Five Times

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Chapter 29

After one and a half year,

James’ SUV halted in front of the Mantra marriage hall to attend a reception. He got down, with his hands clutching a rose bouquet. He succeeded towards the entrance and looked at the board on the way. A hearty smile escaped his mouth because it was not some friend’s reception.

This day was a day that bridges the gap between fear and emotion. The two hearts that were enjoying the reception was not some two hearts connecting through matrimony.

These hearts were connected from the root. Yes! It was Adhi and Abi’s reception.

After one and half years, Adhi succeeded in getting Abi out of her fear. Abi finally understood that all boys are not the same.

Abi’s dad was tensed to the core. He was moving here and there hastily and was talking over the phone most of the time.

“Come fast! It is getting late. I have already told you many times. Come soon Surya,” he shouted over the phone.

Saritha came at the right time and said, “Why are you always shouting? He will come at the right time,”

“Don’t say a word. Your brother will be the same as you right?” he snapped at Saritha.

“What will he do if he is stuck in the traffic?” she pleaded.

“Don’t support your brother. Just…” He was cut in the middle by Ahana.

“Oh! Just stop it! Don’t start your fight again. Ma, Abi is calling you. Come soon,” Ahana said and took her mom with her.

No one is punctual! Finally, I am getting tensed and shouting like a mad man.

“Hello uncle…” said James standing behind Abi’s dad.

“Hey, James… welcome… How are you? How is Lara? Is everyone fine there?”

“Yeah, uncle… All are fine. You are worrying too much uncle. Just relax. I will take care if there is anything, uncle. Tell me,”

“No, no… nothing James. You need not do anything. Just the usual fight about being late,”

“Ha-ha…it happens uncle. Just sit and admire your daughter and son-in-law,”

“Ha-ha….Okay, James,”

The next moment, Adhi and Abi dressed in splendid attire came to the center of the stage and stood there greeting everyone joining their hands.

They stood as happily, talking to each other, laughing and making fun. Abi’s dad sat there looking at the pairs, his eyes welled up.

He thought of Abi who was adamant and shy before and thought how well Adhi had changed her now.

James noticed him and asked, “happy tears uh?” and both of them laughed heartily.

James then went up to the stage. The moment James came, Adhi hugged him dearly.

“Where is Lara? Why didn’t she come?” Abi sounded a bit disappointed.

“Hmm… she couldn’t come. She is…pregnant,” said James and smiled.

“Wow! Congrats man,” Adhi squealed in joy.

“Congratulations brother,” Abi wished him.

“Thank you,” James said and handed them the bouquet. “Live a very happy married life, both of you guys,”

“Okay! Where have you planned for a honeymoon, Adhi?” asked James to which Abi blushed.

Ahana said, “I suggested them to Bangkok,”

“For me, Ooty is enough,” said Abi.

“No, no… go to Switzerland Adhi,” said one of the Adhi’s friends.

“Australia is a good place. Go there.” This suggestion was from another friend.

James said, “I think you need a peaceful place. Better go to Malaysia,”


The Maldives…


Adhi stared at everyone. He smiled mocking at them. Everyone stopped and looked at him.

“Hey guys…why you are searching for places all over the world?” he said and after a pause, he continued, “Why not Andaman?” he said and winked at James.

A lot of laughter filled the hall.

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