Saving the Queen (On Hold)

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Follow our dear Alexis on this journey of war, love, tragedy, and honesty. Alexis is of Royal blood, destined to be Queen. Her life was planned out accordingly, but that plan was soon abandoned when tragedy struck the Royal family and she was forced into a position she knew nothing about at the ripe old age of thirteen. Currently, she's twenty years old. The last seven years of ruling haven't been the best, but it's what molded her into the strong and fair ruler that she is today; the leader that will win this upcoming war. Then there's Xander. A dear old friend and strong Alpha. Xander and Alexis were the best of friends when they were children; they were inseparable. Until one day his family left Ireland and moved to the States. During this time, the Royal's were also grieving the death of their former Queen, Alexis' mother, so keeping in-touch wasn't a priority. Alexis was even a little glad that they didn't talk anymore, her being angry with the Alpha for abandoning her at such an emotional time. So, what happens when a war arises and the Queen is forced to reconnect with her ex-best friend?

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20 years ago...

There once was a King and Queen who ruled over the werewolf race.

For years the couple could not bear an heir and were shamed.

A King and Queen without an heir was a sign of bad luck, so they visited a witch.

The witch agreed to help the couple bare a son if the King agreed to give up his wolf.

The King agreed because all he wanted was to make his queen happy and all she wanted was a child.

A few weeks later the couple was pregnant. They were over joyed and couldn’t wait for their son.

Four months later the time came, but instead of a boy they got a girl. The King was furious that the witch had lied so he had her banned from using her powers.

He was mad because a daughter has never been born from a wolf of royalty. They only had son’s as heirs.

He became angry and mean. He wanted someone to blame, so he blamed his child.

One day when the little girl was 6 years old, she fell. She slipped on a rock and fell into a creek. She almost drowned.

After his daughters accident, he realized no matter what, he couldn’t be angry with her. It wasn’t her fault he trusted a witch and lost his wolf.

He loved his little girl, his princess, Alexis.

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