Guardians of Bale

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Guardians of Bale X (10)

Alia looked Susan with a smile and had quickly gotten the hang of aiming the arrow and she was pleased with the progress she was making. “Susan I am greatly pleased with the improvement that you have made, tell me do you feel anything?” Alia leaned closer as her eyes shut she wanted to make sure that she had chosen the right weapon for the woman for she had asked Luna - A past Moon Goddess - herself to make the bow. Alia smiled happily as she watched Susan’s head bob back and forth frantically. “Thank you Moon Goddess. I feel comfortable with this weapon.”

Alia nodded and moved towards Gideon and Jason she couldn’t express her pride she knew that she didn’t have the right to feel this way, seeing as she had refused to tell them of her relation to them, but Alia honestly thought that this was best and perhaps after the battle she would give her children the option to understand her side of the story. Alia looked at her husband as he walked through the doors. “Alia my love, we have a problem.” Alia furrowed her eyebrows surely she would have time to help her children surely it wasn’t time for them yet. Instead of expressing her concerns she simply smiled softly at the now nervous people she ha begun to train. “Back to training I swear that I shall not let any harm to to your families.” Alia looked at the women who for the longest time had taken care of her own flesh and blood she grimaced as she came into eye contact with Gideon he still didn’t like the way things were, but nonetheless kept his words in not telling Jason.

Susan looked at the Moon Goddess she didn’t know if she liked the look she held in her eyes it was a deep longing filled pain, a pain that she herself had known once a long time ago, before she had been given Jason. Susan had lost her first child and so when the Moon Goddess herself had asked her to carry her child, she accepted as thought that maybe this was her childs way of telling her that she was made for something more and that was why she had been given something so wonderful. Alia looked at Susan she could sense the discomfort she felt and she knew why, Alia looked away as she thought of how crushed both Susan and herself were when her unborn child was lost. Alia had never felt more like a let down. How could she be a good Goddess if she couldn’t even help her people with things such as their children wether born or not, it pained, physically pained Alia to even think of how much her life had interfered with Susans, as well as the other women.

Gideon looked at his mother, though he knew that she wasn’t planning on telling his siblings about their connection to her, he already knew so he honestly didn’t see why she wouldn’t at the very least allow the two of them to get to know one another. Gideon looked around he noticed quite a lot the most being the overwhelming shadow of anguish and regret that has been buried deep within the Moon Goddess. Honestly he didn’t understand how she did it he knew that if he had been told that he had to give up his children for the good of the world he would have locked his children away in a cellar far away from the very people who would be their demise. Gideon knew that things weren’t always as black and white as he made them seem it was just something that he did. But know seeing how conflicted his mother looked as he looked at her he could finally see that smallest hint of gray in the world and for once the saw his birth mother the way he should’ve, he saw her as a grieving mother one who had to give away her children for everyone else; doomed to watch them be taught by others what was right and what was wrong, she was forced to watch as her children grew up calling someone else mother and know that they didn’t mean her.

As Gideon kept thinking something struck him, many people including himself were so concerned about how his mother was feeling and yet no one had ever even thought about how his birth father felt. With that thought in mind Gideon looked around and noticed all he parents speaking with his mother the Moon Goddess, he sighed in relief then slipped out of the training room and into the hall run quickly he found his birth father.

Gideon licked as he gazed upon his unaware father and spoke, “Father.”

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