Five Times

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Chapter 27

Early morning – 4th day

Early morning, even before Lara could open her eyes; Abi’s mom and Adhi’s mom were still in the seashell resort along with Diya not knowing anything that’s happening in Lara’s place. They both had a very tough time convincing Diya who kept on asking about Ahana and Abi.

“Baby, your mom will come soon,” said Abi’s mom.

“You said the same thing yesterday night. You said mom will be here to sleep with me. But, I slept without my mom. Not only my mom, no one is here except you two,” Diya’s eyes welled up in anger.

“Please don’t cry, my dear. They will come soon. Hmm… shall we play something, Diya?”

“NO!” Diya snapped back at both of them and started crying vigorously.

“Take me to my mummy now,” she said and sobbed continuously.

Saritha, Abi’s mom looked pathetically at Adhi’s mom. She shook her head and said, “Adhi’s mobile couldn’t be reached and his dad’s number was switched off,”

“Did you try to reach Abi and Ahana?” asked Saritha more worried. Don’t try my husband’s number. He left the mobile here itself in the hurry.

“Hmm... I already tried to contact Abi and Ahana, but they are not attending the call,” Adhi’s mom started to panic.

“I am getting afraid. Everyone will be safe right?” asked Saritha.

“I hope so. Yesterday, Adhi called me and said that got Lara and also said they won’t be returning here at night.”

“Everything seemed normal when he talked to me yesterday. But now I am afraid,” said Adhi’s mom and sat with head hung low.

Diya too was crying at one end and couldn’t be convinced at ease.

“What to do now?” asked Saritha.

Adhi’s mom though for a while and said, “Shall we go to Lara’s place,”

Saritha was shocked at first, but then she understood that they had no other way.

“We are sure that they are in Lara’s place. We should go there now,” said Adhi’s mom.

“Yes! Come let’s go there now. I want to see my mom,” Diya was too adamant in her decision.

“Hmm… okay,” said Saritha and all the three of them started getting ready.

Soon, they booked a taxi with the help of the receptionist and moved towards Dolphin resort.

After half an hour drive, all three of them were standing in the reception of Dolphin resort.

Saritha went straight to the receptionist and asked, “Whether Lara and James staying here?”

The receptionist looked at all three of them up and down and gave them a confused look.

What’s there with Lara and James? Thought the receptionist.

“Madam?” Saritha again called her.

“Hmm…. Yeah! They are staying here. But now…” she stopped.

“What now?” asked Adhi’s mom.

“Now they are not in the room. They just went outside. I hope they went to the beach nearby,”

“Saritha was irritated and she looked at Diya,”

Adhi’s mom calmly asked Diya, “Don’t worry. Mom is nearby. Shall we wait here till they return, my dear?”

“No! I want to see my mom now,” Diya was stubborn.

Abi’s mom and Adhi’s mom exchanged frustrated glances and exhaled a deep sigh.

Then, Adhi’s mom looked at the receptionist and asked, “Which way to go to the beach?”

“This way,” she directed them.

“Thanks” Saritha replied and moved towards the beach without knowing what danger lies ahead.

After Whalros left, Intelina had no meaning being there in the room. She was confused to the core.

He sensed the truth. Why should I still be here?

As the ropes freed her, she stood up and started walking towards the door, but stopped abruptly.

What if I am wrong? Whether Whalros knew that the ropes were not protecting me? What if he still didn’t find that out?

Did he really see Lara or is he testing me? No…no… He was so confident when he told me about the ring and Lara. I am sure he saw her.

After battling for a brief moment, she made a decision. No matter what, I should be out of here to protect Lara because Whalros might do anything to her.

Intelina quickened her steps towards the exit and reached the sea. She swam through the beach as fast as she could and stopped right in her tracks when she spotted Lara.

Intelina furrowed her brows and looked deep through the waters. Lara was talking to the ring and crying.

Wow! Lara is here with my ring. I think she is going to throw it. The little girl really did a good job.

“The moment the ring touches the water, I will get all my powers back. Whalros… your end is nearing,” Intelina said to herself and looked at Lara again.

Suddenly her eyes widened. No!!! Don’t throw the ring. No!!!

Intelina saw Whalros standing behind Lara and no one including Lara noticed him. The past incident rushed to her Intelina’s mind.

That morning, on the beach, Whalros came behind Intelina, bumped to her, trapped her, took the ring and threw it away.

It should not happen again. Lara! Please turn around and see. Don’t throw the ring.

But, luck again failed her. Lara swayed her hand above to throw the ring into the sea but she was stopped.

Whalros grabbed Lara’s wrist tightly and took the ring from her hands.

A loud scream from Lara stunned everyone. All of them stood motionless on witnessing Whalros holding the ring. Throats went dry and sounds didn’t escape their mouth.

All of them stood there clasping each other’s hands. Lara was trying to snatch her hand away from Whalros but she failed every time she tried. They were encountering something anonymously.

Everything is finished. He won. Intelina’s lost hope faded. She broke down and she could do nothing than to shout back at God for failing her. She cupped her face and howled.

Whalros took the ring and dragged Lara by her arm.

“Hey! Leave me!” Lara somehow got some courage to shout back but Whalros didn’t care to listen to her.

He dragged her for a few distances and pushed her in the sand. All others tried to follow Lara but were stopped by whales.

Lara fell in the sand with fear rushing all through the blood. She looked bewildered at Whalros. The strange sight of Whalros itself made her lose her cool.

Whalros took his time to analyze the ring. A small smirk escaped his mouth. He then handed the ring to one of the whales.

“Keep this ring safe. More importantly, don’t throw the ring. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake,” Whalros said.

“Okay, king. Then what to do?” asked the other whale.

Whalros thought for a while and said, “Destroy it now,” And then Whalros turned towards Lara again.

“You really made me tired. But, don’t worry. Everything ends today,” Whalros said to Lara with a suspicious smile and took out his sword.

Meantime, the whale pressed the ring hard in his hands to crush it. But the ring couldn’t be crushed. Only then, the whale understood that the ring was special and can’t be crushed with bare hands.

So, he placed the ring in the rock and searched for a stone to destroy the ring.

Everyone screamed in fear at Whalros. “Please leave us. We won’t disturb you,” James was begging to Whalros.

“Don’t kill me. Please,” Lara’s voice broke and staggered.

Whalros didn’t even care about their feelings and swayed the sword towards Lara.

When his sword was about to slice Lara’s neck, it stopped in mid-air. Whalros tried to push forward but he felt his power failing him.

He furiously turned around to look at the disturbance but was taken aback at the sight.

Intelina was clutching the sword glaring at Whalros; her eyes were red with anger. On her right hand was that shining green ring glowing brightly.

Whalros’ eyes parted in disbelief. “How did you get the ring?” Whalros shouted in frustration.

The reply was a cute smile from Intelina.

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