Guardians of Bale

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Guardians of Bale IX (9)

Alia looked down at Susan as she lay flat on the ground. Alia knew that she had her work cut out for her considering the fact that she had to teach the women how to hold her stance and then she had to teach her not to flinch at every move she made. In all honesty Alia was only teaching her because she knew that she; much like Rebekah would be to stubborn to stay behind when the battle arose.

Alia looked at her sons she could see the happiness on their faces and it made her feel warm inside knowing that she was indirectly the source of their happiness made her feel like she had made some kind of impact on the boys. Alia held out her hand as Susan began to push herself up. Alia looked at her and looked at her body. Susan wasn’t much of a fighter that much was clear to Alia, however her body was perfect for archery Alia turned away from Susan without a word and walked off.

Susan looked at the Moon Goddess’s back as she walked away, ‘Oh dear,’ Suan thought ‘What if that means that she won’t teach me to fight that she can’t teach me? ’ With those thoughts in her head Susan allowed herself to chew on her finger nails though she remembered countless times telling Jason not to do so himself. When the Moon Goddess came back into the training area everyone turned to see what she was carrying. Alia walked up to Susan and spoke in a firm tone. “Susan do not worry I am not giving up on your lessons I just think that I have something that may suite you better.” Alia unwrapped the bow and quiver the bow glowed with and ethereal light. The quiver though had been empty was suddenly full of arrows of all different sorts.

Alia handed the bow to Susan who smiled nervously as she had never held a weapon before. Alia took the bow back and began to situate Susan’s hands so that they would hold the weapon correctly.

As Susan held the bow in her grip everyone except the Moon Goddess gasped as her eyes turned gold.

Alia smiled in a knowing way that made Gideon twitch, when the moment of peace was over Alia stepped forward and called to her own bow which by many was said to have stopped over a thousand wars. Alia looked at Susan with narrowed eyes and drew an arrow and without warning she fired.

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