Five Times

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Here is an adventurous trip to Andaman. You feel thrilled, surprised, scared, pleased, depressed, aroused, all at the same time. Happy reading. Life has its own twists and turns. It always comes with a combo of sorrow and happiness. One can't win and lose all the time. Now, here is a story connecting both ocean and land. Four people from different corners of the globe finally meet up in Andaman. They hope for a refreshing trip which turns out to be a thrilling trip in their life for ever. There are so many adventures that keep them stunned. What scared them? what helped them? What happened finally? Wait and watch.Stay tuned to experience it. Happy reading. LOL

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

That was a terrific day. The sea looked so furious on that day. Everyone near the coastal region was warned not to advance towards the sea. The waves were so violent that even a big ship may get drowned. So, in such a situation what would you do? Would you like to go for a beach walk? Would you like to have your toes cleaned with waves? Would you like to spend time with your partner enjoying the view? We people, wouldn’t even dare to step into the beach right? That’s our nature. But, what happens, if the sea had an underwater world? Probably a second world! What if, people like us live underwater? How will they survive? Fine… Let’s scout everything down in this story. Welcome you all to the world of fantasy.

May 15, 2008

The little below the surface of the sea was the restless waves brushing aside with one another that made a splattering sound. The place would be nothing if it was not the colorful algae beautifying it. The contrast mixing of colors had an addicting effect. Getting little deeper into the sea was settled waves. Sharks, fishes, and turtles were spotted at random places searching for prey. Deeper and deeper into the sea was the new world we were searching for. Yes. We reached the deepest part of the ocean. Wow!!! What an amazing view!!! Many of us just see the outer part of the sea. But deep into it, was so calm and satisfying. The creatures were peacefully living their lives. The site was so convincing that no one needs more than this. It looked like a heaven’s place. There was another surprise waiting. In between the cool waves, there stood a big castle assembled with beautiful embellishments. There was a gigantic entrance above which was a statue posing like a warrior. Below the statue was written, ‘Welcome to my Palace’. The statue looked realistic. There was a crown noticed on his head, with the same crown tattooed on his forehead. He had a strict square face with a threatening look, his eyebrows arched up and a big mustache. Even his appearance made the foe tremble in fear.

Next to the entrance was the palace building that was marvelous. It was all lit and covered with colorful lights. It looked like some special day. Inside the palace was a grand ballroom that resembled a big marriage hall. Brightly colored flowers were hanging all over the palace. The picturesque paintings on the walls glamorized the beauty of the palace. One life was not enough to admire the vision. So, the divine palace being kept aside, let us come to the main part. The center of the ballroom had a red velvet cloth spread on the floor that went on till it reached the golden throne. On the throne was the man in the statue sitting with a lady, likely to be his wife. He was none other than the king of the ocean, King Dario. On either side of the path were his ministers sitting. Everyone was dressed in grand attire and looked excited. There were a group of priests getting the arrangements done for the prayer. There were a lot of girls dressed graciously, standing at a sequence with a tray full of flowers, waiting to welcome someone. With no doubt, some special occasion was going to start. Yes. That day, the prince Yuro was going to be crowned as King. So everyone in the hall was just overjoyed for the coronation ceremony.

"Where is my daughter?" asked the King to his wife.

‘She went to offer prayer to the sea god. She will reach here on time.’ confirmed his wife.

Yes. Intelina is Dario’s daughter. She had developed a great devotion towards the sea god from the day she was born. So, she made it her routine to anoint the god daily and offer prayer. She believed that the day will be perfect if she did it. The same happened that day. The 15-year angelic girl stood there before the altar, closing her eyes, her hands together, uttering something that only God could hear. It was really magic to see such an enchantress in the earth. Her hair could have touched the floor, if not braided perfectly. The small strands of her curly hair caressed her little ears. She was gifted with a blue pair of eyes that had a seducing effect. Her cherry lips with the small but sharp nose were a perfect match. Overall, her look was simply addicting.

She finished her prayer. When she was about to leave, she heard a sound that halted her.

‘Intelina... You can’t go now. Wait for a while’, said the voice from behind her.

Initially, she was afraid. But then she managed to turn around to see who it was. But there was no one.

I heard the sound right?

The same voice answered her question. ‘Yes. You heard my sound.’

Now Intelina was shivering as she could see no one, but could hear the sound. She silently prayed to her god for help.

At that time, there came a light from behind the altar. Slowly, protruding the light, was a face emerging.

She was startled. She stood still on glancing at the view. But, she was not afraid now. Her lips extended slowly and let out a big smile when she saw the face of the sea god. She couldn’t believe her eyes and she was on cloud nine. She bowed to the god obediently. Her eyes glittered with joy.

‘Don’t panic Intelina. I came here to help you.’ said the voice and passed for the response.

Intelina couldn’t come out of the shock that soon. She took some more time in accepting that such magic happens. Then she replied.

‘What help?’ she asked in such a kiddish voice that could melt anyone.

‘You made me happy by serving me these many years. So I want to gift you something.’ he said, and without waiting for her reply, he extended a green colored ring to Intelina.

She bought it with great respect and waited for his command.

‘This ring will give you supernatural powers. The more special thing about the ring is, it will recognize your face and will listen only to you. And, you should be careful about one thing. The distance between you and the ring doesn’t matter, as long as the ring is within the ocean. But, when you step out of the ocean, it is must to wear the ring. Otherwise, it is of no help’ said the god and disappeared.

Intelina admired the ring to the fullest. The ring fitted to her finger flawlessly. She was totally thrilled with this experience and she couldn’t handle the happiness herself. She quickly made her way towards the palace. In no time she reached the destination. But to her surprise, something different welcomed her. The flowers and the trays were found scattered at random places. The lightnings were found damaged. She felt something fishy. She hurried inside the hall to check if everything was alright. Everyone was present in the hall…….but……. dead, including her family. The second she saw the sight, her eyes went wide. Her stomach had some sensation that she couldn’t figure out. Her legs lost balance and she fell down. Her head to toe pained like thousands of needles piercing her. She felt a throbbing pain in her heart. Tears filled her eyes that blurred her vision. She gasped for breath. Tears escaped her eyes. Starting with little sobs, the intensity increased and finally when she let out a great howl, the whole world went still.

She lost control of herself. She became mentally weak and there was no one to control her. She turned furious and started screaming, "How did this happen! Who did this!" She totally turned crazy and tossed everything up and down, ripped the screens apart. She dashed everything that she got hold of, into the floor. She was uncontrollably screaming in pain, not knowing what to do. This continued for long till she became tired and settled near her mom and dad, hugged them and sobbed. She cried and cried and cried until she heard footsteps nearing her. She looked up instantly.

A gigantic guy in his twenties was standing with his face half covered with a mask designed like a whale. With him came thousands of soldiers, everyone had their face half covered. Everyone stared at Intelina that frightened her. The guy mocked at Intelina and stood there crossing his arms, clearly enjoying her tears. He was the king of Whales. King Whalros.

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