Guardians of Bale

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Guardians of Bale XI (11)

“Father.” Said man turned around with a small smile. “Gideon.” He said back. “You have come looking for me for a reason correct?” Gideon, looked at his father in awe he was the sun God. “My name is Damian what is it you wish to speak to me about?” Gideon was suddenly speechless he has never thought about how he would approach the situation he simply wanted to see him.

“I was wondering if you knew of the Moon Goddesses plan to not tell my siblings about our relation to you both?” Gideon chanted in his head hoping his father would say no but when Damian sigh ed and turned away from him he knew that wasn’t the case.

“Why?” Gideon asked softly he just wanted someone to tell him why they refused to do something as simple as tell the truth. Damian grimaced as memories hit him. “Alia...almost broke when she realized that she would have to give her unborn children away and I too felt as though it was a sick joke a punishment for how I was before I died. But then we watched you all grow; you and Jason. And then we knew that we had made the right choice because all we could’ve taught you was how to be a God not a human being with feelings. It hurt yes, but it was necessary, us not telling you was our way of giving the life you should have had, this war will make you grow up so fast and being a God will completely take away your childhood so that’s why we chose not to tell you all.”

Gideon stared at his father’s back and froze when he heard a voice. “Your my father?”

Damian and Gideon turned around to see Jason standing in the door way. He looked betrayed and hurt but most of all excited. “You mean to tell me that not only is the Sun God my father but the Moon Goddess is my mother and I have a brother?” Jason smiled at them having heard the entire conversation. But then his smile suddenly left as he said. “Why didn’t you at least visit?” The twenty two year old male looked at his father. “And why did he know and I didn’t?” Jason looked broken as he started to take in the weight of the problem. “Because we thought it would be easier to keep you as human as you are now instead of taking away your choice.” Came a voice Gideon, Jason and Damian turned to see. The four parents and Alia. Alia’s face was stoic no trace of the smile she always seemed to have.

“It was not my intent for you too find out. Gideon knew because his parents told him, but I decided it was best if the rest of my children remained oblivious.” Jason stared at the Moon Goddess with wide eyes and a slacked jaw. He closed his mouth in anger as he watched the little boy Alia has resuced push forward smiling brightly as he said. “Mama.” Alia turned her body so that she could pick up the boy.

“So what you were just going to send us to die while you created a whole new family with that kid?” Jason was furious his face turned a soft red it wasn’t fair not only did he have to deal with the fact that his parents didn’t tell him that he was the child of the Sun God and the Moon Goddess, but he had to deal with some kid named Nathaniel taking a place that he would never get to claim?

Jason made a step towards the kid, only for him to harshly be pulled back he snapped his head behind him only to falter as it was Damien who held his shoulder. “Don’t do anything rash before you know the whole story, Jason.” Scowling as the disapproving tone in Damien’s voice, Jason shrugged his hand away. “Ok I won’t. Now please will someone tell me what the whole story is?”

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