Guardians of Bale

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Guardians Of Bale I (1)

Alia looked down at the world that she brought the night too. It was beautiful in its own right never more or less than it should be. Alia looked around she knew that soon the time would come and the Guardians would be needed once again but nevertheless she hoped and prayed with all her might that the children of this world would never see the fight. It was a dream she knew and she prayed it come true for if the Guardian rose so would their foes and for centuries now and hopefully more to come there have been no sign of any battles to be won. The world was at peace and all its people joyful and she knew that should death come it would shake the world in a way they’ve never known. Alia walked over to her fellow gods and goddess’s and down castes her eyes as she wished to avoid seeing their grim faces.

“Alia. It is time.” All of the others looked at the one the humans called the Moon Goddess. They all watched as she sighed and gave a pained smile as she softy ran a hand through her beautiful silver hair. “I wish it didn’t have to come to this.” She looked at her husband she knew that he felt the pain as she did and put her hands on her stomach as she smiled. “I shall choose the women who will be participating in the ceremony.” She smiled sadly as all the others left to prepare and walked over to her husband it was then that her mask failed her and her heart tore in two letting out heart wrenching sobs that broke her husband’s too.

Alia looked down and then she looked to her husband who nodded though he; himself wanted to take his wife and run. She then closed her eyes and left the heavens and descended to earth. When Alia opened her eyes she looked at each of the women that she had hand picked she knew that they were excited, but she could sense their fear as well. Alia looked over to her left to see men, there were four of them and she realized that these men were the women’s husbands. She smiled as she walked forward to the women. As she walked closer she could feel the men’s emotions turn tense as they strained to see what she was doing it was when she pulled out a knife and it was then she felt the men’s emotions become those of rage and betrayal and that was why she smiled at the shock she felt as she took the knife and slide across her stomach in one swift motion.

She looked at the woman who was names Susan Feller. She motioned for the girl to come near her and she wiped the blood that was steadily flowing from the wound on her stomach as she wiped the red liquid across the woman’s bare stomach. She leaned in close and whispered into the woman’s ear. “I give you my first born. His name is Jason. He will look like you until you the day he must fulfill his destiny.” Alia looked at the woman and watched as her eyes suddenly went wide and she instantly dropped her hands to her stomach as she felt the formation of a demi god inside of her. Alia moved to the next woman whose name was Rebekah Stouse. Once again she wiped the blood from her stomach and wiped it onto Rebekah’s. She leaned in to whisper to the woman. “I give you my second born. His name is Gideon. He will look like you until the day he too must fulfill his destiny.” She watched as Rebekah gave the same reaction Susan had as she touched her stomach.

Alia smiled and moved to the next woman she felt her heart breaking as she was almost done and soon these woman would have the pleasure of raising her children. She looked at the woman her name was Ida Clarson. As she had done with the other two women she wiped the blood that dripped from her stomach and gently wiped it onto Ida’s she smiled and leaned in to whisper the name of the child into her ear. She did this so that should anyone be watching this will ill intentions they wouldn’t know the names of either children nor the parents. “I give my third born. Her name is Orpha. She will look like you until the day she has to join her siblings in their destiny.” Alia looked at the smile that graced the new mother’s face. She then moved to the last woman the last one who would carry her last child. The woman’s name was Ethel Holbrook. She had wiped the woman’s stomach and whispered into the woman’s ear. “I give you my fourth and last born. Her name is Constance. She will look like you until the day shall come when the world will need her and her siblings.”

Alia looked at all of the woman each had glowing smiles on their faces as they caressed their stomachs. She then turned to the men and walked to them. The look of confusion upon both the men and women’s faces had her smiling at them in reassurance. They all watched in awe as she reached up and what looked like stars were held in her hands. She held her hands out watched as the stars turned four different colors. The first star turned green. Alia watched as it chose the man who was the father of her first born. She remembered the man’s name David Feller. Alia had no control over who the stars choose, but she had an idea on what star went to whom. She watched as the second star turned orange and chose the man who would father her second born. His name was Henry Stouse. She smiled and realized that the stars were choosing the men according to how their wives were chosen she understood what they were doing at once. The third star turned purple and went to the man whose name was James Clarson. She let out a pained sigh as the fourth star turned blue and went to the father of her fourth child, the man’s name Walter Holbrook. She smiled and watched as the men’s eyes glowed for a brief moment and then returned to their true color.

“Moon Goddess?” Came the voice of David Stouse. She smiled motioning the women over to their wives they each went to their respective lovers and smiled back at her. She then turned to David. “Yes David?” Her voice was like silk as it wrapped itself around the eight people who looked at her. “What did you do to us if I may ask?” Alia smiled and shook her head she knew that no matter how sacred this place was someone could’ve been watching and could very well be listening. “You will know in time David. But I tell you all this. Kazhi na nikogo za tova. (Tell no one about this.) Deivid, Khenri, Dzheims, i Uoltur nikgoa ne tryabva da se pokazhe nyakoi si ruka . Tryabva da se doveri nikoi osven suprugata si s tazi taina . Nalozhitelno e da ti oburant vnimanie na tezi dumi . Rabzbirash li ? (David, Henry, James, and Walter you must never show anyone your forearm. You must trust no one besides your wives with this secret. It is Imperative you heed these words. Do you understand?) Alia smiled as they all replied in perfect Bulgarian. “Da Moon Goddess .” (Yes Moon Goddess.) Alia smiled and snapped her fingers they all watched as the knife she had dropped disappeared and four carriages came all of which weren’t drawn by horse, but by wolf.

They looked at the Moon Goddess one last time before they each go into a carriage and it began to moved the woman looked at each other and each on nodded they had silently promised to themselves, each other, and the Moon Goddess that they would raise their children to the best of their abilities. When the women looked behind them they saw the Moon Goddess nod to them and suddenly she was gone.

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