword. A black hilt with a jade crystal incrested in it.

A number of men duel wielded War axes. Others had bows and arrows while the last few carried double and single-edged swords.

“Well, men, it seems like the man of honor has come to greet himself from the woods!” Gunther yelled out as his crew started shaking, some were wiping sweat.

Wilks wiped his hands before he unsheathed his dagger and Axe.

A cloaked figure with a white plain mask trotted towards them, it stopped in its tracks and stared at them with its lifeless black eyes of the mask.

“Hello, little friend, why don’t you come with me for awhile.” Sir Gunther said with a calm, soothing voice. He slowly held his hand on his sword handle.

Placere me solum relinquatis!” the Creature blathered, it sounded like gibberish to their ears, The Creature took a step back.

"What did it say?" Wilks stuttered as he looked at Gunther

"Does it look like I care?" Gunther scolded.

Gunther put his hands up, he started saying “Come, it's fine, I will not hurt you, little friend!”

The Creature took a step forward.

Amica?” the Creature asked.

“Yes, yes I am you’re, Amika?” Sir Gunther said.

The Creature slowly stepped forward, the rest of the crew stepped back, weapons wielded. The couldn’t bear to look at the creature in its eye.

“Men, lower your weapons!” Gunther said as he looked at everyone, soon, they sheathed, lowered and dropped their weapons.

The Creature then started walking towards them, everyone kept walking back.

“Show no fear men!” Sir Gunther yelled out as the Creature flinched back.

Timor?” the Creature said as it put it’s arm up. It looks like it was wearing armor, wooden armor.

Its legs and feet don’t look anything like a human’s leg or feet. It looked inhuman. Its whole body looked like it was wearing a full body of armor. But the armor looked like it was made of wood.

“Interesting, where did you get that armor?” Gunther asked as he clasped his hands together.

The Creature came a little closer. It covered itself again.

Sir Gunther threw his hand up, he then quickly unsheathed his sword, everyone unsheathed, lifted and grabbed their weapons.

The Creature stepped back as Sir Gunther lunged at The Creature, stabbing it in its chest.

"Iacet!" The Creature yelled out as he grabbed the blade and shattered it with its bare fist.

Gunther lunged back, and unsheathed a dagger on his leg, the Creature turned around jumped in the air and disappeared in the forest.

"Why are you just sitting there!" Sir Gunther yelled out as everyone flinched and started chasing The Creature in the woods.

"Wilks, give me your ax!"

The milky light of the moon lit up the forest that night, most of the crew stuck together while others got lost. Gunther trailed on his own.

"Come on my little fawn, it's okay to be scared!" Gunther yelled out as he hit a tree with his ax.

Sir Gunther then came across the Creature, he was standing in front of him, its back facing him.

Gunther chuckled a bit behind his helm, his breathing was becoming more shallow. He crouched and slowly stepped towards it.

When he finally got close, he drew the ax back.

Gunther yelled out as he struck the Creature with the ax.

But he stopped and took a step back, he gripped the ax harder and started to grit his teeth. He started to breath more frantically as he kicked the wooden decoy to the ground.

He threw the ax and placed his hands on his helmet, he started groaning.

"DAMN YOU, CREATURE!" He yelled out as he got on his knees.

"This isn't the end!" His voiced boomed

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